Impractical Jokers – Unsolicited Twerk Washer (Punishment) | truTV

Impractical Jokers – Unsolicited Twerk Washer (Punishment) | truTV

Joe lost, so we are here at a busy shopping plaza
parking lot for Joe’s punishment. Joe, today’s a good one. You’re gonna be
helping people today. Aw. That’s good.
I like helping people. Yeah, whether they
want you to or not. That I don’t like. [ Laughter ] All right, so when people
get out of their car and go into the store, you are going to start
washing their car. They come back out
to find you doing that, and then
all hell breaks lose? Yes. Nobody’s
gonna like that. Nobody’s gonna like a stranger
scrubbing their car. Right. Of course. That’s why we conceived
the idea, and that’s why
you’re doing it. That’s why it’s a punishment.
That’s why I lost.
Yeah. Murr:
[ Laughs ] Lookit. [ Laughter ] It’s already too hot. Joe, I don’t know if I’ve ever
seen you less enthused. It is 104 degrees out. You tell me how you think
my body’s doing. What do you think my balls
are like right now? I mean, you got
cleaning products. Q: Oh, look at that.
A pickup truck coming on in. Lots of surface area, buddy.
Lots of surface area. Your punishment finishes
when you clean an entire car. ♪♪ Oh, he’s — he’s watching you.
He’s watching you. What’s that guy doing?
Oh! What are you doing? I’m washing your car. Don’t wash it.
Leave it alone. I already started. Murr: [ Chuckling ] Oh! -Oh, oh, oh!
-Oh, yeah. He’s like,
“I don’t know what-a you doin'” I’m being very thorough. Now, Joe, you can’t stop
until 100% of that car is clean. Q: He’s not gonna get this. You guys forget I’m Italian
from Staten Island. You know
how many cars I washed? [ Laughter ] -Oh!
-Yes! -Here he comes!
-Oh! You’re welcome, buddy. [ Laughter ] My pleasure to do it.
It’s a nice mobile. What is this, a Tonka? [ Laughter ] I’ll just need about
10 more minutes. Q: Oh, you’re never gonna
make this, dude. I mean, you’re not even
at 30% of that vehicle. You’re never gonna make it. Joe, hit that window by his face
with the water, like, for a — for a couple seconds. [ Laughter ] He’s [bleep] [ Laughter ] “You’re welcome.” You’re welcome. [ Laughter ] -Oh!
-Oh! Q: You didn’t get the roof. And you didn’t get
the back cab. I didn’t get —
I didn’t get all of it, though. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter continues ] It’s hot.
It’s like 100 degrees out here. We knew it was gonna be
a scorcher today. So, that’s why you picked today?
So I’d sweat my face off? Correct.
But we’re also your friends. Yeah. -Yeah, we love you.
-We don’t want to kill you. -Why don’t want you to overheat.
-Nah. Could be dangerous
in the summer. You want to strip down,
probably. [ Laughter ] -Oh, my God.
-[ Laughing ] Yes! -I did not…
-Yes! This has backfired,
officially. Hold on.
There’s a car. All right.
All right, all right. [ Laughter ] That looks even weirder! You’re — You’re hiding
in that one shadow. Was that a mic pack
in his ass? What is that? It’s my [bleep]
I got an outie. [ Laughter ] You’re back
at square one, buddy. ♪♪ You want me to clean that? [ Laughter ] I saw you looking. I can just
wash it while you’re waiting. I didn’t know… Q: “Saw you
checking out the goods.” I saw you checking out
the goods. I figured… [ Laughter ] No, it’s free.
It’s community service. “I got five years of it.”
[ Laughs ] I got to do this
for about five years. We’ll be straight. [ Laughter ] ’cause of it. -Oh! Oh!
-Uh! Oh, good. You got out. Let me
get at the interior real quick. -Oh!
-He said no! He said no! Joe,
you got to get the inside. -If he gets in —
-Oh! If he gets in… I’ll just get the rug
for you real quick. [ Laughter ] -Oh!
-Oh! Uh, here’s the hose. There you go. He’s video–
He’s videotaping you. Oh, you’re videoing me?
That’s kind of weird. [ Laughter ] [ Air rushing ] ♪♪ -Joey.
-Ass up. Ass up. [ Laughter ] Start twerking.
Start twerking. [ Dance music plays ] [ Laughter ] Look at him!
Look at him! [ Laughter ] Pop that real quick. Pop that, honey. “Honey.” [ Laughter ] “Honey!” [ Laughter ] [ Laughter continues ] Murr:
Joe, twerk, twerk. [ Dance music plays ] [ Laughter ] It’s grotesque. Oh, my God. It’s gro– [ Laughter ] That —
That looks like that’s it. -Oh!
-There you go! Wow!
Wow! Good job, Joey.

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  1. If you think deeply, this guys get money for being laughing 40% of the time, other 40% must be production work but the last 20% is doing this.

  2. I parked in front of this place today! It’s in East Hanover. Wish I could’ve witnessed this in person

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