Ideia de uma mini TV para o celular! (Diy)

Ideia de uma mini TV para o celular! (Diy)

And so it was ready this mini TV for mobile. Get inspired! Make your mini TV and watch our Channel. Recycle making art, our planet thanks! Rosalia, mother of Marlos. Hello! I’m Marlos Camilo from the Recycle Channel doing
art. From another video I was showing how
make a phone and I said I would do this mini TV to put cellphone. It’s pretty cool, because she has the retro model,
from the 70s until the 80s we had this kind of TV and it serves to put the
phone so we can watch. It will be a recycling and I will use this cardboard. It is a mini TV and I will make an equal for
my mother because she liked it a lot. Let’s go step by step. I will use this cardboard, a simple box
and I will cut the parts that I will use in the thumbnail. The ideal is always to be with the mobile phone that
will be used on the mini TV so it looks good docked the phone when
to watch. My mom’s cell phone is fifteen by seven
and a half centimeters. How am I going to do the same model I did for
me. I’m going to do nineteen by nine and a half centimeters. I will make the same model of my mini
TV, which is a retro that has a speaker on both sides and needs this margin. Here will be the bottom and I will make the side with
the same measurement as it is four inches and a half and nine inches tall
and then there will be the lid that is where it will have the movement to be able to remove the phone. As I said, I like to work with myself
phone so that it fits tightly into the ask and do not get slack. Here I mark his size to make the TV screen open. As she is a retro TV I will eat a
edge of the mobile screen. If it were a modern flat screen TV, it would give
to leave the entire screen of the phone. So, I’ll do the same as mine that takes a margin. He is six inches tall. Taking an inch on each side at the sides. On the top I will remove half a centimeter
so it gets stuck and doesn’t come out of the opening. Remembering to always be careful about the
stylus because at some point can get hurt. It is already beginning to form. Get inspired by our projects, also do
your mini TV. An idea, if you want, also has those
TVs that were aluminum colored and you can use milk carton as finishing,
It looks really cool. As I said, I like to work with
hot glue but can also be used the white glue. Hot glue is faster, just need
be careful because she’s another instrument that can hurt because she’s hot and careful
with his hand accidentally on her beak. And I told you and now I was thinking,
I was very excited and I will also do a of aluminum imitating those of silver color
which was a model that was used a lot that It had the flat screen, but it wasn’t LED. Then they were all aluminum and the box
of milk is very close to what it was in reality. I’ll do it and then you will see the video. Very creative. Here at the bottom I will make triple layer to
the phone gets louder and has this location. I’ll do two more fill after this one. Very great, very good. As I took the opening and with it
I make a smaller opening myself. If you remember the TVs had a frieze
until you get to the TV tube then this part I do the same part I took so I can get the exact measurement. I mark it all a half inch and use
the opening to make the mold. Once marked all over to do
the mold there reminding the televisions had the rounded corners and then make the opening. It will fit in with this opening I already made here. Here will be the mold. This is one of the few parts I use
the milk box which is one of the details that it was the color of aluminum around the TV tube. I put passing half a centimeter of each
side to be able to glue inside. It’s half a centimeter of the frame and half a centimeter
to be pasted, which gives a total of one centimeter. Look how cool it will be! That is the intention. It was jewel. It is already taking shape. This cardboard I’m using has two
millimeters and depending on the thickness of your cardboard to give this finish i’ll use
the milk box and I will cut with two millimeters and paste all over the rectangle and finish. If you have difficulty using hot glue,
You can use white or instant glue as well. Remember to center well. The top of the TV will be for the opening
of the cell phone. Here you can do for the hinge, paste
a fabric to keep closing and opening or also if you have ease of taking off
the milk box that is made with two cardboard and take this part leaving only the aluminum
It will also be a hinge. Do not leave too much volume so as not to disturb
the front finish. Here you will have the speakers and buttons
on and off and the channel button. As you see there are several layers, there is this
part of the advertising has the cardboard and then aluminum. Getting only the cardboard and the aluminum I
I already took advantage of the folding of the box and then Now this will be my hinge. I put the hinge inside for better. So that the phone stays firm here without falling,
I will do the drawer effect. I cut the same measurement from the inside, I will
give an opening to the sound of the phone and to make it airier and not too hot. If left closed, it may drown out the sound.
and heat up the phone. So I will mark and make an opening here. With a margin to circulate the air and leave airy. For air circulation. Depending on the phone model always look for
leave the sound output quite free. As I will ask her to always put this
Side I’m cutting here. Could cut off the outside but would let
less safety margin for mobile. Free sound output. I’m doing this part here to stay in
side which is to attach the part where it goes enter the cellphone. In the case of this phone I will leave an opening
one and a half centimeters to facilitate the removal and placement of the cell phone. To do the channel, cut a piece of hot glue,
like this, I took the milk carton and folded it in two, I glued and after glued I cut like this,
inclined, chamfered on both sides which is the part to be able to rotate the channel and pasted with
instant glue. This is the vertical below the
channel and the following buttons I used toothpick barbecue, it’s darkened because
I used it for other crafts. I then enjoyed the on and off button, volume, contrast and brightness button. In the past, TVs were coated with wood and you can do this detail with
paper that has this wood design or on stationery can compare contact paper or if
you can also paint the cardboard directly knowing you can’t leave the base paint
very thin water because the paper will absorb moisture and can deform the part. Here on this side will have the sound output and
also down here. So with this 320 number sandpaper which is
very thin, I’ll make the speaker and the base will be made with the milk carton and
I will cut to size for space, I will attach and lap. This smaller part I will coat with the sandpaper and
paste on top of this one. That’s the sandpaper, isn’t it? This, which is speaker, as if it were the sound output. That Cool! And so it was done! Carton box, milk carton part,
sandpaper, colorful barbecue stick and you have the retro TV to watch. Mom, your gift. On here. Thank you son, I loved, is very beautiful. Thank you! Get inspired! Make your mini TV and watch our channel. Recycle making art, our planet thanks you. By Marlos Camilo

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  1. Boa tarde
    Q lindo este trabalho
    Ficou muito lindo
    Q simpatia a sua mãe
    Um abraço pra vcs 👋🏽👏🏽👍🏽

  2. Mais uma linda e criativa ideia, adorei. Obrigada por partilharem as vossas fantásticas ideias. Um grande abraço para todos e até ao próximo.

  3. Marlos absolutamente fabulosa! Amei cada detalhe e material que usou! O Planeta precisa de mais Marlos, Kiko e Rui e Mauricio. Parabéns de coração! Parabéns pela sua amada Mãe! Like 3

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