I Bought $1000 Lost Luggage at an Auction and Found This… [MUST WATCH]

I Bought $1000 Lost Luggage at an Auction and Found This… [MUST WATCH]

tem. So guys, make sure you watch all the way to the end of the video i am a idiot Probably give it away to some of you guys Martin. I think he’s gonna give some things to me in you man You know, I’m talking about team morgz Now we’re gonna kick off with this backpack right here I’m judging by the look of it this was probably like a little boy Morgan yours was a lot more pink than that one you guys we’re gonna crack into this right now Look you mind what is in that doesn’t look like it’s gonna be interesting very interesting Very okay. So kick it off we Okay, yeah mom you sure this wasn’t my backpack because again This is like a toy that I used to have when I was young I think you may have just got one of my old backpacks Morgan you didnt used to have a Barbie sorehead thing You want a Peppa Pig toy you preferred Peppa Pig. Anyway, you know what? This looks absolutely Beautiful. I mean she’s got the same color hair as me for a star even though I do prefer Peppa Pig need this picture So you can go right over there. We’re already off to a great start Okay, next up whoa This bart again. It’s not bart .Oh, man. Oh, yeah. We got homer simpson. Teddy guys. Nice build How much do you think its worth ,more than pound 20? \\\\\\Pounds guys, we’ve already made profit on this bag. Okay, this feels interesting. This could be expert huh? Oh, My gosh they are so dope forget my Gucci sunglasses. Is it gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci very cool Gucci Rather hold back. Okay. This is getting a bit weird now and then what looks like okay well Back scrubber back scrubber what kind of young princess takes a back scrubber on holiday Okay guys, so by the looks of it that was the first bag a bit Weird one guys Well, I I didn’t do anything well I guess we got the Homer Simpson teddy we got the Barbie oh, oh Oh cool, that’s a good back scratch that’s very good.I think maybe I’ll I’ll keep keep this Obviously as well as all the dope stuff inside the bag we have this fresh new bag mom The question is which bag is fresher the MGZED bag or the princess Morgan its the princess Well what can I say the bag is pretty dope for the next bit of lost luggage we’ve got this brown bag right here What do you think could be in this up to me? Looks like a man-bag to be honest You guys know I’m a little bit of a fashion icon and I would not be seen dead with this bag. It’s ugly It looks like something my grandpa would wear Morgan I don’t think grandpa would even wear that anyway, who knows maybe we’ll find some dope stuff inside Hear we go Oh Would you look at that forget what I said about this guy not being fashionable he got one of the gold signature tees what a Coincidence I think the guy probably got it on sale because if you don’t know already These hoodies are on sale right now and guys this is the last chance to get one of these hoodies because they are selling and they’re gonna be sold out in a Morgan you just put the hoodie in the bag you did? Admit it Okay, I put it in the bag but their going off sale soon so cop one while you can morgz.co link in the description First its , oh perhaps its not a man bag , its cute it is pretty cute not gunna lie thanks morgan ill have that one Who has wipes in the same bag oh my gosh the new YEEZYS ITS THE NEW YEEZYS MOM LOOK ITS THE NEW YEEZYS WITH VELCO THEIR WORTH 1,000 POUND Mind what the new easy fashionable mood I Know Guys oh my Gosh Oh my gosh, oh My gosh, oh are you thinking what im thinking , oh yeah My god darling you look stunning you look like a new man Well, can’t wait to see what the next item is in the bag Morgan were did morgan go morgan , where are you I Only know mr. Morgan So, where were we Morgan Mr. Morgan Well, mr. Morgan, we’re just going to look in the back at the next item please assist me down Please I’m waiting Well ladies The next item in the bag is Mr. Mort Ruin my day. Whoever that gentleman was. Okay Marvin. It may not flipping Avenue. Are you gonna keep the suit Morgan? Maybe I looks like there’s only one more item in Thank God Hold on. Hold on guys, forget all the all the messing about. I think we just found some real Beats headphones Morgan are they worth a lot of money barely a scratch on? What you think you’re doing what I think you’re doing what what do they got I Don’t want them. Anyway, I’ve got my glasses You know what guys I said it I saw the video if we found anything valuable, I’d give it away so If you want these headphones or anything else that we have found and are gonna find in this video All you have to do is subscribe to the channel and then comment down below which item you want I’m gonna be going through the comments. I’m thinking some of you guys to win the item Morgan I’ve commented beats headphones No, no Subscribe next up guys. We’re gonna be cracking into the biggest suitcase Toys what is it? Oh, it’s the baby’s toys It’s a little baby top, you know what it may be for babies, but I kind of low key think its fire I think maybe I should just oh That’s so cold. Does it suits me? Yeah, just string it up a little bit. Yeah. Oh, that’s good. Oh my gosh Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall All the king’s horses and all the king’s men could Yes, I can read oh My god Julien Bruno’s new friends. Yeah But you did yeah you did new sunglasses They look good – look pretty good. Yeah. How are these? No. No, these are mine. Don’t break them So in this next the Luggage Samantha that color would look much better on me and I’m gonna need to put false tissue down there That was mine. I just think that would look so much better on me Kristin shush. Oh you touch my hair Sorry about her guys, but next up in the luggage you’ve got a bunch more weird clothing I don’t think any of this is valuable. It all just looks a little bit It doesn’t really look nice or not meant for me though we’ve got this bra which my gift to kira not sure if it fit her though, you know, I mean We’ve got this handbag waiting money money, that could be money in there Wait another one purse purse Oh was our scenes And then next up we have a nice little makeup set And we’ve got some mascara Morgan that’s for your lips. That’s a lip gloss. Shut up, Samantha Just stop it. Oh My gosh, but wait wait, do you see what is it’s some perfume Gucci Gucci. No, this is a actually Gucci smorgan you said that about the last one No, seriously Look Gucci Guilty. Do you see this is perfume. Hold on That’s very nice You know guys I could probably sell this for like 50 pounds Gucci perfume us a grapevine Again Pablo if you want this and then if you didn’t believe me ask you chi we’ve even got this Gucci It feels so nice feel love, what is it And then in there you’ve just got a bunch of junk you’ve got a card book another book yeah, I think I Put things in the pockets when I have a case, I always put things in it I told you there’s nothing in the pocket. Okay? Okay. You’re right again. Wait, I Think I think I feel something. Oh, what’s it? Was it oh my gosh, is it gold necklace Oh a real gold necklace looks gold. That’s gold Yeah, guys, seriously. I swear that looks like gold Shut up baldie get a hat Okay, we’ve got two or more cases here we’re gonna do them at the same time whatevers in that case She gets whatevers in this case, I get so open in three two one Whoa, hold on that looks like these the girls came this looks like it’s a boys case I won’t be able to get that one on not even losing weight recently. Yeah, we’ll try. Can I wear like this? Come on come on Anyway, I’ve got a Finding Nemo pillow, which is pretty sick. She’s got a teddy, whoa cards Hold on yo cramsey Football booze guys. Hold on. I think that’s my size. Didn’t I can fit into that mine squeeze me squeeze Cinderella gay for you gone This guy’s also The shoes, you know so many shoes what’s that that’s my shoes it just matches. Yeah Well, I’ve got Hein up or sunglasses. Oh That girl there’s a red mark on his hand It’s a dance song we’ve got a USB cable, I’ve got toys I’ve got some dolls and dolls and dolls and Dolls of indolence. Yeah. Well, you know what? I doesn’t matter what else you’ve got. I’ve got the riding My sweet legs Oh Scooter riding I don’t even why do you like anyway? anyway, look oh My god, oh my god. She’s losing that Come on Guys are you ready in three two one? Oh Oh My gosh You know to free Honestly did not think we were just guessing This means Oh My gosh we are the safe breakers and we just broke into This briefcase and now it’s time to find out what is inside Okay, this is a big moment moon shooter on three Three two one. Oh No way Oh a company Oh, whoa. Whoa, whoa, wait a sec Okay, a key to what guys oh my god. What is it key to the hotel you could be to like a shed a house? Like no house key. Yeah, but we don’t know an address or anything. Yeah, of course. I think it could be his house but at the same time like just crazy guys some sort of crazy hidden key in this one is ah, Nothing in this one here. There’s one more. Ah Nothing got key so far maybe these ones. Oh gosh. Only. What? Oh, oh, I don’t see that. What do you say anything? I didn’t see that’s a Must the pieces from Dresden Houston what what other of nobodies it’s an artist at least we know now that is the business man’s briefcase because of stuff like this in here Oh, wire another wire Know where yo, this blue does not seem like the type of guy that would have a phone These are the type of guys that would still be using like a telephone Where you twist it round to call or maybe I can knock your phone or flip phone glasses calm down. It’s probably anything We’ve got oh, hold on some space. Oh Okay You can have them the hub with your eyes, you know, they don’t seem to be even been working very well. I love them. I Love them. Wait. What is it? What do you see? What is it? Google Play gift card Oh, hold on God. Has it been used Whoa, guys guys guys. You thousan been redeemed Jack? I don’t use Android guys so again subscribe to the channel and comment down below if you want this and I’ll reply to one of you with this code and then in this pocket the last thing is Vaseline has he been used It’s not very good that is it no there’s more Parkers. Well, I don’t think it’s a matter now to be fair come on Well, ferry over look, I’m not optimistic about this one at all This is that a pretty poor show visit automata what you got? What you got I’ll see got mine, huh, where you go, oh you got more Okay your face what some of your face but you got? Okay. What you doing? Well, it’s this is shiny It’s holidays Finn it almost feels like I’m almost feels like a phone never look It’s an iPhone. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. It’s an iPhone Is it does it work Oh Michael. Wait. Wait, does it work? Does it work? Do they work? Oh I think it’s broken. Oh It needs charging, how’s that? What the why is the what? Which are you? Oh, yeah chuckles. Yeah, okay Here’s my phone guys, by the way, like this isn’t ah, whoo. This isn’t even an iPhone X So it’s not even the iPhone look that lumps if you think we’re jokin here This is genuinely we’ve never seen this one before please give us anything So if we press the on bottom right now and the battery symbol comes on the screen, that means it works three two one Anything over oh My gosh, no way no way works. It works guys. Look it’s not the charge simple Condition We pulled the case that’s a boom. Oh my god, or should we give it away time. I felt maybe we should well I’ve got 102 guys akk if you wanted an iPhone I mean, I’ll be surprised if you don’t want an iPhone because maybe you don’t subscribe to the channel comment down below Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this is like that’s the best thing we’ve found Oh, but we could find it straight away it was like in one of them it was hidden away I don’t think you can get any better than an iPhone, but three two one No, no way no way no way no way no way no way no way no way. No way. Oh my god. Ah Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, come on, come on, is it real true? Oh My gosh wait look look Those fillers as well and look look look genuine leather. This is a leather wallet Thank you very much you can keep the dollars one two Three four dollars. It’s a cord. Oh, I’ll keep this and Bonaire love this and a wallet. Yeah I think this is only about four pounds, right? That one $1 bills these are 20. Okay. I’ll keep these okay hmm Ma’am, I want some of that help you we want to share Thank you guys comment down below on the video if you want any of the stuff in this video we’ve got iPhone got headphones We’ve got a gold necklace beauty spray a wallet literally so much stuff And if you won the money to comment down below I might even give some of that away I’d rather you guys having a moment more ting Terrible we help you with everything. Yeah, booty balls are the true legends guys subscribe if you’re new calling down below what you want and I’ll see you in my next video Oh

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