Hydraulic and electromagnetic crane (Engr project) 2016

Hi everyone, my name is Lucas Today, our group is going to present about the electromagnetic crane We build this crane from the recycle materails The objective of this crane is to stimulate how a real crane works, in a simple way Thank you Hi guys, I’m Lewis And now, I’m going to show you how this crane works This is syringes *You don’t say* This crane is basically work by the pascal principle, For what pascal principle said, The pressure is transmitted equally through this enclosed fluid and to the other syringe. Lets demonstrate…. Let say if I press this down, the pressure is transmitted to the fluid and then to the other side of the syringe. And it will exert an outward force and then cause the base of this crane to move. And the same goes to the arm of the crane. And like this….. *bla bla bla* OK, so now I am going to erxplain on how this electromagnet works I prepared some paper clips over here as you can see. And this are going to be use for the electromagnet to attract the paper clips So now I will put the paper clips over here So since the crane is facing this way, I am going to let it go to this way in order to attract the paper clips. Now, I am going to pull this thing *sounds so wrong* In order to move the crane over here. And then It’s already on top of it. Now I am going top move the arm downwards So that this electromagnet can meet up with the paper clips So, it’s directly on top of the paper clips now and I am going to switch on the switch So that it will attract the paper clips The switch is currently being switched on As you can see, it has attracted a little bit of paper clips Now I am going to move the tray over to this side and I am going to direct the crane over here So now I am going to drop this paper clip into this thing. The switch is being switched off and the paper clips dropped by itself Thank you

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