Ice King & Infinity Blade (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Ice King & Infinity Blade (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create the Ice King with the Infinity Blade! The winner in the last poll was not the fully underestimated Fishstick. No, it was the Ice King. You decided that I should create the Ice King and well I was looking forward to create this detailed skin with the weapon, with an Infinity Blade, of course which has disappeared in the game. This is unfortunate. But let’s focus on the creation first. We start as always with the aluminium wire. And now I will bind these two strings together and this will give us this nice skeleton for the Ice King and we can start working. If you want to download these blueprints you can get them for free on I have the download page for all of the blueprints right there. So this is the image of the Ice King I took as reference. I tried… …to get the posture as accurate as possible, that it really matches this image and we will start with black clay, so we will make a lot of coating with black clay, as the base layer, and we will put on the butt cheeks. No, a lot of details later in this tutorial, but for now, we try to get the shape of the body as accurate as possible. On Instagram I asked you for help. I asked you: Any ideas for a background story for today’s video for the Ice King, the real name, favorite food, why this strange crown and where does he come from? What cruelty happened to him that he is not showing his face? Yeah, this is the Visitor. I thought they really look similar. This is why I compared both of them and there was also a funny story from one of you, who compared the Ice King with the Visitor skin, as well. So, in today’s video I will read some of these stories you came up with. I haven’t read them before, so I will just read them together with you. I’m really looking forward to get all your crazy ideas, because I just had no ideas on the background story of the Ice King. Let’s start with the first story and after that we will continue focusing on the creation. Let’s see. The first story right at the top is from clay.makes. Once upon a time there was a young boy named Larry, who was a professional chef and loved the heat of the kitchen, but one day his family and him went ice skating, on an extremely cold and dark winter day. But unexpectedly the sun came out and melted away the ice on the lake. Larry’s family made it out alive, but Larry was not so lucky. He sank down into the ocean and was resurrected. I didn’t know that word resurrected by the Fishstick skin. Yeah, Fishstick! I love that skin But he was so cold, his face had frozen and the ice would never melt. So he covered his face and thought if he wore robes, he would be cool, so he shot back to the surface and saw a polar peak. He made the castle his home and was known throughout the map as Ice King. Oh goosebumps! Thanks a lot. That was a really funny first story clay.makes. Thanks a lot. Now you just have seen that I mixed the color of the armor and I was not really sure which color I should go with, not because there are different skins. Well, the first one just looks the best. The golden one, come on. It looks ridiculous. It looks so cheap. But because on different images sometimes the armor was blue, sometimes it was silver. Maybe it was just the reflection from the sky I was not sure, but I decided to go with a silver blue and this is the color I came up with. It looks nice. I really love this color. Let me know which color you prefer on this skin. Yeah, I really mean it. I think the first one just looks the best, not only because he was promoted on all images, but also because well, he just looked so cool. And the golden one… I don’t know. Yeah, this is the connection part from the shoulder patches till the chest protection. Some more details on the front and also on the side. And this was a bit tricky we have to create this pyramid, this triangle. Throughout the tutorial we will create it many times and we will place it onto these tiny circles the connection parts. I think we have some further on the arm protection as well. These are the shoulder patches and some leather stripes. Here we go some more armor, it looks nice. And after we finish the arms, we will focus on the hands. First I screwed up. I created the fingers a little bit too big, but I changed that afterwards. I’m not sure if you will see this in the tutorial. I think I haven’t filmed that, yeah. So these are the decoration parts for the shoulders. Some more circles as well and then we will create the pyramids, as well So let’s pick another story. I’m looking forward to read another one. You are crazy. You sent and wrote so many great stories. I think this is one of my favorite ones. This one is from platilb. His favorite food is lasagna and he was the youngest boy in the family, so everyone bullied him. Then once he was 16, he found the strange Infinity Sword in the cave when his family was at vacation, so he killed them all and sword gave him super powers and penguins called him their king. So he was called the Ice King. No one likes him, so he hides his face and takes revenge on everyone that hated him. His name was Thomas. He comes from Greenland. Feel free to change it a bit. No, it’s amazing! Thank you so much for this crazy story. These are the fingers by the way, which turned out a bit too big. I think the fingers altogether should have the same size like the palm of the hand and these are just a little bit too big. We have some belts on both sides and they are holding these banners, these stripes which are hanging down we will create later. These are the connection parts and now let’s collect some blue clay, blue silver clay for the knee protection. This is on the left side. It is made out of blue clay and we will wrap around some more clay a very thin layer and after that, we will put on a knee protection in black. Today was a great day. I was working in the studio. I am currently working on the new stop-motion intro for our channel. I still haven’t forgotten all of your ideas. It’s just like that it takes so much time to create this intro and today was almost the first day where I was shooting. The sets are finished, the stop-motion puppets are finished, but I had some technical issues which I solved. but I just didn’t have the time, but you saw also on Instagram you saw the image of the puppet sitting on the table. This is how the intro will start. Well, I really hope that it will be finished by the end of the month, so that we have a new intro on our Clay channel at the beginning of February. This is the face of the Ice King. At first I thought I would paint the eyes, but then I decided to go with this technique and clay and it turned out nice. I really think so. We are placing the iris, which is really glowing. It’s a bright blue which is called aqua. And now we need some more black and gray to mix these… Well, the fabric he is wearing these stripes. But before I talk too much about clothing, fabrics and fashion let’s read another story! Let’s pick another one. This one is from faisalmurrar2004: Peter was a married man living in LA traveling to California to see the birth of his first child. As he boarded the plane he noticed that a strange man was approaching, so he started to panic. The X-4 storm wing crew when to calm him down by giving him a fresh Durr Burger with no pickles, so he did until the man came by and sat next to him. Peter texted his wife before taking off until he started warning him about bombs and death. Some air marshals heard him and arrested him and Peter was on the no-fly list. He decided to rent a car home, but his wallet and his ID is in the plane . Peter was desperate… but the stranger on the plane came by and helped him by ordering a car together. On the way they had a lot of accidents and one of them was with the blue paint loaded truck that surprisingly after the accident made Peter’s clothes a lot better with those stripes. They continued… oh boy this story is long and took a pee break. So Peter took the chance and escaped from the stranger, because he was sick and tired of those accidents. He decided to wear a mask, a spooky mask so he could steal any car he wants and money to reach home. After fighting some cuddle bears Peter arrived to his wife who is an elite agent. He saw the birth of his child and both continued to go evil in dark for the rest of their lives. We missed the oven we didn’t really miss it. I just put the Ice King into the oven so we can focus on the Infinity Blade. Dude, this story was crazy! It really was, but I enjoyed it. Well, what do you think guys? The reason why I put in some wire into this Infinity Blade is I didn’t really want to… Some of the very thin layers are bending after oven hardening and I wanted to avoid that, so this is why I included some wire. This is a very thin wire. Hopefully it works. I even made space you just saw that before for these holes in the blade. Because there’s a space in between the two wires. I try to get the shape as accurate as possible. So here we go for the circle. Let’s remove the clay from the inside. And on the left side we will… where you can see the two wires, we’ll put the handle which is black. And on this piece, there’s a lot of painting work afterwards, because some parts are not possible to create with clay. But you will see that in a minute, so here’s some details. If you have to create things like that the best thing to do is to work on a plate because then you don’t have to touch it, you won’t screw up and you have no chance of destroying it. You just have to put the plate into the oven and this is turning out really fine, I hope so. So the last working steps and then we will focus on the holes. I found that in a box. For the bigger hole. For the next hole I think we have three sizes. I took the hand drill and now the pointing tool. And before going into the oven, let’s read another short story. This one is from Antonio. His name is Austin, and he was on a walk with his dog, when his dog found a squirrel and chased him onto a lake. So, Austin started to follow his dog and then Austin was so heavy, he fell into the cold waters where he stayed there for many years until one day he emerged and became the Ice King! Thanks a lot. You are so crazy guys, I really admire your ideas. So this is the color gradient we are creating it’s not for the Infinity Blade. These are the parts of the crown the Ice King is wearing. I did that technique before on Ragnarok. There’s also a great color gradient. And now let’s put these things into the oven! Freshly baked Ice King! Yeah. Yeah, this was the structure and all these wires it worked well for the fabric. Now, let’s take a white pen for the signs. I should have asked you about these signs. In the stories. And these symbols go down even on the… yeah on the fabric to the ground. And also on the ones behind. Bandages. What would you call these flying things? Not sure. So I think that’s it for the white pen. Now, let’s take a bright blue. Really bright blue for coloring up the middle part. I still want to have a white outline for the purpose of nice effect. Also on the back ones, as well. It already looks so amazing. Now the Infinity Blade’s and also the parts of the crown. I think I forgot to show you how I created these parts. Make them very thin, so that they are able to bend. Now we will place the first the second the third and fourth… …tooth of the crown. Oh, it looks great and now the masterpiece the Infinity Blade with the handle and I take this golden polish pen, because I think, but I’m not really sure that the blade is a little bit golden. It looks nice. Now the next working step would be to color the inner part white and blue. It would have not been possible to create with clay. I think at least. And on the handle you have some further details. Let’s glue the thing where you can hang the blade onto the handle, as well. Some more golden color. Here we go. We make the handle blue. It looks like a ninja sword. We can place it into the hands, the strong hands, the cruel hands! Are they really cruel? Maybe he’s just misunderstood. No, that doesn’t look good with a wire. Well, I have an idea. Let’s take some white. I’m really happy to have these yarns in different colors. So, first we will add white. It’s for the electricity effect. You see that on the image from the Ice King the intro image and also blue and now I will glue them all together and hopefully it will look great when we wrap it around the Infinity Blade. Oh boy! There are only two working steps left. I take this blue pen and after that some transparent polish to get all the armor parts shiny. Let me thank you again for all your crazy ideas all the stories. I’m really sorry I was not able to read at least half of your stories, Over a 100 comments I think So thank you. We will do that in the future. I already enjoy that. So what should I create next? I have something planned for next week, but the week after for a new Fortnite tutorial please let me know what I should create. Write it down in the comments. This is the last working step and I’m so excited. Look at that! That’s it! The Ice King and Infinity Blade! If you remember the tutorial with the Frozen Lake I screwed up on, you suggested I should use this thing as a stand for the Ice King! Now let’s see what it looks like. Amazing! I hope you have a great weekend. Take care guys! Bye and see you next week! On Friday. Subscribe if you haven’t!

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