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  1. YouTube really are to blame here. They were advertising the fact they have a large child viewership. The law helps companies check themselves. They would use gathered info to influence how they market to children. And this stuff is relatively new to governments. Regulating advertising to children was easy when it was easy to know where and when that would happen. YouTube could benefit its users by not gathering data on videos deemed by this new law kid friendly but cover their ass by ensuring that any children using the site are doing so against the YouTube agreement or are being regulated by an adult. They wont because they need that data. They are the worst.

  2. The ftc coppa law states there is a 3rd option other then marking as for kids or for adults its called "general content" for everyone for what ever reason YouTube ignored that option and gave everyone a 50/50 choice so that if you choose wrong you get fined or if their bot changes your choice they could potentially put you in line to get shot by that 42,000$ fine even though you choose correctly when you uploaded the video. In my eyes YouTube is going above and beyond to make things worse.

  3. The second I saw that the FTC said "fantasy" was appealing to kids i immediately thought "So game of thrones is for kids now?"

  4. In my opinion, this is the reason why parents should control their children when in internet, especially this platform. There is Youtube Kids but seems like kids are not interested to use it

    Well yes, COPPA rules is really annoying for content creators these days. When we want to show our talents that we think are the best, suddenly COPPA come and bring a disaster. It makes a lot of content creator think so hard to bring a future to their channel bcz the content creator can't control the audience market everyday in this platform.

    Out of topic from me: In my country, Indonesia, Wow! Lots of kids here are so cancer bcz they watch youtube, but seems like parents doesn't pay attention much to it.

    I think COPPA rules is not really garbage, but it's just too strict to content creator. Maybe they should revise it so it will not make a big disaster to this platform. This platform is so big, everyone can be a star, but don' make such a silly rules to creators!

    Sorry for long writing 🙂 Sometimes, I like writing something

  5. How about we stand and find and protect ALL OF OUR DATA children and adults….I'll sign your petitions when you fight for all of our rights all our rights not just for the children cause its affecting your bottom line If not Stop your whining you let them take your data…this would have never happened if we stopped them from taking ALL OUR DATA …they took childrens at same time…but it started with ours and you didnt do jack shit now its affecting your bottom line…stop whining and solve the whole problem not part of it

  6. The FTC link no longer works properly. The site will come up, but it won't submit the comment, either it will tell you all required fields need to be filled, even though they are or you have to submit an attachment. Doing so will void your comment and allow you to proceed. Even if you copy and paste your comment back in, the site will refuse to acknowledge it and leave your comment as "See Attachment Here" which is what is placed with you initially added your attachment.

  7. Incoming alternative to YouTube in the next few months/years based on stuff like this. This whole thing is crazy and I'm sorry to hear that you and other creators are going to have to battle the ramifications of this.

  8. Children have different tastes in stuff. Just because children use this app doesn't mean adults don't either. The parents get to decide and to keep an eye on what their child is watching. This app isn't just made for children it's made for everyone. You should stop making everything child friendly because they will grow up. Many YouTubers that I watch have kids and adult viewers. If you make everything child friendly what would happen to the people who make a living out of YouTube. Most of their viewers will go. I know that they are trying to help kids but they need to think that they won't stay kids forever they will grow up.

  9. Ohh, so that's why when I uploaded they have that new choice. But also, this is really /really/ dumb and is going to ruin a lot of youtubers channels. Theres lots of diffrent art, cartoon, and game channels that are not for kids. A lot of gaming channels will fall under these requirements and definitely shouldn't

  10. Ugh…pity parents can parent their own freaking kids 🙄 I know soooo many parents who hand their kids their phones to watch YouTube. Cheap babysitting. Pathetic.

  11. So apparently because if something is make believe it’s for children I guess jk Rowling was 12 when she wrote the Harry Potter books

  12. YouTube is going to go down just like vine if this act gets in forced. Imagine a tiktok but for youtube, yeah scary I know.

  13. To the FTC please reconsider your definition of “made for kids” or AT THE VERY LEAST, communicate with ACTUAL YOU TUBERS AND OR THE AUDIENCE of these YouTubers. Seriously meme culture is a really broad subject that I feel like adults // businesses // government organizations don’t really understand. To the FTC please take the time to cooperate and understand the struggle these YouTubers face as a result of this dilemma. There are a lot of good people who will suffer because of this so please please please, reconsider.

  14. I feel that everyone has an opinion and just because the government thinks something is right doesn't mean it's actually right and fair. Because of this law, alot if people are most likely going to go downhill in the money department and it might bring their entire channel down along with their money. Having someone quit doing something they love is just not fair and right. And though the law does have it's good point of view,I feel like they are over exaggerating things. Like what only children like. Like colored vids,I love beight colored vids and I'm not really a child anymore so bot everyone can agree with that statement. And the fact that people can be giving a fine of up to $42,000 because they "incorrectly" or "can't " name the video or name something that people might not watch. I just feel like the law has it's good and downs but I feel like in total,its complety unfair and not right
    People might go broke,and lot of "children" are going to be watching stuff they don't want to watch
    And most importantly, it's most likely going to crush someone's life if they can't do YouTube anymore. Like we don't know how much work these people have put into their videos and now they will have to be taken down. It's unfair and it's making everyone nervous,even myself,who I am which,not a youtuber myself.but still.i wouldn't want my favorite creators getting "kicked" out of YouTube forever.

  15. Okay, so I've been saying this a lot, but while I was unable to make a comment because everyone was crashing the FTC website with concerns, the FTC has been issuing responses that clear things up. Basically, the issue is with YouTube not giving a "general audience" category (which they were supposed to do), instead giving us a "not for kids" category and not telling anybody what that means. In any case, I've got some news on that which may sort of ease the minds of anyone who hasn't heard yet.

    Basically there's a general audience exception rule written into COPPA, and the FTC will be accounting for that. Lightening the load further on content creators, channels not collecting kids' personal data won't really be paid much attention by the FTC. Those that are will be investigated to make sure of whether they're willingly and knowingly doing this, or if it's just tomfoolery by the YouTube platform. And they'll have actual people looking into this stuff, and accounting for the general audience thing, so they're probably not gonna bankrupt anybody for putting a bright color on one of their title cards. And I'm not sure, but they made it sound like they'd mostly be taking a content creator's word for it on whether it's made for kids or not.

    It's still an unsettling situation to be sure, but the FTC's response has lightened the load by quite a lot. We all know bureaucrats can be obtuse and counterproductive, but sometimes they do indeed do the right thing. In any case, take this information how you will, and do what you gotta do. Whether that's seeing what you can find about this, or making a comment of your own (preferrably well-considered and not just hate mail) on COPPA, etc.

  16. Yeah I feel it is the parents responsibility to monitor what there children are watching. Each parent may have different views in what they find content suitable for there individual child. I have plenty of friends who let there children watch Miranda sings or jake Paul and another that doesn’t find it appropriate. Sorry all of these new changes will affect your Chanel! I figured this would happen in North America soon as I watch a Chanel from a family in Finland and her comments have been removed by YouTube a year ago. They all had to buy long sleeve swim shirts in order to vlog swimming and things like that and not get the video taken down.

  17. Legit everything is appealing to kids. Sees a knife? Appealing. Sees a shiny point thing? Appealing! This rule is stupid and will do more harm than good. It should be the parents responsibility to monitor what their kids watch, not the FTC’s job

  18. Love u so much Brizzy!! And I support u 💯! And I hope so much that u keep this platform! But I know u have a big future in the vo industry

  19. For me YouTube helps me get through bad weeks in school and makes it so I don't just sit in my house and do nothing and this makes me so sad

  20. FTC I’m not under 13 and I still enjoy some kids content so I would like to still watch these videos. So FTC please Change something so we can still watch these videos. Also ALMOST EVERY KID UNDER 10 SWEARS. So please change something

  21. Why can’t they eliminate Ads all around? Ads mean nothing and just pure annoyance. Or be stricter on age and who can have an account. I don’t get why ads must win. Just run a disclaimer warning about language and anything else. If you under 18 block them and anything older the video can be anything they like. Just my opinion

  22. COPPA should worry about protecting children from pedophiles online not targeted commercials. I mean no wonder ToyRus went bankrupt. How is a toy company supposed to survive if they cant even advertise to their targeted demographic?

  23. If YouTube is gonna keep doing this misewell just make YouTube for kids and kids only . If an adult lets a dumb 3 year old on there phone and click on stuff that’s the parents fault, and also it’s the parents who get to decide if the child is ready for this stuff.

  24. This video made me want to cry 🙁 I’m going to miss watching all my nerdy content. Adults shouldn’t be banned from slime, diy, art, games and so much more. And I love all the channels I watch it’s so sad.

  25. This really sucks. I'm a student in Animation and on my "art" channel I post my animations for my portfolio and if it get's deleted I have to start over again. Plus I really wanted to start a real channel teaching about illustration and animation, but if arts and crafts fall under it I'm doomed lol.

    So dear FTC: make a beter plan and don't punish creators like Brizzy and others

  26. I think this is terrible YouTube is how I discovered Breezy I've been a fan of hers for quite a while and a lot of other talented people that make funny and educational videos.
    Just another way of them trying to control what we do it needs to stop

  27. I don’t know what you do on this channel. I’ve only ever seen you on FBE and thought you were pretty. This is the first video of yours I watched because I like MatPat, saw his COPPA video and wanted to watch some more COPPA stuff.

    Also, what is it that you do? I could watch your vids but I’d like a summary.

  28. Kids watching stuff not appropriate for them is not creative creators (like Brizzy or Brian) fault. But of that who either owns the phone or gave the ipad/computer to their godamn toddler. Mommy, daddy, stop blaming internet for you being a shitty parent.

  29. Vets (and also MDs) create illness via vaccinations, and then they make money off trying to fix the illnesses that they created. https://vaccine-injury.info/pet-vaccination-adverse-events

  30. By the way…. news flash, you guys know what has bright colours, music and are cartoons? ANIME. And most anime is Not for children….

  31. Uhhh, I animate as a hobby and create QR codes for animal crossing and other video games. …-_-' it's one of my art hobbies. I know if this passes through that my channel is gonna be gone.

  32. It's simple… You just have to swear once or twice at the beginning of your videos, make a sexual joke or two about the beloved kids' character, and mark them as NOT FOR KIDS.

  33. I deleted my drawing time-lapses because they literally fall into these categories. This whole COPPA thing is just ridiculous. There is a YouTube Kids for a reason, parents should be monitoring their child's activity on YouTube, because YouTubers/Creators are not these kids's parents! This shouldn't be effecting artists, voice actors, gamers etc. in such a harsh way. I do not know what this means for the future, but it is not looking good.

  34. Just signed the petition and commented like 10 times now, we can all do our part y’all! I want to keep the YouTube content that I’ve grown with for like over 8 years. Practically childhood for me, we can make a change!

  35. https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/blogs/business-blog/2019/11/youtube-channel-owners-your-content-directed-children?utm_source=govdelivery

  36. 1) Most channels aren't even monetized anymore, so probably not that big of a deal.
    2) If your channel isn't for kids and it somehow is still monetized, then you just have to check that your channel isn't for kids then according to a lawyer's understanding of COPPA, you should be in the clear as long as you don't say "Hey kiddos, give me your name and address for this giveaway I'm doing". So do that and then don't do that.
    3) At the end of the day, the whole $42k fine is probably just a scare tactic. Maybe one or two channels will get hit with it if they are blatantly still doing that, but I doubt they'll just be smacking it on every single person.
    4) When have YouTube's rules ever been anything more than extremely vague? They want it to be vague so that they can do whatever they want under the guise of "It's against TOS, so we took action."

    After hearing advice from a lawyer about it, COPPA probably isn't even going to be that bad. That being said, I jumped ship from YouTube a long time ago because what's the point in starting a channel if I have to censor myself to make a living out of it.
    Edit: 6:20 welcome to your first Adpocalypse. Most big channels haven't had any funding from ad-sense and recently YouTube's been selectively shadowbanning channels from engagement just because they feel like it with 0 reason given. It's not anything new, you just haven't experienced it yet.
    9:41 You just undermined the point of your entire video in one single sentence.
    12:27 Brizzy do you honestly think that the FTC is going to hire millions of people to care about one Minecraft YouTuber uploading a potential video for kids? There are literally many many more things they'd rather be looking into. Just because they have the resources doesn't mean they're going to do it.

  37. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME ON THIS. Before you think I’m insulting anyone, I’m not. I’m actually just letting you guys know that


  38. Maybe the parents should start supervising what their kids watch. It’s not the fault of the youtubers , it’s the parents who don’t pay attention to what their kids are watching

  39. Brizzy, you and Brian are the two people who inspire others do do something they love and I found this. You might want to check it out.


  40. Thing is COPPA and FTC recognize content that is for the general audience and states in their law. It means content can be viewable for all ages but not specifically to kids as a majority audience. YouTube failed to recognize and include this detail in their policy and choices. Seriously, the FTC and COPPA, if you really think about it, are only going to be targeting the channels that are clickbaiting children, disguising their channel or videos as childish but have mature content, and/or are actually for kids but disguising it as for adults to make a profit. If you look at other platforms, other video sharing site's terms of service, they have to comply with the same laws and expect creators to do the same. However, the other sites, which tend to work with creators and not against them, use simpler language (layman terms) and do have a clear age restriction, and policies against clickbait and misrepresentation of content and targeted audiences. I feel that the changes YouTube has made is from a deal they hashed with the FTC. It's a little rattling that the FTC is focusing on YouTube content and not all video sharing sites.

  41. I'm not sure if you seen this video yet from Ian Corzine, Brizzy? You should probably watch it. It explains what Google/YouTube is hiding from us that is clearly stated in COPPA law. Tweet @teamyoutube. Sign the petitions!

  42. Let me get a few things off my mind. I hate the term “made for kids” because anyone can like anything, even if it may be more popular with people who are not adults. Like now an adult has to go to YouTube kids just to see what they like, or a child who likes content with more deeper meanings that are safe to watch for their age?

    Another thing I want to mention is the parents. THERE IS A YOUTUBE KIDS FOR A REASON. You should be able to control your children in what they watch, or use. So if the parents, guardian or some person with the responsibility to raise or take care of an child cannot control what their children watch, that is their problem. NOT THE CREATORS ON YOUTUBE.

    YouTube is a place for people who want to share and express their passion in their own presentation. There content is what their PASSIONATE about. Sure it can be meant for an audience but their main motivation (for most Youtubers) is again, because they want to show what they are passionate about. So what if a child likes the same thing? I’m sure something similar on a different website is available. And if it isn’t, you can’t really do much about it since there is a boundary. Anyone can like anything. It’s common for people to have things in common. You should punish that.

    Ugh I have so much more to say about this, but I don’t want to write a whole essay without getting credit for it.

  43. YouTube is on a downward spiral. We need to find another streaming site to move to so YouTube can stop messing with all of us collectively. Twitch maybe?

  44. just send coppa a lot of links that they categorize as appealing to kids, video games/computer games show them all the games with violent and sexual content. cartoons and drawings send them f**k*ng hentai

  45. Since I am from the UK I doubt the FTC will listen to my opinion but they need to be both more specific and up to date with there definition of what appeals to under 13yr olds

  46. I wish these parent had commonsense like how you blame a company for something out of their control they should blame themselves for not watching their kids .i mean kids shouldn't even have phones or anything like that at such a young age smh the fact that some of us dont have kids but know whats right is justttt ☠they should just take them outside.

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