Hyperrealistic Masks Created To Look Just Like Your Favorite Animal | Master Craft

Hyperrealistic Masks Created To Look Just Like Your Favorite Animal | Master Craft

This mask wasn’t created to look like just any dog. It was actually made
to be identical to this specific dog. The facial structure
was sculpted precisely with this pup in mind, replicating its exact
nose and snout. Although lots of
people think all dogs of the same
breed look alike, the artists who work with Shindo Michika
Planning Office are experts at seeing the
small, unique details. Every angle carved
in the sculpture of the face is
the same as the angle on the pet they’ve been
tasked to recreate. Each clump of hair
is placed specifically to mimic the
natural growth of hair that the real animal has, and if any part of the
process is done wrong, it won’t look like the
animals in the photos. So, how do they do it? To start, the
structure of the face is sculpted out of clay. The artists who
work on the sculpture have to know how
a dog’s face is shaped beneath all the fur and apply that
information to each animal they recreate. This is one of the
most vital steps to capture the features
specific to this dog. The artists use it as a basic foundation
of the mask. Because clay
itself is too heavy to be used as
the actual mask, it’s used to create
a silicone mold. Once the mold is created, it’s used to make a cast using a gauze-like material. The process done here is
similar to paper-mache. It might not look like
anything special yet, but once the hair is added, everything starts
coming together. Large strips of hair
are crafted by hand and glued down to
the base of the mask. The hair grows outwards, just like hair on a real dog, and each strand
varies in color. For this mask, the team
has created hair with strands of white
along with the black. The parts closer to the eyes with shorter hairs
are trimmed carefully. Next, they make the ears. They’re made separately
from the head and take a bit of
practice to get right. While the back
of the ear is made with one large
piece of hair, the inside is placed
more precisely. A large clump of
hair is separated into smaller sections and placed bit by bit to recreate the
growth of real hair. After that’s done,
the ears are sewn onto the rest of the mask. The eyes are crafted next. Each eye is
created using a mold and painted
brown and black, matching the
photograph of the pup. They’re solid except
for in the center, which has a hole to allow the person
wearing the mask to see. Once all the pieces are
in their proper place, the finishing
touches are added. The hair is painted in
spots around the face with a brown color to capture the
varying colors that run in the dog’s coat. Then, with
a small curling iron, the artist goes
back in and curls small sections of
hair on the ears, face, and the
back of the head. This final touch gives the poodle
its lifelike curl, matching it to its
real-life companion.

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  1. If you were going for identical…then I hate to be the one to tell you that you failed.

    But it does look like 'A' dog so run with that 👌👌👌

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