I Acrylic Painted My IPhone 11…oops..

I Acrylic Painted My IPhone 11…oops..

What the actual heck? What is going on? *BEEP* Hello there. Do you ever find yourself in this situation? Great. I’m out of canvases again. Never fear, the iPhone 11 is here. Nobody uses canvases anymore! It’s nearly 2020! We are millennials. We paint on our phones. You might be wondering why in the world I would possibly want to do this and to answer that question, I will say that I also don’t know why in the world I would possibly want to do this, so… Heh! Heh! Great! I’ve seen this trend go around a lot recently, I think my friend Zach actually started the trend, but I’ve kind of wanted to give it a go because I’ve never painted on a phone and at least I know if I bugger it up, I can scrape it off. I would also like to point out that I have always had old refurbished phones up until January of this year when I accidentally dropped my old 6s Plus phone *stammering* in, in, in – in the bath. I have a protective plastic clear case that goes over my phone so I’m not gonna sand it down just in case I hate it and want to scrape it off, I’m just gonna put this over the top so it’ll be protected. If you enjoy this video, please remember to give it a thumbs up and also leave a comment down below if you can guess what I’m gonna paint on my phone. I want you to guess. Good luck. Okay, so I spent about seven years taping up the phone, I haven’t done the best job in the world because I didn’t use an X-Acto knife to get the tape perfect. I didn’t want to scratch the glass in any way, so I’m just gonna scrape off paint where it shouldn’t be, basically. So we’re off to a good start here. Okay, *sighs* WHY AM I DOING THIS??? Um, I think I’m gonna regret this. Actually, it’s quite a nice surface. I don’t regret this. I did not do a good job with the corners at all. The Apple logo does not want to be covered today. *BEEP* Oh hi. I didn’t see you there. 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So thank you so much to Skillshare for sponsoring today’s video and as much as I’m sure you’d like to continue watching me stroke this fake polar bear, I will let you get back to your video. *BEEP* I’m quite surprised how easy this is to actually paint on and cover up. The plan is to – oh no. There’s a hair. There is a hair! Abort mission! I should have used more expensive brushes. Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare. No, there’s another one! *Gasps* Noooo! So for right now, this bloody masking tape won’t stay down. Stay – A lot of people use Posca pens on the phone, but I didn’t want to do that because I like to make things more complicated for myself. Also, I really enjoy acrylic painting so I kind of wanted to give it the acrylic paint effect. The Apple logo just does not want to be covered. I think he’s gonna need a few layers at this point. *Relaxing music* I’m basically trying to recreate one of my favorite paintings on my phone. Because I really liked it and I was kind of sad that it sold so I wanna recreate it. Also, I painted that piece on a, like, a flat wood panel. So that was also very smooth as well. And I just think that this piece lends itself very well to a smooth surface, but we will see. *Continues* It’s just a bunch of smush at this point. I’ve just realized there’s a huge gap right there where the paint isn’t covering. I get the feeling this is gonna be a bit of a pain. I would say don’t try this at home, but I’m pretty sure none of you would. Oh it’s – the rose gold is escaping again! Come on, rose gold. We don’t want you today. Go away. Go away. I WANT A GREEN PHONE, DAMMIT! You know normal people, if they want to change the color of their phone, they go, “Hey, you know what? I’m gonna buy a different phone case!” But, you know, that was too easy. Yeah, this is gonna take a lot of coats, I think, to get anything to look how I want it. *Music* One thing I don’t like about acrylic paint is if you see the shine on it, you can see the brushstrokes really well, which I don’t want. Oh, no. *Gasps* No! It’s coming back! Bloody hell! Oh wait! Woah woah woah! What’s happening? What’s happening? What’s happening? What the actual heck? What is going on? There’s a rip in the fabric of space and time right now, and it’s on my phone. I think it’s cause of the water. I mean, it’s pretty. It looks – it’s a leaf. So this is why you sand down and you don’t use water, but I did not want to scratch up my phone. The good news is this is gonna scratch off super easy. The bad news is that this is gonna scratch off super easy. So I’m gonna leave it like that and let it dry. Okay, so it’s still a little bit sticky, but it’s mostly dry so what I’m gonna do is just apply the second coat. It’s really tough because I can’t mix any water with this paint whatsoever, otherwise, it’s just gonna pull the paint off again. So I’m having to use a lot of paint which makes it very globby. I feel like once I get a good solid coat down it shouldn’t expose any more of the rose gold. That’s what I’m hoping anyway, but I could be wrong because the new paint causes it to re- I don’t know what I’m talking about. *Quietly* Dammit! How dare you! How dare you! You’re not allowed to do this rubbish. You suck. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Chloe, you’ve run out of ideas. You’re painting a phone. You’re following trends. What’s going on?” Honestly, it’s not that I’m out of ideas. It’s that I have a really busy week ahead, and December is going to be very busy for me on YouTube, I’ve got a lot of content coming up and I needed a quick and easy video, and I thought that this would be quick and easy. Okay, layer two is done! I think I’m gonna get a hair dryer to try and dry it quicker. *Hair dryer noises* Okay! It’s pretty dry now. *Music continues* Right, I’m attempting to use a bit of water to see if it affects it. I’m really hoping it doesn’t. Okay. So far so good, so fingers crossed I can continue using a bit of water. Okay, so I’ve worked on it a little bit more off-camera, it’s still got a lot of work that needs doing to it, but it’s slowly getting there. I’ll do a tree this side too. When will I learn to not wear clothes that I like when I paint? It’s a very blobby plant, isn’t it? Attempt #764. *Guitar music* Right. So I’ve caved and I pulled out the Posca markers because I think it’s gonna be easier to get detail on my little red mushroom, orange mushroom things here. Oh, no, actually, I take it back. It’s – arghh! It’s actually pulling the paint off of the phone. Oh wow, it really is! Okay. Don’t use Posca markers on top of actual acrylic because look, it’s actually taking away the paint! *Music continues* Okay, there’s our little red mushrooms! They look so weird! Um, I need to give them little… shadows though. I have some like, grain in the original to sort of flex, but this is kind of a little bit thick, I think to go for the effect that I want. I’m gonna go for the white paint again. I think I’m kind of just gonna leave it as it is right now. My only concern now is how it’s gonna react when I take this tape off so I might just need to fix a lot of the edges. Ah! Pulled a chunk off. That’s fine. Oh look, lots of mess. Okay, um… Let’s scrape off the bad stuff first of all, that we don’t want. You know what, screw it. That can just come off and then I’ll fix it later. Okay, so… Oh! Oh no! NOOOOO! NOOOO! *Gasp* NO! *Continues* You know what, I’m just gonna pull this bit off cause it’s winding me up. Yeah, that – oh! Just, just, just, just pull all of it off, why don’t we? Great. Great! GREEEEAAAT! So, the real reason why I decided to actually paint my phone, it’s because I was accidentally painting my phone every time I touched it while I was painting so my phone was just getting more and more paint all over it in the first place so I just thought, “You know what? To heck with it, I’m just gonna paint the whole thing to hide the mistakes that I was making.” So here we are. Okay, that’s how it looks. Tada! I painted my phone. Don’t look too closely because you’ll see all of the imperfections. At this point, all of my paintbrushes just kind of look like that, which is not really very helpful whatsoever for details. But hey, this is how it looks. Thank you so much for watching this video. I really hope that you enjoyed it, give it a thumbs up if you did and yes, thank you so much for watching this video, I really hope that you enjoyed it, let me know what else you would like to see me paint in the future, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. *Piano music*

100 thoughts on “I Acrylic Painted My IPhone 11…oops..

  1. Lol I just painted my phone case because there was words on it that was a distraction …it now feels like acrylic paint and small parts of it are scratching off lmao
    Just watched the whole vid and omg that was so beautiful😭 so sad that you peeled it off though

  2. Love it Chloe!! Turned out fabulous and very unique! If I sent you mine would you paint it? LOL Was hopeful! Have a great week. Much love from Montana!✨💖✨

  3. That's why I've never painted my phone before, the heat your phone emits causes paint etc to peel off. It looked absolutely wonderful and I had a feeling you were going to paint a landscape.

  4. Why would one paint on a $700-$850 device rather than a cheap case so there is no risk to the device? I just don't get it. If there was a damaged device, why not paint the no longer functioning one? I think I might just be too OCD with how I treat my expensive things to get them to last as long as possible to ever understand this trend.

  5. I bet it's a bear. Probably too late to be commenting but I'm just now watching the video so yolo lolol. Why did I say that?

  6. Do what I do- Buy a completely clear phone case… create a phone template, and print out what ever design you want (I have the Hunger Games logo), cut it out and put it on the inside of your case. If you want a different design, just print out a different one! Easy!

  7. Honestly it looked pretty decent
    I once tried to paint this thing called a shopkin gold
    And i ended up trying to wash it off
    It didn’t wash off
    I was left with a toy that looked like it had been through hell

  8. Shame it peeled off T_T Also, there's a "life-hack" for fixing bent brushes. Fill a container with really hot water and let the bent brush sit in for around 15 minutes. When you take it out it should be back to normality. I tried it and it worked but I think mine was a synthetic brush, no idea if it works as well with natural fibres.

  9. Hey chloe remember when you were doing the squishy thing inspired by Moriah you if you get 10 thousand likes you would do the diamond art thing and you've got 25 thousand likes on the video

  10. oh my gosh, this is sooooo pretty 😍😍My favorite color is green and i find it super hard to find a really pretty green phone case especially with the colors you use. I gave up in the end and went with a denim ish phone wallet that was in a green color I liked. i would love a phone case cover with that painting on it. 💖💖 total thumbs up! 👍👍👍👍

  11. You know what else you could do? Get a cover and paint on that! It has many advantages

    You don’t risk DESTROYING your phone
    You can paint a new one if you get bored of the one you have
    You can redo it easily if it gets dirty

    One disadvantage:

    ItS tOo EaSy

  12. With a clear case like that you could paint on paper or canvas and trim it to fit the case, or paint directly on the case, or as someone else suggested painting in reverse on the inside of the case…

  13. Iran: the number of killed protesters protesting for a democracy just came up to 200, woman wave their hijab risking their life fighting for the right to wear whatever they want, hong Kong: unknown but numbers of injured far exceeds that, fighting with China for the right to be free democracy, the west: millennials: I'm such a rebel I draw on ma phone!

  14. I think your favourite colour is green and you love greenery because you paint everything with green and granary and with vini pooh or beers

  15. Chloe you should do another one but paint your clear case and do it in a christmas theme

    And for an added challenge add some kind of 3d element to the case

  16. *when the paint peeled off
    Phone: I'm lonely Im so lonelyyyyy allll onnnn myyyyy owwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnn aaaahhhhhhh bwaaaaahhhhhhhh


  17. "I've never painted on a phone" oh no Chloe! How have you not painted a phone before? It's like the most common thing ever! Every single person paints their phones!

  18. Chloe: If people want a there phone to be a different colour they just buy a case

    Chloe: Still keeps on painting any way…..

  19. so i just came here for the thumbnail, all i have to say is did she try painting it first to a phone case? because that's a safe choice bro. alright bye

  20. This ended up looking awesome. Shame it peeled off however thing of all the fun you can have doing different pictures. Makes me wanna paint mine but I’m too much of a wuss

  21. Honestly the trend about using acrylic on stuff like jeans and jackets just for the sake of tik tok and all that shit is stupid acrylic fades on shit like it fucking peels off so stop wasting that shit just for the sake of posting something, get more suitable colors for the object your painting on for gods sake it's painful to watch

  22. To clear up some questions/comments:
    1) I painted on the phone and not a clear case because “painting on a phone” is more interesting for people to watch than “painting on a phone case”. As is the culture of YouTube when it is your job you have to do things like this to keep content more interesting! If I could just do a video painting a canvas every week I would, but unfortunately, that would be a quick way to make people lose interest.

    2) I deliberately didn’t scratch up the phone OR prime it as I mentioned in the video I didn’t want it permanent 🙂

    3) yes it’s silly, yes it’s a little pointless, but again when youtube is your job, you have to run with trends (I’ve started a couple in the last myself too people still follow!) and do more “out there” things other wise you channel, and your career, will not do well. Also, it’s for fun! Try not to take it too seriously. It’s for entertainment purposes only 🙂

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