Hydroponic Ficus Bonsai Collection  – Subtitles Available

Hydroponic Ficus Bonsai Collection – Subtitles Available

Let me show you my kitchen balcony. That is the washing machine & these are the
plants kept here. So this looks like a miniature glasshouse. I have covered the grills with plastic sheet. So, very little wind circulation happens. There is some gap over there & over there. So, it is kind of protected from the hot winds
of the summer and when I spray water also, it stays humid, compared to the main balcony
which is exposed to the sun. So here, by afternoon the sunlight is over
and you have indirect lighting only. All my cuttings and repotted plants come here,
they recover here and most of these are growing in water. So you can call it a hydroponic garden. Almost all of them are in water, except for
this but he is again sitting in a pool of water. I will now show you a very unique specimen
in my collection. This is Ficus Religiosa. It is quite big, the trunk is quite thick
and this is the pot. Let me reveal to you what is the condition
of the pot. So there is no soil, it is growing purely
in water and this was a tiny cutting. I will tell you the story of this in a separate
video. This is just a general update video. So I’ll show you how I clean this and I will
replace the water. This paper is for covering the top. I don’t want light to go inside the water
tank and this is just a plastic lid, with a cut here so it accommodates the trunk. And this is not very strong on its own because
this keeps swaying in the wind. So I usually rest the trunk against the wall
or something else. And this is how it looks – this is just a
plastic tray where i think I got cookies in this, biscuits. The newspaper protects light from entering
the sides. So this way I am able to keep the water inside
clean, there is no algae growth at all. So the light is blocked from top as well as
the sides. Now I will show you the weekly cleaning of
this. I have kept a flat stone and another piece
of a tile so that when this is kept, the main trunk area is above the water line. So this is not submerged, else the wood starts
getting a decaying smell, and all kinds of problems start. So I always make sure that this was above
water with the rocks and this is how the roots are looking now. Before moving into this, it was in a smaller
container but filled with water and now the main trunk is quite thick, it was probably
as thin as this when I started. This is liquid NPK, which I made from powder,
by dissolving powder in water. I have a separate video where I show how it
is made. You can find the link in the description below
and this here is half litre of plain tap water. I have taken one cap full of this liquid. Then I mix into this and this will serve as
my water reservoir. I don’t fill up the tank completely, I just
fill it to the half level. I want some roots to stick out of the water. So here goes my plant back into the tank. I am just making sure that any stray roots
are completely submerged in water. Now, just put the lid back. It is not an airtight setup, just a lose thing. So there is air circulation happening and
notice that the roots are not fully submerged. This much water in this glasshouse setup is
enough for the whole day. By tomorrow morning I will have to refill
this again and this also happening because of so many large leaves. So if the water consumption is high, I sometimes
prune this, reduce the leaves from the bottom side and keep only few at the top, so that
way I can control how much water is consumed. And now for the lid. This is covered from top and the sides. There is no algae formation in the water and
the trunk is resting against this. And this area is kind of protected. so there’s not much wind, just a gentle breeze
which leaks through. That is good enough for what we are doing

12 thoughts on “Hydroponic Ficus Bonsai Collection – Subtitles Available

  1. Superb! you have a lovely collection of hydroponic bonsai trees. And peepal bonsai with wonderful roots is simply beautiful.Do you change water of all plants weekly? Also do you fertilize each time? Thanks Vinny for great tutorial.Now I know why my trees with nice roots get rotten.
    Thanks again for sharing
    Regards from rainy Doon.

  2. Hi Vinny Supurb hydroponic garden! You have transformed your balcony into hydroponic bonsai studio. Great. I admire your great work. Nigel must be watching and very soon I will see his comments. I am a great fan of Nigel Saunders and when comments on your innovative work I am flabbergasted!!!!!?

  3. Very cool stuff ! Very nice healthy ficus tree, I think its great that you can watch the roots grow and with nice colours. The roots in the water remind me of willow trees here that grow along the edges of water, with exposed roots and reaching into the water. Thanks for sharing your nice collection.

  4. Hello from the Philippines! You have a nice collection of small trees! Thanks for sharing! I hope you sub back!

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