Improve Your Stamping Crafts With Hybrid Ink Layers – Inktoberfest Day 18

Improve Your Stamping Crafts With Hybrid Ink Layers – Inktoberfest Day 18

hi everyone welcome to hedgehog hollow so
today is day 18 I think I’m kind of losing track of the days they’re going
past so fast but do I want to talk to you about layering stamps and layering
inks lots of people always ask me you know what inks type I do you have any
recommendations you know there’s so many different inks out there and it’s tough
because of course all month long we’re exploring different types of inks and
we’re broadening their explanation of inks but I wanted today talk about these
scrapbook calm hibernating pads so I’m a fan of these for a couple of reasons
number one they’re hybrid and I’ve been preaching about the advantages of hybrid
ink they are absolutely amazing because you can use them with alcohol markers we
can use with watercolors with news but colored pencils with using with so many
different mediums which is one thing I like I don’t have to think about the
opposites attract rules or any of those kinds of things but the really nice
thing about the scrapbook conversions is that they come in layers so if you have
for instance here we have a couple of random colors this one says tan 2 and
blue 3 and that’s of course where they fit in the layer but these ones you have
violet 1 violet – violet 3 and violet 4 so that’s 4 colors of your purples to
make a layer and I’m going to show you exactly how so I’m using the altar new
bloom and Byrd stamp set here which is in my case and these are really easy to
use they also label up you know D 1 D 2 and those kinds of things for us which
make it nice and easy but I just want you to show you how nice it is to have
all of that spelled out and you know I have really ultra new inks I have
everything but it is nice what a manufacturer just writes 1 2 3 4 on
there because for me it just spells it out but again just being a hybrid it’s
just really really nice so I’m gonna put my lightest one down this is soft
lavender again you can see it’s a little bit light on here but as we build up the
color you’re gonna see that pop it always kind of looks like a watermark on
the background oh that’s really because of the color of the cardstock I
use if I used a white you’d see that color a lot more so now we’re going to
use number two I have here and we’re going to move two Parisien purple which
is our violet – and there’s greens and there’s oranges
I mean there’s tons of different options in there so I hope you’re all enjoying
this inktober fest series as well I’d love to know what your favorite dasyam
folks so far what’s your favorite tip that you’ve learnt so far you can leave
me a comment and let me know that we will manage to inherit inherit Tilly’s
cold from preschool if you haven’t already of course don’t forget to hit
subscribe ring the bell all of those fun things so that you get notifications for
one of our daily videos and of course the rest of inktober fest – I’m just
sticking this one back on usually I missed it off miss slightly
but again that’s the great thing about layering summits if you are slightly off
it doesn’t matter it’s not going to show up hugely either so you can see like this and then here’s my
final one from way round I’m going to put the lid on my stamp set so I’m gonna
pop this one on here and there is my Sentra now if I want you to add extra
details these hybrid inks from Scarborough come from a really nice
formulation you can blend with them and we’re not hybrid inks you can’t you can
also as I say you can use alcohol markers with them so you could touch in
extra details you can use watercolors on them so you could use like you’re a
Christian or over the top of it as well it’s not going to run you have so many
different options so I’m going to just write on here what this was so we are on
day and this is the great thing about course having all of my tags as I can
see I’ve got 218 so scrapbook and with abbreviate hybrid inks coming layering
sets and I do have a video coming up which is a hack all about layering so if
you are a layering stamp junkie you will want to stay tuned for the rest of
inktober fest because I’m gonna have an awesome hack for you but I really want
you to share these with you because it’s a question I get a lot is what sets of
layering in should I buy and it’s really hard she recommends something that
doesn’t just do one job but these rabid dog come ones are really nice and you
can see there how nice does that hat or flower look as well some tips of course
you can use for alignment but one thing I really like is to do a scene and then
if I do a scene you’re never going to notice if something goes wrong which is
ultimately about because I like to hear to fix mistakes easily but isn’t that
super cool or try embossing your final layer as well that also comes out really
nice adding that aqua shimmer will also give you a really nice effect as well so
there’s lots of things you can do to just kind of add that little bit of WoW
in there as well but this little fun fact for you I recommend a
for a question that I get asked a lot is probably one of the most frequently
asked a male questions that we get so I wanted to make sure I answered that for
you as a part of inktober fest so of course don’t forget to hit subscribe
during the community all of those amazing things and I will see you again
tomorrow for another tip or trick I’ll see you then bye

4 thoughts on “Improve Your Stamping Crafts With Hybrid Ink Layers – Inktoberfest Day 18

  1. Great video. I like those layer inks and I had no idea that they existed. I buy a lot from so I will have to check them out. Some one asked me at Junkies the other day if Sizzix owned I didn't know. Are they owned by a larger company?

  2. It would be nice that your giveaways were in YouTube also. I am on Facebook but not finding where to leave a comment. How would I know if I won a giveaway from you? Those colours are pretty.

  3. Love layering stamps and now which layering inks are best. I am loving everyday of Inktoberfest, so many tips and techniques I now have in my arsenal 🙂

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