Ice Sculpture Explosion

Ice Sculpture Explosion

– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. Welcome to
“The Super Slow Show.” Dan, how many times since
we started working together have you wanted to
see me blow up? Yeah, several for sure. I’m not talking about
throwing a hissy fit, I mean
literally exploding. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Yeah, yeah. Although, I suppose you’d have to come back
into one piece afterwards. ‘Cause you need me
to film the next video? Unfortunately, yeah. Luckily for you, Dan, we’ve got a full-sized – ice sculpture.
– Oh, yes! ( theme music playing ) ‘Cause I don’t like
to be lonely, you’re up there
with me too. ‘Cause we’re all
about equality – on “Super Slow Show.”
– Well, I’m always the one getting hurt and
being blown up usually, so how is that equal? I’d say it’s equal. – Right, okay.
– Yeah. Anyway, we’ve rigged them
all with det cord. I even got a trigger, I’m gonna blow them up when the spin rig
is up to speed. We’re shooting at
1,000 frames a second, as the camera is whipping
around them, hopefully getting
some ice and chunks floating right by
the camera. It should look top. But we’re dripping
pretty heavily, so let’s get behind
the blast shield and say goodbye
to ourselves. I mean, you’ve always
been a bit of a drip, so not much
of a change there. Gav:
Harsh, harsh words. – Okay.
– And my heart’s beating fast – you could say.
– This is pretty cool. Sorry, sorry. Got a detonator
in my pocket, luckily. All right, let’s get
that spin rig spinning. ( whirring ) Gav:
We look nervous. – Dan: We do.
– Gav: I can see it
in our icy faces. That thing is picking up
some heft. Three, two, one! – Whoa!
– God! – Oh!
– Jeez! – Wait!
– I think a bit of your head – hit the blast screen.
– How did you survive? No, no, I think that’s me
that went. – Typical!
– I survived! It’s not fair.
Every time. You know, I wish I could say
that I rigged that on purpose – You– right?
– so that only you blew up. You– you’re just
like this. Just like that.
“Yeah, whatever.” I would like to think that’s
what would happen in real life if you just exploded next to me,
I’d be like, “Oh, this…” Yeah. Gav:
Oh, we just look regal almost. Just chilling, literally. – Oh, man!
– ( Gav laughs ) – Gav: God!
– Dan: Oh, flip. Gav:
It’s so weird the way
the ice cracks and you can no longer see
through it. It’s like you just
turned to snow. Dan: I just turned
to snow immediately. Gav:
You were briefly a snowman. That looks wicked. Dan: I wonder how quickly
that happens as in, like, from ice to… – Wait.
– …like that. It looks like
you’re in a snow globe that, like, was me. Gav:
Yeah, I’m just chilling there and you became weather. – Yeah, yeah.
– ( both chuckle ) – Just gonna grab your leg.
– Look at that slush! Oh! Just sweeping
myself away. ( laughs ) All right, okay. One thing I love
about this spinner rig is that… once all
the ice has come out and it’s the just falling,
the camera’s actually
moving faster than the subject, which is
something we’ve rarely done on this channel. Usually the camera’s
just sat on a tripod, but when it’s really
hauling ass past the subject, it looks pretty top. Okay, let’s blow you up
this time, shall we? Second time’s a charm. Okay. Gav:
I just love this spinner. – Dan: It’s so cool.
– Gav: It’s so cool. Everything just looks
so much better with it. Ready?
Three, two, go! – Gav: Goodbye, me.
– ( Dan grunts ) – Dan: Oh!
– ( Gav laughs ) Damn! – ( exhales )
– Would you look at that. How come there’s more of you
left than there is of me? I’m taller. ( laughs )
For once in your life. ( music playing ) – Dan: Oh, wow.
– ( Gav laughs ) Gav:
You can see the det cord just annihilating my spine. Dan:
Yeah, it’s just gone. Gav:
I broke into
slightly bigger chunks. You were more of a misting
and I was lumpy. It’s true. Wonder why. Dan: Your stumps are left
and there’s just big chunks
of ice falling. Gav:
I reckon our pyrotechnician just loaded you up
with way more. Dan:
Yeah, he was like…
( laughs ) “Blow him up first as well.” All right. Let’s try for a double. Right, the second set.
( grunts ) I feel like this time they
need to look more the part. Yeah,
I know what you mean. ( grunts, exhales ) Okay. – ( grunts )
– Do a little bit
of dressing here. – Okay.
– Literal dressing. Thank you very much. Let’s go! Okay, hang on. Okay. ( grunts ) ( Gav laughs ) Gav:
It looks so stupid. I’m ready to det. Hopefully we both go. Three, two, one! Both:
Oh! – Jeez!
– God! Flip an egg. – Look, the lab coat
is ripped to shreds.
– Wait! Is that one of our heads? Just rolled on
the floor there. Hold on, did you see that? ( music playing ) – Gav: ( snickers ) Oh!
– Dan: Whoa! ( Gav laughs ) – Dan: Jeez.
– Gav: You just can’t– what? Dan:
God… I’m pretty sure your head
just fell off. Mine was destroyed. Gav:
Where did my head go? Dan:
I think that’s it there, yeah, with the hat there.
Look, there’s your head floating in midair
for no reason. The shrapnel, the bits of cloth
and lab coat and hat. – That’s the hat?
– They’re flying. That’s my
shredded hat. Dan:
The rig hit the head and it
battered it towards the front. Gav:
The head got tossed up and the rig was just like,
“I got this.” – Bang.
– And just hit it for six. – Oh, no!
– B, B, my lab coat. Oh, no! Look at your hat! ( laughing )
Look at this. My lab coat, look. Oh, this is yours! – That’s mine?
– That’s yours. That might be the most ruined
my lab coat has ever got. – What’s left of Dan’s hat.
– Oh, okay, yeah,
right, brilliant. At least yours is
still a lab coat, look at this. This is literally
all that’s left of mine. You just got–
it just turned to rags. – Oh…
– Where’s the rest of it? Hang on, “Welcome to
the Super Shh.” That’s all that
we’ve got left. – Gav: “Supe Shh.”
– Dan: Oh, man. Yeah? Well, that was
super cool. I agree. – Not a good pun,
but I definitely agree.
– Sorry, sorry. Thank you very for much
for watching the episode of “The Super Slow Show,” and we will see you right
back here pretty soon for another one,
how ’bout that, Dan? Hopefully I’ll have
a better lab coat, or at least… I’m sure we can afford it. Okay, all right, good. Ugh. ( music playing ) Hi, guys,
we can’t wait to share our extremely slow
adventure with you. Yeah, click here for all the latest
updates happening almost daily on
“The Super Slow Show.” Why did they put the button
on this side? It could easily have
just been just there, but it’s on
this side of me. It’s like somewhere
around here. Yeah,
it’s right there.

100 thoughts on “Ice Sculpture Explosion

  1. People are complaining that they don't do high frame rates anymore, so if you want to see it slower then go to the Slo Mo part and set the speed to 0.25

  2. Wooow amazing! You should meke more videos with that spinning camera technique😉👌🏼 pd: you are amazing guys i follow you since 2012

  3. Everyone is whining, but I'm just sitting here thinking that spinning camera through the ice flurry of the explosion is one of the best shots they've ever done!

  4. I was expecting one or two Infinity War related comments. Especially since only 50% exploded on the first go.

  5. Omg you saw how fast Dan turned to snow at 1000fps, u had a second chance and didnt up the camera to 28,500fps?! What's wrong with you!

  6. Why dont you se how fast clear ice cracks and breaks, you could pour boiling water on it, see how it reacts. You could also drill a hole in the ice and pour the boiling water into it 👌👍

  7. The first explosion reminded me of the bar scene from ‘only fools and horses’, play it cool trig, play it cool…..then disappears!

  8. Gotta echo whats been said. Revisit this again with a 12k fps or higher so we can see that ice to snow transition.

  9. Gav: how many times have you wanted to blow me up. Like, blow me into smitherines

    Dan: oh far too many

  10. You know when your in the kitchen, and your making breakfast, and you wanna try to be fancy, so you try to 4:56
    But you just end up making a mess.

  11. DET-CORD, has an explosion velocity fast enough, that if you were to lay out a single strand of it from New York to Florida and initiated either end… the detonation would reach the other end in less than 6 seconds.

    DET-CORD is EXTREMELY fast. It is one of THE fastest things on the planet besides light, and is THE fastest thing ever made by humans. 🙂

    You're welcome.

  12. I think this is, while not visually as interesting as some, its the funniest ep. The banter between the guys and Gav's facial expressions were making me laugh hard enough that I almost snorted Monster out of my nose. (ouch btw)

  13. Everyone should watch this video at half speed it is hilarious.they act like they're drunk when they're in slow motion speed especially Gavin I mean seriously it's hilarious. Plus it's kind of like a tribute to them because they're slow mo guys

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