Hello there! So, I am an artist who paints, not an artist who sculpts. Now, painting and drawing requires you doing one side of an image, flat. Sculpting is a whole nother ball game. You have to do the 3-Dness, you have to figure out the shapes and the form and it’s a lot. I have only ever sculpted a worm from Play-Doh or a ring holder for my mum at school, which was a little bowl with a stick in the middle. So when I was in VidCon in July, I met some amazingly talented people including this sculptor who goes by Ace of Clay here on YouTube. His sculptures are insane, I generally don’t know how he does it but I reached out to him many weeks ago and said “hey, would you mind maybe sending me a list of supplies that I as a new person to this stuff would potentially need?” So he really really kindly sent me this really long email of all the supplies that I need. So thank you so much to him for giving me that list of products. Also, make sure you check out his channel as well, I’ll leave a link to it in the description. And yes, I think it’s about time I got started. Wish me luck and let’s go. This is pretty much all they had. They only had the firm Grey, SuperSculpey. So hopefully, fingers crossed, this will, this will work. This is how it looks. It’s like a big liney, heavy grey brick. You gotta, sort of, you break it apart – okay! That breaks apart quite easily. Kinda like, like that. So it peels off like th- aww! *Slapping noises* That’s about it. It’s very crumbly. Because I ended up getting it in Michaels itself, I just had to pretty much just find what I could that looked similar to what he sent me. Half of these tools look exactly the same. We’ve got Captain Hook’s, um, hooks here. We’ve got some mini shovels, we’ve got some spiky ones. We’ve got a dentist tool for… brushing your teeth. We’ve got a very nice eyebrow comb and we also have a drill bit. and all of these other thi- ooh there’s a fork! A fork for fancy people. Pretty sure that’s a tongue scraper. So we’ve got all of our tools. Got our big grey brick. So this is Sculpey Bake & Bond and basically what it does is its bakeable adhesive, so you can stick things together and then bake it to harden. It’s oven-baked clay, so it hardens when you stick it in the oven, you don’t have to like, wait for it to “dry-harden.” So I got some armature wire which is for sculpting and basically he like, uses this stuff for like, arms. One thing I did realize when I got home was that I did not buy wire cutting scissors or anything like that so I’m hoping I can cut it with some other form of scissor. I’ve got an X-Acto knife, which I do not trust myself with but here it is anyway. Aluminum foil, or if you’re British, ALUMINIUM foil. This is to do an actual shape for your figure so that you then put like, the clay over the top of it. That way you’re not using like, heaps and heaps of clay and it’ll never dry so, that’s what that’s for. I’ve also got some masking tape. So I’m doing Inktober at the moment, if you didn’t know, I’m gonna show you a couple of them that I’ve done so far. It’s all bear themed. I thought what I would do is do a bear sculpture in the shape of my style of bear. I feel like I need industrial-strength gloves so I don’t hurt myself. I think my best bet is to just start off with a little bean. Um, not… too sure… if that’s… gonna work. So one thing I did notice that um, he uses in most of his videos is a pasta roller to roll out the Sculpey. I don’t have one of those. Gonna try and roll out the Sculpey! Definitely invest in the pasta maker, people! It’s knackering. Okay, so now it looks like it’s been through a pasta maker but not really cause it’s just a can of olive oil where – oh that side needs doing too, dammit! *Loud slapping noises* Just gonna plop it, I suppose, plop it on top. That’s the way to do it, right? That looks like a burrito. I probably shouldn’t aim that towards my face. He’s got a very wobbly bottom, doesn’t he? He’s not looking too hot at the moment, but… it doesn’t really matter cause I’m going to give him some texture for fur. So this is how it looks so far, it’s genuinely just a really dimply… potato. I don’t think that’s 3D enough. It’s quite flat and it’s gonna be more wide than that. *”Making Art” music 1* *Singing* I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m trying Let’s um, take some away. That’s better! *Continues* I won’t lie, it’s actually quite therapeutic doing this. It’s time to see if I can use normal scissors to cut this wire. Oh, I can! *Gasps* Oh, that’s so helpful! Poke a hole. Stick the wire in the hole. Bu-yoo-tee-full! Oh, yes, that looks fabulous. So I’m using this little pokey thing and I don’t know if I’m gonna continue with this pokey thing but that’s what I’ve decided to go with. *Continues* This is gonna take a while. That’s off-center. Cute. Cute. Cute cute. Okay. Give him a ball for a tail, but… I think I’m gonna glue that on. I think that’s what I’ll do. *Old-fashioned relaxing music* There, okay! So, tail is glued. It’s really helpful when you’re doing fur as well because all these imperfections you can just cover up. So, I think that’s kind of a shoulder blade. So, one shoulder blade down, one to go. *Continues* That looks like some botched surgery there, doesn’t it? Okay! So now he has four legs. And he stands! Look at that. Wow, it actually stands upright. It is a miracle. I think I’d probably need to do the head part now. Oh, yes, that’s the one! That’s the one! Looks like a large chicken or something. Now he looks a bit like a lion, doesn’t he? So he’s now got a Cone of Shame. So I’m gonna try and attempt his face now. So we’ll see how this goes. Okay, I think that’s pretty circular. Not sure how I’m gonna do the snout. So i’m reshaping my foil now to look kind of like it has a snout. Wish me luck it works this time. *Relaxing music* I’ve just realized his head’s too big. *Continues* If I add a neck… to you, will you stop doing that? That’s beautiful. That’s, that’s great. Okay. He looks like he’s wearing a little scarf at this point, which is cute and everything but he also isn’t wearing a scarf so it really shouldn’t look like that. *”Making Art” music 2* Okay, so I have been working on this bear for the past couple of days. It looks, it looks okay. So far, I’m quite happy with how it’s looking. I think the legs for this one probably should go in about here. *Music continues* Honestly, I’m just going to experiment with it and see how it goes because I really don’t have a clue. I think the best bet for this would just be to attempt to stick legs on and if it doesn’t work, then I don’t really know what to do. Don’t trust myself with an X-Acto knife! *Continues* There we go! Okay, so there’s his foot. Looks like he’s wearing a flip-flop or he has two mangled toes! Aw, he’s got a little flipper! Add a weird lumpy bit to here to see if that helps. It’s actually very satisfying, smoothing clay out. I think it’s actually one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done. *Continues* Oww! Okay, that hurt. That hurt. That was great. Ow. Their legs kind of curve outwards here, so they kind of bend like that. See, there’s like, a gap. It should bend more outwards. *”Making Art” Music 1* I think that’s kind of looking okay! I mean, it’s not perfect but it’s okay. *TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP* *Music continues* The thing is too, you’re not actually just sculpting the skeleton, you’re sculpting the entire thing with his fur, so really I’m trying to get the anatomy of the bear, but with its fur, not just the skeleton of it, so it’s kinda tough figuring out where things should go because of the fur. Like if he was in a river, he’d be a much thinner bear. *Continues* Okay, I think I’m gonna leave the legs as they are right now, fix the back legs and then start working on the feet and the shape a bit more. Oh! It… Well, great. That was good. Well done Chloe. I’m having a hard time with the feet! He looks like he’s wearing Crocs! He actually stands up on his own! Cool! Okay. Wow, that looks a mess. I’m actually impressed his tail’s still stuck on. That glue must be really good. Well, success because he does stand up. At least that’s a thing. *Jazzy music* Okay, so this is how he looks so far. I’ve added some ears and a nose to him but I’m probably gonna end up moving these because I’ve not actually stuck them on. But I’m actually really quite happy with him! His front feet look a little bit different to his back, like the curve here, It’s kind of slanted but back here, it’s kind of, he’s more flat-footed. So it’s trying to do that in 3D form when all I’ve got is a photo! I actually think that doesn’t look too bad. I think that’s as close as I’m gonna get it at this point. What I really need to do now is texturize him, see how that looks and then give him an actual like, face. *Continues* This definitely gives you a good wrist workout because my wrist is personally burning to the point of wanting to fall off my arm! So I am definitely not making a mess with this. I think actually, I need to probably clean it off cause it’s gonna keep doing this and sticking to him. Oh, that’s, that’s the wrong thing, wrong tool. I think this is the most tedious part to be honest. Oh, we’ve got – oh! What is going on there? What is going on there? What?! This foot is not supported by anything. *Continues* Right, so I don’t know if you can see but I am trying to do his feet but I’m having issues with like, tiny little crumbly bits of clay, just like sticking to him where he shouldn’t be. He’s in the oven! Hopefully he’s gonna be okay. Good luck little bear! Okay, so he has just come out the oven. This is how he looks: And I’m really really happy with how he looks but I kind of need to paint him now and I’m a little bit nervous that I’m just going to destroy him by painting him so, for now here is how he looks finished but unfinished and not painted. So I really want him to be a matte finish, so I’ve got some Pebeo paint and I think he recommended me to use FolkArt paint but I don’t have any of that so I’m just gonna be using some nap – Apple Barrel paint instead. Just gonna give him a little base color of this brown hair. *Jazzy music continues* Okay, here’s my little bear! He’s all done. I’m really happy with him. I don’t know if I preferred him before I painted him or not but this is what he looks like. I’m very happy with the shape of him, I think considering it was my first sculpture, it came out not too bad. But yeah, that’s how he looks! Let me know in the comments down below what you think and if you would like to give uh, sculpting a go. Thank you so much again to Ace of Clay for helping me out with my materials, it was so cool of you to do that, I really really appreciate it. I also have a newfound appreciation for those people who can make amazing sculptures because this was hard! This took a long time. But yeah, that’s it. Thank you so much for watching this video, I really hope that you enjoyed it, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “I Tried SCULPTING For The VERY FIRST Time?!

  1. How did you get on with the FIRM sculpey, I find it too hard, soft or medium for me. Nice bear though! I really like your art!

  2. Chloe: I think it looks okay
    *le me laying on my sofa eating
    Me: What an amazing bear
    She thinks it looks okay??
    Btw I love your artwork and I am really liking this bear of yours ❤

  3. Oooooo welcome to the sculpting family!!! I LOVE polymer clay and would sculpt every day if it weren't for the whole, stupid carpal tunnel rubbish I'm currently dealing with #obsessiveartsideeffects and the fact that I've bought every block of clay within 200km from me and am running very low on supplies. Ace of Clay has taught me so much. I've been sculpting for over 20 years and have still managed to learn new techniques and tricks from him. So inspiring.
    Your bear is gorgeous and if you'd not said so at the beginning of the video, no one would know you were a noob. Next, you need to sculpt him an environment. Polymer clay on a wooden base to create the riverbank (you can bake the clay right on a wooden base), make and bake the inflatable ring thing, and then pour resin to create his river, being sure to stick the ring in before it cures. (btw: this project could be part of inktober because you can colour resin with ink as well as colour polymer clay.)

  4. I, too, do not trust myself with an exacto knife. Or any and all vaguely sharp items. This doesn't stop me from handling them, mind. XD

  5. Yours turned out so good! I am going to try sculpting too,but i'm just using air dry clay from Crayola. I think it should be fine to just give sculpting a try.

  6. Sooo cute! I would love to try my hand at sculpture, but doubt it would look as good as that, I’ve taught how to make clay Divalli candle holders and jars to children though

  7. He looks gorgeous! 🙂
    I would love to try sculpting. I got myself some Fimo airdry clay just to try it. I would love to make some Pokémon to display on my shelf though


    such a successful first sculpt!!!

    next time if you wanna get rid of those teeny tiny bobbles of clay, which come from creating the lines of fur, use a small brush with a tiny bit of lighter fluid (or rubbing alcohol) as it's the perfect thing to smooth Sculpey!

  9. 12:20 his feet should be more spread out on the bottom with his toes slightlycurled toward the ground. You might look online for a pic of a bears footprints. Love watching!!

  10. "Not too bad" ?? That has to be the understatement of the decade! 🤣
    You can tell you've watched a few of Ace of Clay's videos as you've used his techniques. He's, well, Ace!

  11. You did BRILLIANTLY…if that was your 1st time.
    I never want to try sculpting again. It used to drive me mad, but I'm an eager onlooker to those that can 😂

  12. Awe!!! Your inkTober bears are adorable!!! Love them. =)
    WOW!!! What an awesome sculpture!!!! Your bear is adorable and fantastic! Great job! =)
    And yes, I do want to try sculpting…. I just don’t really have the room, time or budget to start yet another creative medium. (At least not right now).

  13. i've been wanting to try sculpting for some time but rn i cant buy the supplies.
    i love how it turned out, its super cute!

  14. I’ve been sculpting polymer clay for over 2 years – for your first attempt, you did incredibly well, I’m very impressed with all your artistic abilities! I love watching your channel – you make art so fun!!

  15. My son and I think u did a great job for ur first try at it….now u have an idea of how it works and such so ur next will probably be perfect…good luck…and we love ur first try …

  16. Oh I love your 1st attempt at sculpting a fabulous little bear. My first attempt was a 2” head of an Egyptian Goddess. It took me 3 months 😖 Lol

  17. When my sisters and I were kids we had a pasta maker toy for Play-Doh. It squeezed out flat pieces, made spaghetti strands.

  18. That is amazing for your first go. But the trouble is now I really really need to make something so thanks for that 👿

  19. Oooo I wonder how you would do with polymer clay (colored clay) or maybe you would like supersculpy (my favorite) I would love to see what other masterpieces you could make 😀

  20. Ace of clay is great! I find his videos very soothing to watch. He has as you know a ton of great videos for those just starting out. I think you did a really great job!!

  21. While watching i was waiting for you to drop IT. Happy you didn't tough!
    Now i neeed even more art supply's thanks 😣

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