I Turn An Old Hamster Into Stormbreaker From Infinity War!

I Turn An Old Hamster Into Stormbreaker From Infinity War!

I want that… *Iconic* But first! Let me tell you about my sponsor. *Smug zoom* *flops onto screen* VIKINGS! WAR OF CLAAANS! hu ha ha Vikings has just gone through another massive update, finally adding new shamans and kingdoms. Really, this is THE best time to join the action. What I recommend is you try the legendary in-game battle events of over ONE MILLION PLAYERS It’s freaking awesome. Vikings really does stand out with its HD 3d graphics and smooth game-play. And the best part is you get to choose your own play style. Build an indestructible fortress or just gather your friends. Build a fierce army together and conquer the world! *Nyooms into face* And really you got a re-experience the excitement of the 90s and early 2000s taught games that we all miss… So, please guys, give Viking’s a try, *You really should* It would really help me out, *It really would* personally and my channel, and be sure to use the links that I provided for you down in the description, and get two hundred gold and protection shield FOR FREE! yOu GoT tO gEt ThIs gAAAAAME! *constipation* *Teleportation* Ok And since we’re on the subject of Vikings and Norse godlike people and their cool hammers and whatnot. *much subtle very slick* Let’s get on with the video! *Nyoom* Ok, I got this little 3 pound mini sledge from my fa-father He let me have it so that I could “restore it” *You lil ‘ol sneaky sneak* and turn it back into a nice shiny new tool for him to use. Well, I was going to do that… but you know what? *No, what?* Tsk I have a different idea! *OOOOH HE GONNA GO ALL CREATIVE ON US* Here is my plan! *A stick…* So far… I bought this, um, Hickory ax handle that I’m going to then, glue the template I printed out. Like thayut. uuuUUOOOOOH. *bangs something in fear* HEY. *Got my eye on you* And then this is going to be used for the handle because I want this to be a working hammer. I know it’s gonna look crazy, but I want it to be able to wackadoo on things and not break idoo. *Right?* So… That’s my plan. Uuuh… Let’s do that. *Intense blinking* Whoa, whoa, whoa! *such violence* get that out of the way I forgot to tell you about this and what I’m going to be doing to it. Obviously, I’m going to carve it… But before I carve it… We’re gonna go to a blacksmith! And he’s gonna help me smUUUsh this side out a little bit, because, you know, Stormbreaker, this sides an axe head, and this sides a hammer head, So it’s actually wider out here than it is on this side, and I can’t add metal to it so I’m just gonna smOOsh it. Kinda *disgusting* of spread that part out so that there’ll be less carving to do… I have no idea how this is gonna work because I’ve never carved metal. But you know, that’s what you do. You do stuff you’ve never done before that’s what makes art exciting. *Bob Ross mode activated* Come with me and I will show you how exciting it can be *Noodle arms engaged* *dank EDM music in time with jump cuts* *Flip* *This beat dropped like my grades.* *Trippy angle changes* Now we’re going to take it over to my totes adorbs little belt sander from Harbor frigot, and do a little bit more shaping. Okeey *another beat drop* *Don’t do drugs, kids.* HMMMM Noice sanding boi Noice thiccc handle Okay, here’s the little handle is how we got it so far and I know it’s kind of skinny, but I’m wanting this to be… Proportionally the same so since it’s been shrunk down I want it to have the same THICC-ness *thicc boi* as it does in the movie if you were to actually have shrunk it down to this size. So, next thing we’re gonna do is if you notice on the handle, It has these, sort of like, grOOvy grOOves throughout the handle and then there’s the like the vines that are wrapped around it So what we’re gonna do is use my rotary Carver. I think I’m going to use these three bits *Fiddle diddle* I may or may not use all of them. They’re Diamond bears. Just kind of you know *Unintelligible bee noises* and… *more bee noises* All over it to add kind of a bark like texture so, uh, *refresh bobby.exe* let’s do that. *Ninjago* *Intense zoomage* *Nyoom* *close up nyoom* Thank you, okely-dokely You can see here on the end *Fabulous end* In the, miOvee this end it kind of has this, well, it looks like this almost like a broken off antler or, well… branch… *so good with words* Anyway, so we got that all textured, and the reason I haven’t done anything on this end is because Tomorrow, is when we go to the blacksmith Hold on. Who’s that? sOrry…. are yOu fillming…? Maybe Sorry about that. So that’s pretty much done The reason I haven’t carved this end right here, is because I don’t know how big this hill will be after we get done Hammer-ammer-amma-lamma-ding donging on it tomorrow. And in fact, I don’t like waiting. Let’s just uh, Let’s just make it tomorrow now *magic snap* Whoa, that was crazy. *What have i signed up for?* All right, I am here today with Matt Marty. He’s a local blacksmith, He’s said he’s gonna help me out to change this into… Stormbreaker. . I’m gonna link all of his social media in the description down below. Be sure to check it out *You should* He does some awesome work. All right, Matt. What is the first thing we need to do to turn this into Stormbreaker? I think the first thing we have to do is make the blade, and then after that do the hammer head. COOL. And I’m assuming we need to start the forge. Yeah start Forge sweet. Let’s start the Forge *Don’t get burned* *Its hammer time* sMaSh It WiTh A hAmMeR! *rawr* *Nyoom* Hu Hu Thanks, Matt. You’re welcome. I appreciate it dude – thank you. I really appreciate it man. All right, let’s go back to my shop. OOOH Oh, will you look at that! Here’s the finished blank First thing I’m going to do is reduce some of the thicc-ness that’s in this area right here *Encouraging taps* And then just generally shape it on up before we start to carve it. So Let’s do it *Don’t question it* *fast nyooms* Oh, hello, everyone its YouTube’s favorite show “Bobby-Duke-Carves-Metal For The First Time.” Let’s see how well he does *Sudden stress* So hot in here Well now! Here is what we’ve got going on at the moment. You can see how much it has been shaped and sculpted Uh Now we need to get into carving. So basically *Flaps* Got my little picture here. I need to add in all of those little lines and doohickey details and whatnot I think the only thing to do is just start doing it- Oh, let me show you what I’m gonna be carving it with. These little guys these little guys right here- They are tungsten carbide cutters and I’ll also be using these also Also I’ll put a link in the in the dingleberry down below for you guys so you can buy some if you want *How considerate* uuuuuAAAAAAAh All Right. My little Dukies… oooh It’s so pretty and shiny. Look at that. Oh, I just want to, just want to whack something with it. *The violence* Okay Now what is left to do is I got to fit the handle *Ting Ting* Just gonna grind that down so that it fits. I have to do some sanding on this I also got to wrap the handle with some of this fake vine stuff You know wrap it around here wrap it around budup badup. And then what else? Oh I’m going to use ferric chloride to color little bits on this kind of try to make it look even more like the movie and then I’m gonna sharpen it and then that’ll be it. And so on with another montage. Well, that was just silly. *Thicc Thor awakens* *Ninjago part 2* *Smash* *nibble* *Confused Thor* *Drunk Thor* *ThiCC bOi* *Sploot* *Smack* Okay, we’re here at my dad’s place, let’s go give it to him. FATHER. ODIN. ODIN? Hey Hi You remember that three pound mini sledge that you gave me a while ago? Yes… to restore? Uh huh…. Well, I did one better *EXITED ODIN* WOW *SPEECHLESS ODIN* Do you know what that is? Thats… Your hammerhead! I mean- It’s the hammer head right? *CLUELESS ODIN* Yeah, but do you know what that is? No… *EVEN MORE CONFUSED ODIN* Ha ha I didn’t think you would. That’s Thor’s new hammer, Stormbreaker, you’re welcome human. *Thicc Thor getting some gas* *Cheeky human* There you go, perfect. All right, you ready? Yeah, I’ve gotta jump a little bit man, okay *Snap*

100 thoughts on “I Turn An Old Hamster Into Stormbreaker From Infinity War!

  1. Holy fucking jump cuts and unrealistic annoying enthusiasm batman….. did I stumble upon another channel for mental 12 year olds by accident again?

  2. I'm so worried that that hammer broke after you gave it to your dad because you made the handle too thin. I know nothing about the strengths of various woods but my dad has a buttload of hammers (he's an old-school machinist and die maker) and even the ones with little heads have handles that are thicker proportionally.

    Edit: Ah, I see, the hammer head is now very very tiny. Never mind.

  3. I'd just like to say you actually helped me out in a round about way. Had been trying to figure out how to re-blue some old guns I bought and that paste you used is exactly what I need. Thank you!

  4. Mom:Son what you watching


    Mom:can I see



    Mom:go to your room son😑


    …..5 minutes later

    Son:can I eat somethi-

    Mom:”watching infinity war”



  5. I don’t care what anybody says you are the most real person on this platform you are yourself and then everybody else is just fake

  6. I wanted to see a hamster be turned into a storm breaker weapo- wait now that I say that out loud it sounds brutal 😂😅

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