I didnt know you could do this with magicals and I bet you didn’t either!

I didnt know you could do this with magicals and I bet you didn’t either!

welcome back to intoberfest were actually
on the last day and today I’m working with Lindy’s products and I saw these
last year at Salt Lake City I bought some I love them and I’m really excited
to show you them as part of in Toba fest and show you some tips and tricks
because you might not know some other things you can do with them that aren’t
with water so I’m gonna be sharing that with you a couple of other things we’re
going to talk about of course don’t forget to go and check out the rest of
the Toma fest playlist I’m gonna link that up for you check out the blog post
we’ve had tons of giveaways throughout the month a few may still be open as
well depending when you’re watching this and we’ve got lots of fun things we
created a huge tag book where’s – here so you can see all of these tags we
created during inktober fest we’re talking about so many different
techniques layering using your stencils in different ways painting with hybrids
and using sparkles sprays talking about pigment inks all sorts of amazing things
so hopefully you have like nods I’d love to know what your favorite was so leave
us a comment let us know your favorite day or maybe the top tip that you learnt
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Lindy’s today and this is their spray so this is how they come you can get them
individually or in packs like this and you notice they just have powder in the
bottom of them they also give you a really useful postcard all about the
info but the main thing to know is you want to fill these with water to the
fill line which is on the back here and then you want to leave them for 10
minutes to make sure everything has dissolved so that all the magic will
still happen if it hasn’t all dissolved then you can get them clogged up in that
nozzle and you know that’s not going to give you the full functionality so these
sprays are just fab so I’m going to take this one so this is a starburst spray-in
afternoon delight denim all of their bottles are filled by hand which is
amazing and the reason they don’t put the water in is to reduce shipping costs
and just to make it easier so you don’t get any leaks and things in the mail I’m
just gonna spray this and this is just because I’m using it for the first time
you want to prime it but look how amazing that color comes out it probably
should have used a splat box because greater not gonna like that clear up but
it’s okay and I’ll get her to take a heat gun and I’m going to dry it out so
you can see how cool these are to work with you can also layer colors do all
sorts of other fun things I am working on my travel Tim Holtz matte I can
already see how that iridescent says it’s drying it just looks amazing you
can see and get big splat small splash you know you can do all of those kinds
of fun things and you can layer it with them as well which is another technique
that I love you could also take some kitchen towel and blot off and do things
like that too as I say you can layer this is another starburst spray in
French lilac violet and but you can see there how I can layer colors together
and I’ll pick it up in a second and I’ll show you how iridescent and awesome
these are so can if I had any kitchen how I have a baby wipe so what I could
do is I could pick out some color you see or I could wait and dry knees off
but as I’m doing a video I’m gonna just pick it up so that you can see that
awesome color cleanup why is a kitchen towel baby wipe you might use a little
bit of isopropyl alcohol sometimes but all of those will work for you and I’m
gonna pick this up so you can see look at how amazing and iridescent shimmer is
in those absolutely beautiful so love all of those options and you have a few
different kind of colors and they’re lots of mica of course all those
gorgeous things and then something else I want to show you other magical so
these are magical you can see here and I’ve got a couple
of different sets here this is autumn leaves and this one’s under the
boardwalk now you can use these with water which is
I’m gonna show you first of all I’m just gonna take the lid off it’s gonna pull
oh it’s stuck on I should have got Gregg to open this up front but I didn’t so
I’m just gonna take my tim holtz scissors in here and just break that
seal these are perfect doing that you could also use your craft pick some kind
of seal in there and then brag so the thing about magic holds and I want to
again show you a couple of different things so what you do you open up like
this carefully and you’ll see there’s a very
fine powder in there now you only need a little bit of the powder any one time so
a water brush works really well and my top tip for filling a water brush is to
use your Nuvo spray bottles so if you put that nozzle here you’ll find it
pretty much fills any water pen or water brush however you want to call that but
they work so well so if you fill these in the past you’ll know how they
overflow you get soaking wet whereas if you just do it with that spray it takes
couple of spritzes and it fills it up so I’m going to just go off to the side
here and dab like this and tiny bit so you can see I really don’t have much on
the end of my brush and then I’m gonna start painting and you’re gonna see all
these beautiful variations so I’ve got purple in there there’s a little bit red
in there again though look at all of that iridescent so that’s not just
because it’s wet it is actually iridescent which is just beautiful and
but something else that you can do is you can take a brush and I this Tim
Holtz one is awesome if you haven’t seen this we’ll be sure to link it up but you
can actually unscrew this mine’s stuck on but what you can do is you can take
this piece off mine’s just got stuck mines are super old but you take this
off and then you have a thick round brush and then you just squish it put
this back on again and you have a thick brush so go check that
I think actually might not picked up my tim holtz when I might picked up a Nam
tim holtz one yeah because this isn’t coming up if you get the tim holtz
version of this which i do have in my drawer somewhere and this piece comes
off to make your flat brush and then you put it on and i’ll make sure i link up
the correct one because looking at this like the shape of it i don’t think this
is the Tim Holtz so this time I have 91% alcohol has the over 80% for this to
work this is in the squeaky-clean dispenser from Brutus Monroe and I just
like this because you can see how easy it is to pick it up with your paintbrush
again I’m just going to pick up a tiny bit but this time is going to bring in
some you Poe paper because all of a sudden now I’ve turned this into
paintable alcohol ink trying to be ambidextrous here but look at that so
now you have iridescent alcohol paints which I just think is awesome so you
could use any one but look at that and now I can paint in all of my alcohol
inks maybe if I had a background and I want you to paint certain areas alcohol
lifting you know all of those fun techniques we know you can use with this
so that’s another super cool way to use them so once you do share some tips and
tricks remember you pop the water in up to the fill line leave it for 10 minutes
then you can use it then also with the magical is you can dissolve them in
either water or you can dissolve them with alcohol to make your own alcohol
ink paints again another really cool technique on there too you can also cut
your Starbuzz start birth sprays down your grass map and then you can ink
flush with them that’s another really cool technique so lots and lots of
different things you can explore we’ll add some links to Lindy’s in the
description below for you to go check those out and go check out the video we
did at their booth a little while ago and we’ll make sure that’s linked up if
you look under these Salt Lake City mixed-media show you’ll find that video
too so thank you so much for joining me here for the whole of inktober Fest I
hope you’ve loved it we’ll be back again next week with more info and more videos
and everything else so join us then I’ll see you again soon happy crafting bye

14 thoughts on “I didnt know you could do this with magicals and I bet you didn’t either!

  1. I really liked 2019 Inktoberfest. My favorite day or technique would be today's Lindy sprays and Magicals. The mixing with 91% alcohol for alcohol ink paint is wow! Would this work with Pearls EX? I also Liked your video about how to use one ink for layering stamps. Great month. I got a pretty late start but caught up and really learned a lot. Thank you.

  2. Perfect timing!! I just received in them ail last week some of the Lindy's Starburst Squirts and a couple of the Magicals, I wasn't sure exactly what to do with them yet lol so this today's tips and tricks is awesome. This has been such a fun month, I'm ready for next year hehe.

  3. Thanks for the Octoberfest it was awesome. I can’t pick one tip I loved a lot if not all of them.

    Love your extension ❤️

  4. Maybe go for quality over quantity. Those videos feel more and more rushed. The only thing you are taking time on is promoting an item/brand. The crafty side is getting lost more and more. What was the magical thing you didn‘t know you could do? Spritz those colors that are made to be spritzed? Wow, I‘m blown away from that tipp. Next tipp: you can paint with paints!

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