I GOT CAUGHT as a HACKER at PROJECT ZORGO MEETING! Escape Room Buying $10,000 Mystery Box Haul

I GOT CAUGHT as a HACKER at PROJECT ZORGO MEETING! Escape Room Buying $10,000 Mystery Box Haul

– I just been kicked
out of the Spy Ninjas. – We had no other option. She broke of the main tenets
of being a Spy Ninja, honesty. – And you guys shouldn’t be
mad at Chad, Daniel, or Regina. I completely understand
why they kicked me out because I’m not following the rules of what a true Spy Ninja should be. – But I still care for her, so I’ve been following her around. It led me to here, look, she’s right here. Where is she going? (gasps) No way, guys, does
that look familiar to you? That’s the Black Pyramid,
Project Zorgo Headquarters. – It’s way too complicated
to explain right now. – Who is she even flogging for? She’s not a Spy Ninja anymore. She’s part of them. – Luckily, I have a room in this place. – She’s staying at the
Project Zorgo Headquarters. – Since I can’t go back to the safe house, this is my new home now. I can’t believe I’m out
here by myself in the world. It just feels so empty without
Chad, Daniel, and Regina. It’s just sad. – I’m so conflicted right now. (intense music) Why is she looking everywhere? She looks so sketchy. What is she up to? Where is she going? She’s taking the elevator. What, who is she calling? Vy’s going on the 20th floor. I gotta go and follow her. 20, let’s go. Vy has to be on this floor somewhere. Guys, is that Vy right there? They’re going into a room. I don’t think that’s Vy
’cause there was two people. If only I had my spy essential kit, I could’ve used my binoculars, ugh! But they looked really tall. Vy, she’s like this, so it’s not her. We gotta keep looking, though. She’s somewhere on this floor. There’s Vy. – I’m finally here. I have a place to stay now. (suspenseful music) All right, guys, we are here. I guess this is my new home now. – I got in, I got in. Hide in the bathroom.
– I don’t live in the safe house anymore
with Chad, Daniel, and Regina, so I guess this is it. (sighs) Now that I’m not a Spy Ninja anymore, I’m gonna go back to my old
YouTube videos I used to make, beauty, lifestyle tutorials,
so that’s what I’m gonna do. Today’s tutorial is how to
cover up under-eye circles and puffiness after you’ve
been crying for a long time. – What the heck? – The concealer of choice
is Bye Bye Under Eye. Gently tap it in. – Vy’s doing a beauty tutorial? (metal clangs)
– Wait, what was that? What was that noise? Did you guys hear that? – Hide, hide! – I heard a noise, that’s very strange. – Vy is one sneaky Spy Ninja. I have to hide really well. – Check around here, see what’s going on. There’s nothing in here. Let’s check the bathroom. I don’t have all my spy gadgets with me. I don’t even have my spy
essential kit anymore. There’s no one in the shower. There’s nothing underneath the vanity, so let’s check out the rest of the room. All right, guys, that was really weird. Maybe I’m just being really paranoid. But let’s finish up this makeup look here with a setting spray. (upbeat music) (faint clicking)
Wait. (tapping at door)
(gasps) That noise, that noise definitely is
coming from that door. Oh, my gosh, okay. Oh, my gosh, I’m almost
tall enough to see this. (dramatic music) (gasps) It’s a hacker, it’s a hacker. I gotta hacker up, I can’t
let them see that it’s me. – A hacker’s coming
and she’s hackering up? I knew it, she’s a part of Project Zorgo. She did betray us! – Oh, gosh (gasps), the
hacker, he’s here, he’s here! – PZ700, there is a meeting in room 25025 in five minutes. We must go now. – Okay, all right.
– Let’s go. – [Vy] Okay. – (gasps) They just left, Vy
and her new hacker friend. They’re going to a Project Zorgo meeting in some room number. I couldn’t really hear them. If you guys know, leave it down
below in the comments below what room number they’re
having their meeting. Let’s go, guys. It looks like Vy and the hacker are taking the elevator up. I need to find the staircase,
and if I run up the stairs, I’ll definitely beat them to the room. I gotta go all the way up. Look how scary this looks! I have to beat the hackers. (gasps) What’s happening, there’s
a hacker right here! I gotta be really sneaky. I can’t get caught right now. He could throw me off the stairs. I gotta get through without him seeing me, on my tippy-toes. (suspenseful music) (mellow jazzy music) (suspenseful music) Now to distract the hacker. (metal clangs) It worked, four more
flights of stairs to go! (gasping) (mellow jazzy music) (suspenseful music) It’s getting hot. (gasping) It’s two seconds, hopefully the elevator, I thought that was a hacker for a second. It’s not a hacker (gasps),
but I do need some water! (mellow jazzy music) – [PZ715] So it’s a hot
one out there, ain’t it? – [Vy] Yeah, but it’s dry heat. It’s much better than the humidity. – [PZ715] Yeah, I guess it is way better than my hometown Ashwaubenon. – What, where?
– Ashwaubenon, it’s over by Green Bay, don’t you know? It’s over on the east
side, over by the bay. – [Vy] Yeah, oh, yeah, yeah. – [PZ715] Just left of Milwaukee. – Floor 23 (gasps), two more to go! – [PZ715] What are you
doing with that camera? – [Vy] Uh, I’m documenting
for Project Zorgo. All the meetings have cameras. – [PZ715] Oh, yeah, I guess
I heard that before, yeah. – (gasps) Just a little break. (gasps) I should’ve brought water. (gasps) Okay, come on! Floor 24. – [Vy] So yeah, do you know what we’re doing at this meeting? – [PZ715] I don’t know,
hopefully we’re just gonna play some bingo, I don’t know. – Bingo?
– My grandma, she taught me how to
play bingo back in ’94. – [Vy] Oh, that old,
I’m too young to know– – Oh, well–
– Anything about– – [PZ715] You’ll learn, you’ll learn. It’s a good game, you know. – [Vy] Yeah, right. – Floor 25, we did it! Let’s go, guys. (suspenseful music) – [Vy] Okay, it’s the floor. Let’s go to the meeting. (suspenseful music) (gasping) – (coughs) Oh, my gosh. I’ve been running for too long. Oh, it’s really high up here. So thank you to the commenters down below for letting me know that
the room number is 25025. Okay, 25022, okay, 23. 25025, here it is. I don’t think any of
the hackers are here yet because five minutes hasn’t passed yet, so I still have some
time before they come in. How can I unlock this door? I forgot my Spy Ninja backpack! I’m so dumb sometimes. I have to check my Spy Ninja pockets. I have some trash, parking ticket, and this card swiper, I don’t know. Domino’s gift card, I have an idea! Using the Spy Ninja
Network, there’s a program called Hack Project Zorgo. If I keep leveling up,
that’ll help program my Domino’s gift card to unlock this door. So I just gotta keep playing, leveling up. And huzzah, I think I got it! All I gotta do is plug this
card swiper into my phone. Swipe, hopefully it works. (gasps) It worked, it
worked, I can’t believe it! I just got into the room, but there’s a hacker right there, look! – [PZ409] Oh, my goodness, it’s so much dirt in hotel rooms. Why are we even having
meetings in hotel rooms? They’re so disgusting! They don’t even wash the bed sheets. – That hacker looks awfully familiar. It’s PZ409, PZ409 is one vicious hacker. She slapped Vy right in the face! – [PZ409] I saw this documentary one time. They don’t even wash the pillow covers, and then you have a meeting here, and the Project Zorgo Leader
is gonna be showing up and this place is a mess. (dramatic music) – [PZ715] Guys, what do you
think this meeting’s about here? – [PZ314] I don’t know,
I hope there’s free food. – (gasps) More hackers are coming. There’s Vy, I see her, the traitor. Who the heck is that
suspenders lookin’ fool? I’ve never seen him before. Oh, PZ Funf, hate that guy. – [PZ409] Does anybody
need any hand sanitizer? – [PZ314] Oh, would you just
take a look at the view? It’s absolutely breathtaking. – [PZ Funf] I’m scared of heights. – [PZ409] It doesn’t even
matter how high up we are. All the floors are dirty. – [PZ Funf] I’m scared of Master. I hope he doesn’t do anything bad to us. (door creaks)
– The door just opened. – [PZ Funf] Here’s, ooh, he’s coming! – [Regina] Oh, the leader! Oh, gosh, he scares me. I do not wanna get caught. – [PZ Leader] At ease. Project Zorgo members, I have learned there is a traitor among us. One of you is a Spy Ninja. – That’s Vy, she’s gonna be in big trouble if she gets caught! – [PZ Leader] I gathered you
here to test your allegiance and expose the traitor. One of you will be formally punished. Relinquish all spy pens. No spy pen for you. This is a private meeting. PZ700, are you the traitor? – [Vy] No, leader, I am not a traitor. I am on your side. I pledge my loyalty to you. – [PZ Leader] PZ Funf,
are you the traitor? – No, I hate them, I was born in Germany. I can’t be a Spy Ninja. – [PZ Leader] A valid point. PZ409, are you the traitor? – (scoffs) Of course not, silly! (PZ Funf laughs) – [PZ Leader] The traitor is not PZ Funf. – [PZ Funf] Ja, I did it, I did it! – [PZ Leader] You may exit. – Of course PZ Funf isn’t a Spy Ninja. – [PZ Leader] Step closer. One of you is a Spy Ninja and a traitor. You will be severed from Project Zorgo. PZ700, it is time to prove
you are not a Spy Ninja. What is your greatest hacking ability? – [Vy] I’m a small Project Zorgo member. I can fit into tiny spaces
that no one could fit into. I’m very important to the team. – [PZ Leader] Without question,
you are a tiny hacker. – It’s so obvious Vy is the little one all the way to the left,
but they don’t know which Spy Ninja joined Project Zorgo. They could be looking for any of us. – [PZ Leader] PZ409, what is
your greatest hacking ability? – [PZ409] My best hacking
ability is being able to hack 99.9% of germs and bacteria. – [PZ Leader] That is true. PZ314, what are your greatest
hacking capabilities? – Well, to be honest, I’m not
much of a hacker (laughs). I’m more of a paper and pen guy than a keyboard and mouse guy, but I’m always doing
Excel sheets (laughs), making sure we’re
financially stable (laughs). – [PZ Leader] An important role indeed. PZ715, what is your
greatest hacking ability? – [PZ715] Well, you know I make
the best beer-battered brats in my backyard, you know. Nobody makes ’em like me. I put some nice summer shandy on there. – [PZ Leader] Not important
at all to our organization. However, your honesty is appreciated. – [PZ715] Gotta make sure
the hackers aren’t hungry. – [PZ Leader] That is essential
for extensive missions. Finding the Spy Ninja has
proved to be a difficult task. PZ700, what is something only a Project Zorgo member would know? – [Vy] I know the entrance to
the Project Zorgo exit room down in the basement. One of the ways to get
in is through that hatch, the tiny hatch where PZ2
and I can only fit in. – [PZ Leader] True,
said hatch is minuscule, allowing only the tiniest
hackers to gain entry. PZ409, what would only a Project Zorgo member know? – [PZ409] Only a Project Zorgo member would know how dirty the rooms are because that’s why I was
hired to keep everything clean and you wouldn’t know how dirty it was if you weren’t a Project Zorgo member. – [PZ Leader] Your
answer sounds fabricated. You must still gain Project Zorgo’s trust. (PZ409 gasps) PZ314, what would only a Project Zorgo member know? – [PZ314] A true Project
Zorgo member like me would know that we were
very profitable last year, especially after we took
over Chad and Vy’s safe house and sold it on the black market. – [PZ Leader] What a suspicious reply. We burned down the Spy
Ninjas’ original safe house and have yet to identify
their current address. – Uh, the other safe house, the
ex-PZ1 safe house, that one. – [PZ Leader] Ah, yes,
we did profit greatly from that mission. – I’ve never seen him before. He’s like the most suspicious of anything. – [PZ Leader] PZ715, what would only a Project Zorgo member know? – [PZ715] I came up
with the plan to capture the Spy Ninjas at their safe house, but I guess that didn’t work out so well. – [PZ Leader] A failure indeed. Based on your replies,
the individual who proved his allegiance to Project Zorgo is PZ314. Only a true Project Zorgo
member would understand how profitable our transactions have been. You may exit. – [PZ314] Yes, good call,
Project Zorgo Leader. (upbeat dance music) – What is he doing, is that a dance? Who does he think he is, Peewee Herman? (static hisses)
– Fall in. One of you is a Spy Ninja. As your leader, I will
identify the traitor. (tapping at door)
– Someone else is at the door. – [PZ Leader] To detect the Spy Ninja, PZ2 will issue the final test. (suspenseful music) – [PZ715] PZ2, what does he know? He can’t even count. – [PZ409] PZ2 has pug breath. – Oh, my gosh, it’s PZ2! What is he gonna do, what is PZ2 up to? – [PZ Leader] Project
Zorgo obtained this item left behind by a trespassing Spy Ninja. – (gasps) That’s Vy’s lipstick! Remember when Vy was in
the Project Zorgo basement? She dropped the lipstick
and now the hackers have it! – [PZ Leader] From the
scent of this cosmetic, PZ2 will determine its
Spy Ninja counterpart. (PZ2 snuffling) PZ2, is 715 a Spy Ninja? – Mm-mm, mm-mm. – [PZ Leader] Is 409 a Spy Ninja? – (snorts) Mm-mm. – [PZ Leader] PZ2, is PZ700 a Spy Ninja? (PZ2 snorting)
(suspenseful music) PZ700, you have been
identified as a Spy Ninja. What is your response? – [Vy] PZ2 is wrong. (PZ2 snorting) – [PZ Leader] PZ2 has
never been incorrect. You are the Spy Ninja, grab him. – [Vy] No, no (shouts), no! – [PZ Leader] Hold the Spy Ninja still while I unmask him. – [Vy] No! – [PZ Leader] The imposter
is none other than– – No, no!
(suspenseful music) – Vy Qwaint.
– OMG! (Vy shouts)
(PZ2 snuffles) – It’s over, her face is revealed! They know it’s Vy. – [PZ Leader] Bring Vy Qwaint
to the exit ceremony room. – If I go out and try to save her, I’m gonna blow my cover, too! There’s four hackers
and there’s two of us. It’s not gonna end well for us. I gotta figure something else out. – Get, no–
– I oughta slap you. – No, I’ll slap you! – I know she betrayed us, but I still don’t want her to get hurt. Remember the exit ceremony? They made me eat worms. Even though Vy is not a Spy Ninja anymore, she’s still in danger and
I still care about her. I gotta help her out, I
need to think of a plan. Think, think (gasps), oh,
guys, there’s a TV right there. If I show that Vy got kicked
out of the Spy Ninjas, maybe they won’t do the
exit ceremony on her and make her eat worms. Maybe they’ll go easy on her. – Let go of my leg!
(PZ2 growling) – Pulling up the video. Little bit of this, little bit of that. Hack the TV (gasps). – [PZ715] Look, they’re kicking her out. – It’s working, it’s working! – [PZ715] She really did get
kicked out of the Spy Ninjas. – They fell for it! – [PZ Leader] Vy Qwaint. – Yes, Leader!
– You have proven your disloyalty to the Spy Ninjas. – I have.
– You have gained our trust. – Yes, I am here to prove my allegiance to Project Zorgo and you, boss. I have a gift for you, and
I agree with your mission to take over YouTube with you. – A gift, she never gave me a gift! – [PZ Leader] $10,000,
we accept your gift. – (gasps) It’s the $10,000
that she stole from us! – [PZ Leader] You are now granted access to a higher tier of Project Zorgo. – Ranking up, what the heck is this? How come I never heard of this before? How does Vy know all this information? – Yes!
– I can’t believe it. Everyone knows we’re the best hackers. – [PZ409] It’s probably
dirty money, anyway. – Yeah, you’re right,
409, that is dirty money, and stolen money from our safe house! – [PZ Leader] PZ2, present
Vy Qwaint with the box, as she is now a high-ranking
member of Project Zorgo. – Yes, go get it, PZ2! Give me my reward! – [Regina] PZ2’s giving
her something in a box? – Oh, my gosh, is that it? (suspenseful music) Oh, my gosh, my reward! (dramatic fanfare)
(static hisses)

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