Important Update for All Creators: Complying with COPPA

Important Update for All Creators: Complying with COPPA

If you create content for YouTube,
this video is very important to watch as it describes
changes to the upload process all of your existing videos,
and potentially your monetization. Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m the head of Family Partnerships
here at YouTube. I’m going to go through
important new requirements for all videos that you should
take action on as soon as possible. I’ll provide some background
on what’s happening walk you through
a new “Audience” setting in YouTube Studio and how to use it and then answer some questions
you might have about this update. Back in September,
we shared the steps we’re taking to address a recent settlement
with the US Federal Trade Commission that will help creators comply with
the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act known as COPPA and other applicable laws. In order to help you comply with the law we’re now required to ask you to mark
all of your videos as “Made for Kids” or not. You know your videos and audience best,
so we’ve launched a new “Audience” setting that lets you tell us
if your videos are Made for Kids or not. In addition to this setting,
we’ll use machine learning systems to help us find content
that is clearly Made for Kids. But, don’t rely on our systems
to set content for you like all automated systems, it’s not perfect. If you don’t set your audience,
or if we detect error or abuse we may set your audience for you. But in most cases,
we’ll rely on your audience setting to determine
whether a video is Made for Kids. There are two ways to set your audience:
at the channel level, or at the video level. If you know that your whole library of videos
is Made for Kids or not Made for Kids you can set your audience
at the channel level. To do so: Go to “Settings” in YouTube Studio then the “Channel” tab,
then “Advanced settings” and from there, go to the “Audience” section and choose an option
that best describes your channel. Doing this at the channel level
will apply to all of your older videos too so we encourage you to set your audience
at the channel level as a first step.>From there, if some of your videos
don’t align with your channel-level setting you can mark your audience
at the video level. To mark your older videos
as “Made for Kids” or not go to the “Videos” tab in YouTube Studio,
select which videos you’d like to edit and go to “Audience.” You’ll also be prompted
to answer this question every time you upload a new video. On the “Details” tab on the video upload page scroll to “Audience,” and choose
the option that best describes your video. Note that if you’ve already set your audience
at the channel level this will be automatically selected for you. But, make sure to choose the option that
makes the most sense for that specific video. Again, it’s incredibly important
that you take these steps to set your audience accurately. Now, we realize this is a big change so let’s dive in to
some questions you may have. What’s considered “Made for Kids” content? Per the FTC’s guidance under COPPA when deciding whether or not
your channel or video is Made for Kids you should think about factors like:
the subject matter of your video whether children are
your intended audience for the video whether the video
includes child actors or models whether the video includes characters,
celebrities, or toys that appeal to children including animated characters
or cartoon figures whether the language of the video
is intended for children to understand whether the video includes
activities that appeal to children such as play acting,
simple songs or games, or early education whether the video includes songs,
stories, or poems that appeal to children and any other information you may have
to help determine your video’s audience. Ultimately, we can’t provide legal advice so we’re unable to confirm
whether or not your content is Made for Kids. That decision is up to you,
taking into consideration these factors but we want to help you
follow the law as much as we can. Check out our Help Center,
and talk to a lawyer if you’re still unsure whether or not your content
should be marked as Made for Kids. How old is a “kid?” The age of a kid in the US
is defined as anyone under 13 but the age of a child
may be higher in other countries. So, you’ll need to consider the factors
we just went through that apply to COPPA in addition to
any applicable local laws regarding children. Note that regardless of where you’re based,
COPPA generally applies. Be sure to consult a lawyer
if you have questions. If you set your content as Made for Kids,
what does this mean for your channel? We will start limiting
the data we collect on Made for Kids content to comply with the law. Because of this,
videos that you mark as Made for Kids will be treated differently on YouTube. Some features like comments
will no longer be available. Most importantly,
those videos won’t show personalized ads so some creators may see
a decrease in revenue. What other features
will no longer be available if I set my content as Made for Kids? Starting in January,
if you mark a specific video as Made for Kids features like comments,
personalized advertising, info cards end screens, and more
won’t be available on individual videos. If your entire channel
is set as Made for Kids your videos won’t have any of those features. Your channel also won’t have Stories,
the Community tab, the notification bell and your viewers won’t be able to
“Save to Watch Later” or “Save to playlist.” Keep in mind that
these restrictions are to follow the law. For a full list of restricted features,
visit our Help Center. What happens if YouTube’s systems say that
my video is Made for Kids, but I disagree? Can I appeal? If you’ve not yet set
your audience for your video and YouTube has set it for you
to comply with legal obligations you can choose the option
that you believe is correct for this video. If you’ve already set your audience
for your video, and we detect error or abuse you still have the option to use
the “Send Feedback” button if you disagree. You can find this in
your video’s “Details” tab in YouTube Studio. What happens if I mark
my video’s audience incorrectly? If you don’t set your content appropriately,
this may result in compliance issues for you under COPPA and other laws. And, if we find that
you’re abusing our systems and intentionally
marking your videos incorrectly this may result in consequences
for your channel or videos. We know this won’t be easy for some creators and that this required change
is going to take some getting used to. But these are important steps
to ensure compliance with the law. We’re committed to
helping you prepare for this transition so if you’d like to learn more
about this new setting be sure to check out our Help Center. Thank you for watching.

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  1. We’ve seen some additional questions in the comments, so we’re adding some FAQs here:

    Q: Why is YouTube doing this?
    A: These changes address concerns raised by the U.S. FTC regarding compliance w/ the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). If you are interested in sharing your view on COPPA, the FTC is receiving comments on its website until Dec 9:

    COPPA is a U.S. law, you can read more about it here:

    Q: What if my content is applicable to a wide audience, but is not “Made for Kids” specifically?
    Think about who you are trying to reach with your content – are you creating this content for children to enjoy, or does it appeal more to parents and adults? As the creator, you know best the audience you are trying to reach with your content. Also take a look at the features of your video – does it have actors, characters, activities, games, songs, or stories that attract children particularly? If so, your video may be made for kids. For further information on determining whether content is made for kids, see the FTC’s guidance here: You may also want to consult a lawyer. For additional info, we also provide a detailed answer to this question here:

    Q: Does marking my video as “Not Made for Kids” mean it’s only suitable for adults?
    A: If you set your audience as "Not Made for Kids", this does not mean that it's only suitable for audiences 18+, nor does it mean we’re going to age restrict your content. The audience setting was exclusively created to help you comply with COPPA and other children's privacy laws – age restriction is a separate setting that might be enabled when a video doesn't violate our policies, but may have content that's only appropriate for audiences that are 18+. For example, a video might be age restricted if it has excessive vulgar language, or violence & disturbing imagery that provides enough context to understand it (e.g. content showing victims’ injuries in a major road accident may be removed, but we may age-restrict that same content if presented with news coverage that explains the situation and context). More info on age-restricted content here:

    Q: How do I use the audience setting? Why am I not seeing it?
    A: To set your audience as "Made for Kids" or not, you'll need to use YouTube Studio (you won't be able to do so in Creator Studio Classic). You can either set your audience at the channel level, or the video level. To set at the channel level, In YouTube Studio, Go to Settings > Channel > Advanced settings > Audience and then choose an option that best describes your channel. Detailed instructions here:

    To set the audience of a video or videos in bulk, go to the Video tab of YouTube Studio > Select video(s) > Edit > Audience. For more detailed instructions, check out this Help Center guide:

    Q: Isn’t this what YouTube Kids is for? has always been for people 13 and up, while the YouTube Kids app is for kids under 13 to watch independently. But, we can’t control how people and families use together. We’re making these changes to ensure our data practices for all content "Made for Kids" are protecting kids’ privacy.

    Q: Should family vloggers mark their content as “Made for Kids”?
    Some family vloggers make content for kids while others target parents and adults. You can learn more about what content is made for kids here (check out the question “What if my content is applicable to a wide audience, but not kids specifically?”): or seek legal counsel for more advice.

    Q: Does this impact Minecraft or gaming videos? / Should gaming content be marked as “Made for Kids”?
    While different games appeal to different audiences, think about whether the content you’ve created, itself, is directed towards kids, not just the audience of the game you’re playing in a video, alone. Remember: COPPA applies to all videos on YouTube, including gaming content. For more information on determining whether content is made for kids, see the FTC’s guidance: You may also want to consult a lawyer.

    Q: How does your system / algorithm define content as “Made for Kids”?
    Our system is using the factors set forth by the FTC to identify “Made for Kids” content. For example, it’s working to identify videos that focus on subject matter or content that is designed for kids, like those that have an emphasis on kids’ characters, themes, toys, or games. More examples here:

    Q: How do I get into the YouTube Kids app?
    While this isn’t about the YouTube Kids app, we’re happy to explain a little bit more about how to be included there. Content for the YouTube Kids app must be family-friendly (we use a mix of automated filters, user feedback, and human review to determine this). There’s no way to guarantee that your content will appear in YouTube Kids – “Creating for Families” guide is designed to help creators develop programming that will be eligible for YouTube Kids and resonate with family and kid audiences:

    Q: Do I have to mark my old videos as “Made for Kids” or “Not Made for Kids”?
    A: Yes, you can bulk update all existing videos at once and set a default for future uploads using the channel level audience setting inYouTube Studio. Here are detailed instructions:
    If you don’t want to set your audience at the channel level, but you do want to set videos in bulk, go to the Video tab of YouTube Studio > Select video(s) > Edit > Audience. More details are in the Help Center guide here:

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  4. PLEASE ANSWER!!! HOW ABOUT Family Vlogs? Our kids will still be in our videos but our target audience are Adults/Parents? Will it still be considered as “Made for kids” videos????

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  11. I have a family channel. We don’t MAKE videos for kids but we have our kiddos in the videos! We are in the military and travel and go on adventures! What direction do I go??

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  21. Cmon man taking measures is fine but this is way fckin overboard! Like im sorry but this will be youtube’s end, also youre ruining millions of peoples’ lives, because youre taking away their hobby
    Thanks coppa, we appreciate it (not)

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  24. Youtube complies with COPPA

    Lawyers everywhere: oooooohhhh here they come boooyyzz!!!*….. *makes cash noises

    Edit: i suck at doing bold letters

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