100 thoughts on “Ice King & Infinity Blade (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

  1. I want to make I want to do the make up air filter the blade read the paper filling the blade me the paper I want you to make a real infinity blade out of paper

  2. He was once a little kid and he went out but what he didnt know was that a blisard was being formed outside hos mom tryed to get him but she was to late she could here screaming outside but by the time she could get outside he had already froze but was still breathing and had glowing eyes then he ran inside and put on a jacket with a black hood and his jachet was blue the reason why he looks like he has armor but its really just ice he still roams at the polar peak until the giant monster busted through his whole castle🏂⛷🏒⛸🎣🤺🗻🌨❄☃️⛄🌀

  3. Can you please do a doggo skin if you do I have a story : visator was running through Dusty divot and jonesy fell through a giant hole she ate something when he ate it and it turned out to be something purple like a cube so then he started barking out of the giant crater that he fell on then he turned out to be dog and they called him doggo then John wick found him and kept it as a pet: the end

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  5. The reason the Blade is gone is because I have it, I took it from the castle, I’m worthy of the Infinity Blade, I am, Michael Afton
    This is obviously a joke

  6. Try make Sentinel Rox Vega bunker johnse stratus singularity demi and VENDETTA TIER 100 STAGE SKIN!!!

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