Hydrangea Origami collection #tessellations #hydrangeaorigami

Hydrangea Origami collection #tessellations #hydrangeaorigami

hey guys this is Bhushan welcome to my
crafts and arts today I’m going to show you my hydrangea origami collection
this hydrangea origami basically designed by Shuzo Fujimoto and I
learned these models from YouTube channel happy folding. Com by Sarah
Adams so please watch until the end I’m enjoy my hydrangea origami collection
you can see these hydrogen origami flowers in different colors with
different kind of papers actually it’s very difficult to make but it’s a basic
model of hydrangea origami and you can see this one I made it from chocolate
wrapper these all flowers are really amazing but it takes time to make these
flowers now I’m going to show my tiny Hydrangea origami flowers and look this one is very small and also this one it was
so difficult to make this flower and this one I I don’t know the name of this
pattern actually I saw a picture on Instagram and I tried to make this, so of
course it’s a part of hydrangea origami but I don’t know the name of that also
this is a complex model of Hydrangea origami it’s called hydrangea origami tiles
this is also very cute and tiny and it was very difficult to make this model
and this looked really cool I tried to choose some different paper and it
worked and this was my large hydrangea Origami tile and it was so fabulous and this is my favorite one. Hydrangea
origami crane, I learned from YouTube channel Kagura is designer of this model
it looks a really beautiful but of course it’s very difficult to make so
this was my hydrangea origami collection I hope you will like it and please
subscribe this channel for new and amazing videos and thank you so much for
watching this

12 thoughts on “Hydrangea Origami collection #tessellations #hydrangeaorigami

  1. Thanks for watching my video 😊
    My Hydrangea origami collection.
    Please give your precious comments. 😀

  2. Wow beautiful origamim flowers! it looks good if you decorate wall with these flowers😊

  3. That's quite an impressive collection. Well done!
    By the way, here's a playlist that includes multiple tutorials for the hydrangea and variations of it: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzWZXuW4WQWBPZg6dzjukk5lJA9PH5HR-

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