Wow Kite Man, you’re looking… fashionable. How much did all that tasteless clothing set you back? Ummmm… About 2000 dollars. (Music) Clothing is one of the primary ways humans express themselves visually. The clothes you choose to drape over your disgusting, lumpy, sweaty bodies says a lot about you. Naturally, fashion branding, celebrities, and pop culture dictate what is viewed as trendy or valuable. And there isn’t really a brand that represents the antithesis of that idea more than Supreme. Supreme started off as a one-off store based in downtown Manhattan primarily designed to appeal to the skateboarding, hip-hop, and other youth culture crowds of the early 90s. Fast forward to now, and Supreme makes hundreds of millions of dollars in profits and their products are more desirable than ever. Their entire business model is built around artificial scarcity. A tactic companies like Nintendo have employed in the past to drive sales by making their products appear to be more limited, fashionable, and scarce than perhaps they actually are or could be. James Jebbia, founder of Supreme, has been quoted as saying that “their short runs of clothing is simply because they don’t want to get stuck with stuff nobody wants.” Which is obvious tosh you’d have to be a fool to believe. It’s all about perception. As soon as someone hears that there are only a hampered number of a said product available, then it immediately becomes more alluring to cash in your chance at joining the exclusive club. If you go to the Supreme website outside of a sales period, you’ll notice that nothing is actually available for purchase until their arbitrary new collection begins. Again, reinforcing how exclusive and out of the ordinary their clothing is. Only encouraging the mad rush of buyers desperate to get any product they can with the logo printed on it. With some complete maniacs even camping outside a week before or even paying stupid amounts for bots who can quickly place an order for you right as the store opens a new wave of clothing, just to have a chance at snagging a new ugly jacket or shirt. Honestly, in terms of running a business it’s a very effective way to drive sales and none of really what I’ve said I have a problem with. If there are people willing to buy, then by all means sell your absurdly expensive products. Everything about Supreme is bold and over-the-top. It’s gaudy, simple with harsh contrasting colors that are mostly very “show-offy”. Fully embracing the purposeful lack of subtlety of the 90s. All the way down to that ridiculous price tag. A price tag that is high enough when first released but often highly inflated by the scalpers and sellers who are able to get away with magnifying their worth because of how scarce they are compared to the demand. I’d say in my opinion about five to ten percent of Supreme products look just fine. I’d never purchase or wear any of it myself, but if you’re genuinely into the products for how they look and you’re okay with wasting what could otherwise be money to live off for months then go for it. But dear God this company has me questioning if their entire existence isn’t some kind of sick social experiment to see how far they can take the piss of what they can get away with selling Let me explain. there was some debate over whether the famous Supreme Box logo is drawn from the iconic style of the 1979 propaganda piece of conceptual art by Barbara Kruger named “I shop therefore I am”. An obvious and blatant critique of consumerism which, amusingly, would probably sell for hundreds of dollars on the official Supreme website if printed on a Supreme t-shirt. You only have to see the two side-by-side to see that it’s a complete and total ripoff of the artwork. Even the owner of Supreme himself did wind up admitting to basically stealing the design. But the irony certainly isn’t lost on that one. Supreme is almost worth existing for how hilarious this is alone It’s almost a parody of itself. Kruger, the original artist, eventually acknowledged the fellows at Supreme by describing them as “a clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers.” Basically doing my job for me. So with this idea in mind, Let’s take a look at some of the laughably on-the-nose products that Supreme have peddled in the past and people have flocked to pay for like a bunch of fucking seagulls. Most infamous in my mind is the money gun. Capable of quite literally shooting notes of money as if it were as meaningless as confetti. Originally selling for about $88, but now going for hundreds on eBay… for some reason Or, how about the Supreme brick. An ordinary clay brick with the logo printed on it? Which also sells for hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in the second-hand market. You can’t make this up. There’s not a more foolish accessory. Oh, wait, hang on there if there are plenty more. So, I’m gonna put three Supreme products on the screen and one of them is fake and Photoshopped Try to guess which one. So, we’ve got these embarrassing Supreme nunchucks, this utterly pointless Supreme crowbar all these random Supreme bolt cutters. So take a note of which you think is fake aaaand Okay, I was lying. They’re all real Hey and for only half a grand off eBay. You can make your dog a hype beast too with a Supreme dog bowl. The stupid accessories never end. I swear these are all real. Go and look them up yourself. Okay so let’s leave the accessories behind for a minute and talk about the actual clothing, the real allure of the brand. Probably the most repulsive clothing I’ve ever seen from them is the H.R Giger set of hoodies and shirts. Now, I think H.R Giger, who you probably know is the concept artist behind Alien, was an amazing artist. But I would never want to wear what Supreme did with his classic pieces of art These revolting items are about as tasteful as those wolf howling shirts you’d find for a fiver in your local town in the Friday morning high street sale. Oh, but hang on it says Supreme on it Chuck a few zeros on the end. Then that’s more like it! Sup! These Supreme “Nike Air Mores” are a good “meme” with the text garishly plastered over the shoe, the Supreme logo looks like it’s about to burst out the fabric, like a bunch of boils that are ready to explode. All you have to do is take a quick look at the website to see how bad some of these designs are. Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that but come on. Come on. There’s something about the way the official website displays their products that’s so cocky to me. Yeah, look at us, we’re so ultimate that we named our company Supreme We are literally Supreme. We could kidnap your own mother and sell her back to you for six hundred bucks, as long as we slap the logo on her forehead and you’d pay for it! Supreme aren’t a revolutionary company. All of the things I’ve mentioned in this video has been proven to be tried and tested to make money for countless years. Brands that people perceive as quality or antique can naturally use their hungry audience for monetary gain. I just worry more for Supreme fans wallets more than anything else. You poor things. I mean as long as you’re happy with blowing your cash to become a living billboard for a multi-million dollar company that is so unoriginal that they stole their own logo. Then go for it. But to me, it seems as though people aren’t even particularly interested in the clothing or accessories in and of themselves, but are more into the idea of it. What it represents. The exclusivity. Taking pleasure in the fact that them purchasing one of their overpriced products means that that’s one less available for another person to own. If you think that collecting Supreme accessories or clothing is somehow more Legitimate or cool than collecting comic books or other dorky things, it really isn’t… It’s just a different form of the same obsession. You may justify it in your head by thinking that Supreme somehow makes you unique or special because of how limited it is, but just ask yourself if what you’re dropping hundreds for is actually unique because it’s so impressive, stylish, and rare or because a billion-dollar corporation told you that it was. Subscribe for more videos and make sure you leave a comment about why I’m wrong that I won’t read. Bye! (Music)

100 thoughts on “I HATE SUPREME

  1. I atleast have respect for gucci cause im pretty sure theyre italian and i have extreme respect for Italians if not i lose all respect

  2. A 15 lbs bin of dirt: 16.00$
    Me: Ok that seems reasonable
    A 15 lbs bin of dirt with the supreme logo plastered on it: 1600.00$
    Me: Uh…no?
    13 year old RiceGum-wannabe showoffs: (Aggressively reaching for mom's credit card)

  3. I refuse to believe that collecting something such as comic books is in any way equal to spending obscene amounts of money of ridiculous clothing, cause comic books cost like 5 bucks at the most. Rescind your comments or else.

  4. You can literally just grab a white jacket and put a red strip of tape on it,you can then use a white marker to write supreme on it.

  5. The "hype" with the Supreme Shovel was so shocking.
    Honestly, go to your local Home Depot, buy a significantly cheaper shovel, find a random can of "Eyesore Red" spray paint and
    "go ham" on that thing until the absolutely distressing smell of paint haunts you for the rest of your Hype Gen-Z life.
    There you go.

  6. it reminds me of Ed Hardy & Von Dutch stuff by Christian Audigier. Everybody wore that expensive stuff and everybody looked the same after some time. Until it wasn`t fashionable anymore and something new appeared. Always the same story with those expansive brands. When Ed Hardy appeared and every possible item had the logo on it, I somehow felt that the end is near for it. Sometime later it was an absolute no-go to wear. And people would be laughed at when they wore those Ed Hardy & Von Dutch things. I guess people are spending stupid amounts of money because they want to be as cool as some super-rich super celebrities (waring those things in the first place). btw: i never bought the expensive stuff 🙂

  7. Why does everyone hate supreme its a really cool brand I have some real supreme stuff everyone is so jealous and envy of the rich who spend money on something as useful and as rare as supreme I’m rich 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  8. Would you rather buy clothes that have an actual design for under $50 or buy a plain shirt with a small, rectangle, and red logo for $750?

  9. whenever im working on google docs for a school project i always make some text white arial bold italic and highlight it in red and go "hey guys i made the supreme logo"

  10. I'd rather pay $600 on some rare anime statue than a Supreme, because at least by the $600 mark you're guaranteed some fucking quality

  11. I remember when the colabed with Fender to make a pure white guitar with the supreme logo for $10,000. It looked awful and if I ever went to a show where someone was playing it, I’d walk out

  12. I’ll admit I like the garish gaudy style a lot of Supreme stuff has. But I sure as shit won’t spend that much money for it. I’ll shop around in thrift stores for vintage shit before I buy Supreme clothing.

  13. I think Supreme is still carrying on the mockery of the original art. They're selling these ridiculous products at absurd prices to show how far people will go for "prestige".

  14. You know supreme retail prices are practically in line with brands like champion right? It’s the aftermarket that has inflated prices

  15. I dunno about that, Supreme seems like a great investment to if you ask me. Buy one of their all exclusive products and sell it off on ebay for double the price because of the product's rarity and scarcity. Some moron is bound to buy it.




  17. The scarcity of the Wii was not artificial. You have to sell systems to get people to make games, which is where the money in the video game industry is made. It''s possible Nintendo had so little faith in the system that they took that gamble, but not likely.

  18. I guess I'm out of touch going by the 2M+ views and the fact that I only vaguely recognize that logo 😛 I clicked because I wanted to know what Supreme was.

  19. I used to work in an advertisement company. One of the things we did was stickers and personalizing all kinds of accessories and clothing. I swear to you the amount of douchebags coming to me to put a supreme logo on their 2 dollar second-hand white shirt was annoying as hell, I actually had premade supreme logos on hand just in case those losers showed up.

  20. People always trash Supreme for being overpriced for just a white t shirt with a logo on it but thats only a few peices of all the stuff they sell and at retail is not that expensive but the resale market brings it up hundreds of dollars because its a “classic/iconic piece” but Supreme’s other t shirts only cost like 38-60 dollars retail but because of the scarcity the prices are doubled by resellers and this is a great business strategy so you cant knock Supreme for making money and plus supreme has always been cheap until recent years when the “hype” tookover other brands like Louis vitton and gucci overprice their clothing and accessories as well costing thousands of dollars at retail but Supreme gets the most hate because it is the most popular but to be honest in my opinion supreme gets a bad reputation because of resale but at the same time resale makes them more popular.

  21. Any status symbol, from fancy cars to Supreme shirts to shoes you can't get dirty, is signaling to the world that you are a narcissistic prick, and it is foolish to spend money on anything but survival, entertainment, protection, and mind-altering substances

  22. That “i was lying they’re all real” bit has been done so many times that I genuinely would be surprised if you didn’t do it. I’ve never seen that guess which ones the fake game done in the last 3 years that didn’t end in “they’re all real” no joke

  23. Supreme has made a handful of actually decent looking things (supreme x louis vuttion shoes and casio x supreme watches are two I've seen that dont look too bad) although I still probably would buy it

  24. One of the only designer brands I can actually appreciate for its originality is Betsey Johnson, like at least she makes her stuff vibrant and worthwhile. But if you like Supreme, no one can stop you, so whatever, I guess.

  25. The supreme/Kruger thing seems more like a reference of Kruger/ a insult to the supreme consumer base than it is a rip off.

  26. Honestly if you’re there for the design, try getting into brands like champion if you’re on the sportier side or tommy hilfinger if you’re more into menswear, it accomplishes pretty much the same thing ( red and white logo) but it represents you and you’re interests while still remaining decently relevant, not to mention it costs a fraction of what supreme goes for ( $50 for a tommy hilfinger logo tee and $40 for a champion one). Quite honestly the design isn’t even that bad, the color blocking is nice and it’s very minimalist, but having affordable alternatives is definitely a must in almost anything in life.

  27. Teddy fresh ((well made and the logo is sewn on,colors are appealing and show some form of design and effort)) is a cheaper brand with a better flair than some boring overpriced red logo with slanted white text. I don't care about clothes really but supreme is overpriced low quality horse shit.

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