I went to see IT: Chapter 2 and now I’m reviewing it.

I went to see IT: Chapter 2 and now I’m reviewing it.

So a few days ago I decided to go watch it chapter 2 after the first one was so critically acclaimed I thought it would be fair enough to give the second one a shot and my money This is my first video on this channel. Some of you might know me from Another channel that I said on there that I’m opening this channel and you should check it out But if you didn’t come from my other channel then: Hey, My name is Dolev and you probably couldn’t tell because of my perfect American accent, but I’m actually from Brooklyn So there you have it now that we know everything about each other. I’ll begin with the review also just a side note This is the first time I’m publicly reviewing a movie. So don’t go too hard on me. I’m only 5 years old So as I said a few days ago, I decided to go and watch IT Chapter 2 since the first one was Pretty good – It had a good story, good script, good score The scary stuff was scary enough I guess although I have seen much scarier But it did its job I think and when you really get into it, it can really work Also, the casting was great and all the kid actors did an amazing job Which is something you don’t see a lot ever and the characters were also well written I really don’t have that many problems with the first movie. I do have some issues With it and maybe if I’ll watch it again now I’ll have more, it’s definitely not a perfect movie But it does its job as a horror movie I think which is something that you have to appreciate with this genre nowadays, so yeah after that movie was good I gave the second movie a shot. I mean they kept the director they kept the composer, the same producers There’s a great cast one screenwriter was left on the three From IT 1 which should be better I guess when there’s only one writer So, you know.. What could possibly go wrong? So I’m just gonna start with this because it’s something that has been bothering me for years now and And it just looks like it keeps spreading. I mean it is it’s something that needs to stop like Hollywood and other horror movies it doesn’t really matter because everyone uses that now I mean I don’t know if it’s something that used to be.. I think it..I think it’s just becoming more and more popular seriously, it’s terrible, I mean, I mean, I don’t know. I’m not saying jumpscares are a bad thing they can be Good there are a lot of ways of making a good jumpscare and there are a lot of movies that Did that in the past and still do I mean you can watch like great horror movies You can also… you can also watch great horror movies That don’t have Jumpscares at all and they’re very scary like I don’t know- The shining, now Hereditary and Midsommar I just watched Midsommar like two days ago It’s a perfect movie and it doesn’t even have one Jumpscare in it. So, you know, it’s not very necessary I think I’m not really into Josephus. I think it’s a very like I Guess dull and and cheap way of scaring someone scaring the audience It’s pretty it’s pretty much like the equivalent of me. Just scaring you like You know literally means like screaming boo or something. It’s like the same thing when you think about it. I mean when it’s done like badly in a movie they just try to scare you for no reason and As I said I was about to get into that but there are good ways of making a good jumpscare You can make a new jumpscare and as I said movies did that and What I don’t get is that this Movie has the same director from it one. They kept the director they also kept one writer from the three writers from it one which as I said should be better because There’s only one I mean, obviously when there’s only one writer Everyone knows that one. There’s only one writer It’s always Better I mean at least that’s how it’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to be better It only makes sense right. And, and according to what I remember at least it one, um did have Jumpscares but they were a lot more effective and they They had a reason to exist which is what good jumpscares Have, what they do, they have a reason to exist They help the plot, you know, they.. they just have a reason to exist. It’s, it’s… it’s, it’s really that simple I mean, I can’t really like give an example Ok from it one because I don’t really remember that much from that movie but I do remember That the Jumpscares there were a lot more effective and They as I said, they just had a reason to fucking exist Because in it 2 none of them have a reason to exist It just it just gets annoying at some point. Yeah, that’s fucking terrible I hated that it had no purpose and also the jumpscares were very obvious like I saw them coming like a mile away, other the people who did like jump, but I Didn’t and I don’t watch that many horror movies. Like I’m not I don’t usually watch horror movies. So I guess it should Have some kind of like an effect on me, but it it did it. I mean I didn’t I didn’t even jump once So yeah that says a lot. terrible, the jumpscares are just terrible. So yeah expect them and it’s also like a three hour long movie so You might get a heart attack at some point So as you probably know the characters in this movie are the same characters from it 1 27 years later And there’s something that it one did that really saved this movie And that thing is the character development. in it one they really cared about the, the characters They did a great job developing them as kids And now they’re adults you know some people so you do care about them because you You know, you know that they’re the same people and they cast do a great job of showing that They really become the kids from it one. They do an excellent job there But there’s still a problem. I think that now that they’re adults really woman’s the movie I think I think it just it’s just not the same anymore because you know as kids there were a lot more vulnerable and the reaction to scary stuff or More exciting I guess like more is more scary and unsettling When you think about it? I just didn’t care about them as much as I you know, as I cared about the kids when it one even though as I said the cast do do a good job of really showing you that they’re the same people but Still I just didn’t It just wasn’t the same. It wasn’t the same anymore And he really ruins like Kenny Why is I think because one of the things that really makes Ben why he’s so special? Is the fact that he eats kids which is something you rarely see movies, especially in Hollywood movie Movies um, did they did try to include the kid actress from it one? but um, it didn’t really matter because you know, We know they survived it’s a different timeline Like when obviously when you show the kid actors, it should be a flashback because we’re not in the same timeline it’s 27 years later now and In the movie, they had a lot of like flashback scenes. That was so pointless. I Just hated her so much and look this movie is three hours long. Okay, if they just cut out Those things and thought about like a better way of showing how I mean it is what they try to do They try to show like how Pennywise Affected them now as adults 27 years later, they’re different. You know Chris the different people So they try to show how like penny was affected them Whatever how many didn’t wait because they just they use those flashback scenes to scare you more and you know add more Charms cares. Yeah, like that was a terrible way of doing that. I think I really didn’t get it and it wasn’t scary at all because as I said We know they survived we know did it. We know they survived because they’re adults now So they shot a children of in the flashback scenes They try to scare you like show that anyone is gonna kill one of the main characters as kids Which obviously doesn’t make sense. I know they’re they survived so I Just it’s like they it’s it’s like the Edit deleting since deleted scenes and it really didn’t wake It just felt very repetitive and Like they had a bad idea and ditches Kept going with it Throughout the entire movie like it’s one of the main reasons why this movie is not good. So It’s like a pretty big flaw so it’s so It’s why I’m talking about it. Another thing about the characters on the character decisions were very bad It’s all the characters I’m talking about like everyone all the characters So I’m the main characters the side characters like everyone make very weird decisions and I don’t like It’s like it’s it’s like they try the scary It’s like they know that there’s an audience step. You know, now that we need now. We need to have like a scary scene So let’s do something done. So Make that happen or something. I can give you one example. That was really weird. There’s a single adult Billy He just writes by server. Then he stops, you know It stops Next to the sewage and he hears his little brother You know that is dead now and he knows that obviously and it tells them to give him his hand And something and it does it it tries to grab it a little harder from the sewage I mean, you know, it’s Pennywise. I didn’t get that at all like it Doesn’t make any sense Everyone was confused obviously because you know, everyone is aware of Pennywise existence everyone knows it’s probably fatty wines and for some reason it did manage to UM take the boat that he made his father 27 years earlier because Pennywise You know, he was holding it. He tried to add any try to save it. He tried to take it from the sewage Like pretty much like take it from Pennywise and it managed to do it somehow So I don’t understand How they are more like very bad decisions from other characters I’m not gonna not gonna get into it doesn’t like really matter There’s another thing about the characters and this one is a pretty big spoiler. So you’ve been warned when Eddie Died I won’t hear after like 15 minutes also, which should have been you should have killed him right away I don’t get how But whatever movies Ritchie took it very hard for some reason And I don’t get that because the movie acknowledges that they barely remember anything about each other And it’s you know, because it’s 27 years later Well, I don’t get that either because you know They did don’t do such a dramatic thing and there were very close friends they even have like scars on their hands because of what they You know did in the last movie like in the ending of the last movie? So yeah, it’s really very hard and I don’t know like in the movie they didn’t really they didn’t even talk that much to each other so I don’t get how Like why he specifically took it so high Because all the others didn’t give a shit For some reason so I didn’t There’s another thing I wanted to talk about It’s a bad thing But the pacing the pacing wasn’t very good. It’s a three hour long movie and at some point you really start to feel that Which isn’t good? and It’s another spoiler. So warning you But the kid bully is is back the bully from it one the main bully You probably know who I’m talking about if you watch the first movie And it’s terrible He serves no purpose, I guess like I don’t know there’s one like redeeming thing about the characters As I said, I I did kind of care about them, but it’s only because of each one so, you know, I Mean if you just look at this movie If you just watch this movie probably wouldn’t care about it that much but I mean that’s like the thing with trilogies, you know I can say that I can say that about Marvel movie So they say this movies are really bad anyway, but you get what I’m talking about a lot of trilogies out there So yeah, I can’t really you can’t really be a flaw Yes, but it’s still like 27 years later and they’re adults. So I think you should have Somehow like give them another character development. I Develop the characters again somehow But yeah Bellator was pretty funny. I guess his heritage was was funny and also only James friendzone. I think his name is the only like Actor from the main actors that looks like You know, it’s kid active their kid is for trend even the movie acknowledges that in a scene The visuals are the same is the first movie which means they’re not kid. I Mean it’s the shiites is bad. It’s pretty terrible Pretty much the same as the first movie as I said and the cinematography is also this I’m just dog not any special, although they did change the cinematography and it looks exactly the same as the first movie like You know it one So I guess that’s a good thing because they managed to You know make it feel like the same world like it’s the continuation Um, so that’s that’s it It’s a good thing the cinematographer did sorry, but other than that like the shots and everything. I think it was very Though there was really nothing special about it Very young inspired and there also a lot of unintentionally funny scenes, especially one that involves any ones in the ending of the movie When you said, you know, trust me it’s it’s terrible we choice from the directions. Um, but yeah, that’s it So now to the new things This is definitely a redeeming aspect of this movie I feel like without the on the score from venturing wolfish I think his name and I think that’s how you pronounce it. I’m sorry Benjamin. You’re probably watching this so, I’m sorry for Pronouncing your name wrong, but is it is it very good composer and I think after watching this movie I think it’s really one of the like best. I was just like one of the one of the best reporters working today he Is very good and I think without him the movie would have failed It would have been much voice and it really like made this movie feel different and what you know and like, you know Its own thing because he created this on Thing for the a trilogy that he obviously kept in this movie and I just I think it worked perfectly It really kept the story going and it it kept me invested in the story You get out thinking for that because I think you really saved that movie. I think Yeah, I think without him as I said the movie would would have been much worse and a lot less original Because there are a lot of unoriginal things there. There are a lot of original things that the director that I’m not saying I’m not saying like this movie is very original, but it does have a lot of like You know cliche things from like the 1980s, whatever So yeah I really like to score and I think you should I mean if you watched it one then you’ve already like heard One of these works me followed it. I mean, he also worked on danke Blade Runner 20:49, which is the movie Right there. I bought the poster of it. It’s an amazing movie. It has an amazing score and he worked on it He worked with Hans Zimmer on it, but he he worked on it with him. So Yeah, he’s very good so me did a great job slowly So there are a lot of bad moments in this movie but also Pretty good ones when talking about the scary stuff as I said It wasn’t very scary um Like it wasn’t a very scary movie. I don’t think it was. I mean it didn’t really Work on me, but I don’t think it’s a little bit scarier Than the first movie. I think a lot of people say that it’s a lot less scary A lot of people think that it one was actually scary This one isn’t at all and I get that I get where they’re coming from but I think because they put a lot of Emphasis on scaring you like obviously they put a lot of emphasis on Scanlan’s here in the first movie as well But I think in this movie they really try to scare you like Like they really pushed it they forced the jump scares and all that shit in and I think because of that I feel like this movie is maybe live a little bit skinnier as I said It’s not scary like almost at all I mean, I didn’t find that very scary, but I get I can see how other people Will find it scary. But you know, they did a pretty decent job with some of their attempts For instance this one with their old lady the new Marvel hoodie watch because they posted it on YouTube online on social media before the movie came out So I already watched it like 10 times before the movie came out because it was very good You know like they built the attention and it was a very like well-made scene when you put it all together And as I said, you might have already watched it, but they did change it. It’s not really it’s not exactly the same And I’m happy to say it’s even scarier and I was not expecting that. I really thought I would It scared It’s here it actually gotten I think it’s like the best scene the best thing in the movie I think it I think it’s the best thing you’re moving and maybe that’s why they uploaded it You know, it’s YouTube and posted it on social media because they thought it’s like seriously. What are the only You know generally generally scary scenes in the movie. So I’m good for them. Yes, and it also involves a CGI character and its really obvious You can see that it’s CGI But I mean, it didn’t really matter because the same was so good that I’m not gonna you know nitpick It’s pretty much the same thing that happened with it one. There are a lot of very terrible CGI in the first movie, but I didn’t care because the scenes were so good that I just you know, I didn’t want anything. So I didn’t care. It actually was like it was still effective that cow I was actually very scared. So I guess he it was good enough and also that scene didn’t have a chance game. So Yeah, and it’s the same director the same writer So that’s what I’m saying. This movie is so inconsistent It feels like it was directed but like five people anyway, I have down more good scary stuff That’s pretty much all the things I can say about this movie of this from what I remember about it So yeah, there are more aspects I could talk about that. I didn’t really notice them So I guess it means if they would they were good enough, you know, like the sound design Editing except for the pace in issue. Anyway, I’m not like a good review it I’m not a critic. Okay, don’t Don’t see me as a critic. I just love talking about movies, so I don’t really know that much about You know how to make a movie although I don’t want to be a filmmaker but I’m still learning about it and I said, I mean I didn’t notice anything. Maybe maybe they were like since what ADR? But I didn’t notice it. I mean and I was I only watched it once So maybe for watch it again now notice them but I didn’t the first viewing but watching this movie have to say in the first One you can’t help but compare them to each other so yeah it Doesn’t hold up. It’s not this it’s not as good as the first one so I think I mean if I give it a score, I think I’ll give it like Five out of ten (more of a 4 or even 3 now..) which is a decent score. I mean, it’s better than most horror movies I’ve watched in recent years i guess but as I said, I don’t watch that many horror movies When I have watched much better horror movies (so it doesn’t say anything, it’s obviously NOT one of the best in recent years). Yeah, it’s not bad. Okay, it’s just not very good. It’s not great I don’t expect anything amazing and it’s also like a good continuation It’s a good sequel to the first one, it’s fair enough um, I guess.. So yeah, that’s it. So I thank you very much for watching if you want me to do more reviews and other stuff Let me know by liking this video and subscribing to the channel If you want you that I will kill myself So why?

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  1. I agree with you about jumpscares entirely. In the first one – there were some good ones (Flute lady attacks Stanley in the sewers; Eddie meets leper, if it's counts as a jumpscare), but in this one… I just can't come up with any. And I didn't like IT "final form", I was expecting something lovecraftian, not a giant clown with spider legs(but I liked how they did deadlights though). I enjoyed this movie, there was a good moments, scenes(loved Bob Grey form, Stanley's head scene, Paul Bunyan scene was pretty good, but I hate that the whole sequence started with jumpscare) and I loved chemistry between characters. Oh and soundtrack was pretty good too.

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