How We Craft: Secrets of the Marketplace Partners

How We Craft: Secrets of the Marketplace Partners

Hey, there. Welcome
to the How We Craft: Secrets of the Marketplace
Partners Panel. Right now, we’re backstage
at MINECON Live, and we’re super excited to
bring this panel to you. My name is Luke, from
Pixels & Blocks. This is my first MINECON. I’m little nervous
but mostly excited. I’m Jigarbov from
Jigarbov Productions. This is not my first MINECON, but I’m still very, very excited. I’m Avondale from Noxcrew. This is my third-year in a row
being a part of MINECON Live. Hi, I’m Heather, also
known as an Eneija. This is my first MINECON and
I’m super-excited to be here. Hi, I’m CDFDMAN with
the Imagiverse and we love using our imaginations
to create stuff for you guys. So now that you’ve
got chance to meet everybody. Let’s get into the panel. So today, we’re going to
be going over basically everything that goes into creating an excellent piece of
Marketplace content. We’re all creators here
and we all make content. We all know the ins and outs that go into creating new
and exciting things. So we’re going to breakdown each of the different
parts and then talk about them. So the first main part that goes
in creating content is entities. So Jig, just give us a little
explanation of what entities are? Well, Luke, thanks for asking. Entities are basically all the
moving parts in Minecraft. You have villagers, zombies, skeletons, all stuff like that. What we can do as creators, we can change them however we like. In Papercraft Adventure, it’s
mapped by Jigarbov Productions, you can get on the store. I have used and changed all the entities with add-ons
and made them paper-thin. Here, there’s a horse,
there’s a villager. All these entities and we can change them however
we want, it’s really cool. Dolphin. Paper dolphin. Is that paper waterproof? The paper is waterproof.
You laminate it? Yes. Like I said, there’s all these different
ones that you can do. The Ghast one is particularly scary when it’s setting
fire to things, because they’re not inflammable. Yeah. So besides making
them just paper thin, there’s a lot more that we
can do with entities, right? Yes.
I know CDFDMAN, you guys have done some
things besides just like the baseline of
vanilla mobs, right? Absolutely. We love adding and changing the entities that
are already in the game. So when we went to
create City Stompers, which is a map about
destroying cities, we said, “Hey, how can we make
it look realistic, how can we bring this city
destruction vibe in the Minecraft?” So we change the base
mobs into buildings that you can then go
attack and bring down, and it’s really fun in that way. Awesome. Yeah. I mean, and we
changed out all sorts of stuff As you can see, the houses are
really cows and villagers, using all the different variants of typical Minecraft mobs and changing
them into other structures. It’s really cool. So another one that we did recently as Minecraft
progresses with new tech, we just got the ability to add
new entities from ourselves. So we can add anything
we want at this point. So Party Island is one of
our luxury map offerings, but we wanted to turn the party up by introducing robotic stage lights. So these look really good in game. We customized and made
them, change their texture. This is from in-game. Yes, this is in-game footage. I was so jealous when I
saw you guys made those. I wanted to do that but I was not creative enough
to come up with it, and I was just jealous. I love stage lights
so they had to go in. Then finally, as we get
this new technology in, we’re changing what is possible. So we made a map called
Lucky World Pets, where we added all sorts of pets. Unicorns, lions, and we gave them
all sorts of different textures. There’s tons of
combinations and you can go in there and that’s all in- game. So for these entities are you just remodeling and re-skinning
and texturing of the vanilla mobs? No, they’re completely new
entities that we gave behaviors to, that we defined, we made their shape, we gave them their textures, and now they’re in
games as if we created a creeper from the beginning. So, yeah. Yeah. It’s completely entities. Got you. So all add entity just one like the perks of
bedrock basically? Absolutely. Great. Excellent. So there’s some other really cool things
besides though that you can kind of, interesting work around, there’s different things you can
do with those entities. I know Avondale, you’ve done
some really cool stuff, right? Yeah. I have to thank
my team actually since I don’t get to touch a
lot of stuff myself. But the video they we’re watching right now is actually
showing us how we made some targets so that
can just tip over with the new custom animations
you can use on add entity. This footage is from a map that we have in production
right now that’s called Destructobot versus
Dinosaurs, world premiere! Wow. You can see there
that they are not only doing base stuff like that, where you can just
tip stuff over we can enhance the entities that
we make by giving them more realistic walking animations than you tend to
see in Minecraft. That’s one of my favorite
ones right there. I want that. Look at that tail. Yeah. Tail. You really get to see it wiggle. Look at those hips. My only problem with
when I see stuff like this is that, I’m like, “Oh great. Now, I have to add
this to all my stuff, because I can’t be shown up.
I don’t want to be shown up.” Right. That technology is brand
new and we’re really just scratching the surface with
what we can do with it, but it’s nice to add that new stuff and to give your maps
a little extra flavor. So like the other piece of it too. I know, Jig, you do a lot of other
stuff too where it’s not just about making the entities and stuff it’s how they interact with the stuff around them and what they do, right? Yeah. Entities, they’re
very programmable. You can see on this
screenshot we’ve got, it looks intimidating the amount
of information that is there. This is from Mutant
Battle Arena. This one was done with the
help of Jujustyle, he’s a great add-on creator, and had issues where the entities
just would not do what I wanted, and I’m like, “Why is
this not working?” So it’s always the way it goes. So I went into the tools to
find out why I was doing. Some of them have range attacks, some of them melee, sometimes
they’re casting spells, and had to figure out
exactly what was wrong before I was able to fix it in here. But it’s still very
complicated behavior stuff. But yes. So that kind of goes into the next section of what our next
thing we’re going to dive into. Which is really the more technical, the more mechanical parts
that go into our content. So for that, I know all of you, like both CDFDMAN and Avondale, I know you’ve got
both command experts, but I know you have a very very classic strong passion for command blocks
and functions, right? I’ve been doing this
for a very long time. Command blocks, Redstone, these are old basics that
everyone has access to, Bedrock just got functions, which is just the easier way to have lots of commands
run at the same time. This one is the inside of an
arcade cabinet in City mall, built by my team, Blue Hush and she’s a great builder. Yeah. This is what the
inside looks like. There’s a lot more commands
than what is on this picture, but it’s all in
functions and it’s still powered essentially by the
basic stuff that everyone has. This map was great just because I was playing through it and it has a bunch of incredible
stuff and if you haven’t played it go check it out. But I spent most of my time just
playing with the arcade thing. It’s literally just one small section of a larger map, but I’m like yes, mini-arcade, old school, like fake arcade machines
with blocks and stuff. Yeah. Well, and the arcade
machines actually work, like this is some behind
the scenes stuff, each layer there is a different frame of what
is displayed on the screen. You can see in this video that
this is the full arcade, there’s a player
there and you can see the game actually playing in game. Oh my gosh. So you’re playing
a game within a game and the thing is like
really, really cool. But a fully functional arcade
machine within Minecraft. Within Minecraft. Awesome. In a map. So that’s the old side, the old school tech
that I kinda refer to it. But there’s some really
cool things now that we can do or we can marry
them and I know, CDF, you guys do some
awesome stuff, right? Absolutely. So what we do
is we combine behavior facts, which are in Bedrock and typical commands in order to
create different things in game. So this is a computer
screen that as you cycle through the different animals
you’re supposed to go find, they display in the world and
that’s an entity that spins around, is custom scaled to that screen using the behavior pack
as it gets spawned in, and it really creates a really unique look or
an element to that map. So besides just creating
looks and elements, we can go one step further and do some cool things that are outside the borders
of what’s possible, and some neat tricks and
stuff to make stuff happen. You got good examples of that? Absolutely. So in
Relics of the Skies, we wanted to create a map
where you fly planes around. So what we did is we took the base sheep that’s
already in the game, we changed its behavior so
you could fly it around, and then we changed its model so
that it looks like an airplane. As the sheep walks, we’re using that animation to turn the propeller and make it a
really cool flying experience. That is so cool. So cool. Yeah. One of my favorite things
just like goes back to like my gaming roots that I love making, and I love seeing people
make, are boss battles. This year Noxcrew released an incredible map that has an incredible boss
battle mechanics in it. You want to talk some
more about that? Yeah. So we’re going
to take a look here at the final boss fight from
Monsters from the Ice. So if you haven’t
played it yet – spoilers. It’s in the key art! That’s true. But in this video here,
you’ll actually see as the gigantic frost worm comes
up out of the ground there and the player has to fight it while fending off a bunch of different
mobs and you’ll see the player there is shooting those warts off
from that worm and I wanted to show this off because it’s actually an interesting
combination of mechanics. What are the squids for? So we’ll talk about
the squids for a second. So that frost worm
that you just saw is actually this contraption right here. This was an early development
screenshot and you have a witch at the bottom of the screen who’s being
ridden by a horse. Now the witch is actually
the body of the worm, the horse is the head of the worm. So I can turn around and look
at the player and then all three of those Creepers there are those warts that you
need to shoot off. Now there is a weird way that
the performance or the behavior of this feature works
in Minecraft right now where we have all of these
entities riding on that witch. So the witch has a bunch
of different seats and each of those seats
has a priority to it. So the priority number 1 is where the horse goes
and then priority 2, 3 and 4 is where the
warts need to spawn. Got you. But the issue is
that the entities will always sit in the highest
available priority seat. So if we look at those
three Creepers there, let’s say the one on the left is
priority 2 and then 3 and then 4, if we kill the Creeper
on the left first, the other two Creepers
will move up into the higher priority
seats and it will look like the wart that you just
killed that got replaced. That wouldn’t make
any sense at all. It doesn’t make sense. So the reason that the squids are
on there is they actually work as what I call like a
golf tee for the warts, for the actual Creepers. So those squids just sit there and they have one
seat on them which is ridden by a Creeper and
then the other squid has another seat which is
ridden by that Creeper. So when you kill the Creepers, there’s no other Creeper
to go into that seat. They all have their own
squids that they are riding and that’s how that works. That’s some big problem-solving right there. So here’s the sad part though. So how much easier is this now
though with custom entity? It’s not actually. Really? Nothing’s changed. I
would do this exactly the same way, which is great. But if we continue the video here and look at
the rest of the boss fight, you’ll actually be able
to see this in action and the reason I wanted to show
us this boss fight is because there’s this excellent merging of two really powerful features that
we have in the game right now. We have, I don’t know,
and here you can see the deconstruction of the world, where all the parts separate. But we have these two really
awesome powerful features. We have behavior packs which give us unbelievable control of entities
and then we have commands and command blocks which give
us unbelievable control over the game and you can merge
these two things together. So in this fight, you’re not
actually doing damage to the worm, the Redstone in the game
is just checking to see if there’s no Creepers left. So you’ll see those colored blocks on top of the Redstone
blocks there on the left, when that block
changes to green here, that means that all
three Creepers have died and it needs to
spawn the worm at the next location which is
random and you can just see sped up footage here of the
rest of the Redstone working. Armor stands running different
things for randomization. That was a really fun fight to
work on and I thought it really showcased a lot of the potential of what Bedrock
is capable of doing right now. Yes. It looks fantastic. Absolutely. That kind of often going
off and looking fantastic. We got textures which is kind
of like the next section of what kind of goes into
consent and for that, I’m going to toss it over to Heather, resident fashionista, break it
down for us how textures work. Yes. So one of the
things that’s really cool about Minecraft is
that so many things in the game can be changed and edited and that
includes the artwork of the characters and the
entities and the world itself. So whenever you take these 3D
models and you unwrap them into a 2D image as you can see here, as artists we can go in and completely change the
look of those things. When it comes to the
Marketplace that means we can create different characters
for players to be. This is just kind of a slew of some of my favorite characters
that I’ve made, it’s really fun to get to approach
it in a creative way and think, “Who do I want to represent in these guys and what
would I want to be?”. You’ve made all of those? Yes. These are just some
of my favorites too so. How many skins have you made? Definitely over a hundred. It’s something that I used to just
do as a hobby but it’s really cool now that I get to
actually do it as a job. Something I never expected to do. So there’s also an
example of what it would look like if you took that
character and unwrapped it. So that’s the artwork that
we’re actually creating. But what’s the expectation that
it will be wrapped on a 3D model? It’s kind of like
wrapping up a present right, you take wrapping paper and
you put it all around the box. Yes, exactly. So have you been doing
it long enough now to where like you can see the 2D and kind of like mentally visualize how it all is
going to wrap around? I know which section is the
right side of the left leg and which way it should be flipped and you kind of get that
stuff memorized as you go. So you know exactly where
the armpit is on that. Oh yes. Second pixel to the. Yes, second pixel to
the left and then we can also actually do HD skins which is something that
I’m working on now. I don’t have any examples of
that just yet but it’s very exciting to get to do even higher definition characters at this point. I know you were telling me
that you’ve started moving from not just skins but also
doing resource packs. Right? Yes, now resource packs, that’s where we change
the models of everything. Not the models but the textures
of everything in the game. The blocks themselves so you can make a grass block look
purple instead of green. You can make a Creeper look
really cute and friendly. You could even make it say hello instead of sss before it exploded. Now what is this Creeper saying? He’s probably saying like huh. Is that what you call cute and friendly because that’s terrifying? But he’s kind of like
a cute little small guy. He looks like he’s
shrieking at me. He’s terrifyingly adorable. That’s the thing. Cute but spoopy, right? So this is just some examples of the experimentation I’ve
been doing with like what these characters could
look like and playing with even the different
texture definitions. Whether you’re doing just the
16 by 16 pixels or you can even go higher resolution and do
something that’s like 64. It kind of really kind
of helps like create like unique environments
and settings. Right? Oh yes. You can completely
change the aesthetic of the game itself to give a different
player experience. I know Avondale, your team has done some
interesting stuff with like textures like the general
experience for like a map. Right? Yes. So we always
want to use our texture packs that we make to completely
change the feel of our world. We want to put you in that experience and so if we take a look at
this video here you can actually see some sliding
transformations between a vanilla texture pack here and then what it looks like with
our resource pack on. Okay. So this is the vanilla and
then you can see it transfer back into the resource pack there and we’re just showing a couple
of different screenshots. If you look at this,
we’re trying to create a Siberian frozen land and we’ve done it out of green wool and a bunch of other
crazy things but. You didn’t have enough ice blocks. We didn’t have enough ice
blocks but we can also use glass panes to re-texture things
to get more detail out of them, it’s just really all
about using the block set that we have and
re-skinning it in a way that fits the aesthetic
of what we’re going for and I know that that’s not
something that just Noxcrew does, I know Imagiverse is really
well known for that also. Oh absolutely. So when
we go to create a map such as our party island mansions, they are supposed to be
modern mansions and in the game it’s kind of hard
to pull off that look. So what we’ll do is we’ll go in, replace all the textures
and get the exact look we’re going for in order to
create the feeling that, oh you’re in a modern
build of a house. Right? The waterfall made out of
glass blocks is really cool and one of the things that I really like about both
of our team styles, is that when you open up a Noxcew map or an
Imagiverse map, you can tell almost immediately
this is a Noxcrew map, this is an [inaudible] map because our artists just have a
style that’s obvious. I know my art team is five members, how many people do art on your team? A couple. Couple? Just a couple. Yes, so it’s just
interesting to see how those different styles propagate
between different members. The vanilla is also very good. It’s true. Why are you looking at
me? Like this is where I cue the Infinity Plumber
video but it’s not there and we’re
not allowed to show it on the stream but it’s on the store. It’s very fun. So that’s the general overview of textures and they kind of really helped contribute to the general
feel and look of a game. But we’ve missed one last component that really kind of defines the look, defines the experience.
My background. Sounds. Close, no one cares about sounds. Building actually. An actual building and level design
everything kind of goes into that and so there’s
a lot of mysteries, not that everyone knows
all the secrets of it and right now I’m about to
break the spoilers. Everything is built
by hand. Correct Jig? That sounds like a joke. But it is not a joke. It’s not? It is not. Is it by hand or by controller? This is by controller. This is paper craft adventure again, I contracted a team called
Aurora and they are a team of extremely talented creators and they built this entire world on Xbox a bunch of them with
their friends on a realm. Man. On Xbox. Like on Xbox with
their controllers. So I mean there’s commands that
you can use in Xbox as well. Fill command, Clone
command, stuff like that. They type it with the
Xbox keyword that pops up? They type it with the
Xbox keyword that pops up. How long did it
take them to make it? Not off the top of my head
because they do it on and off but I mean the end result
speaks for itself. Yes. It’s awesome.
It’s one of those things we can’t even tell really honestly. I’ve got a video right here, this is a time-lapse. There’s four builders,
it took three hours for this build and I sped
it up obviously a lot. But you want to watch a
three hour video on our panel? We didn’t watch. They would’ve got mad at us for going over time. Just got to see it kind of
constructing together like that too? That’s all on X-box. Well the best thing about that
is anybody can do it. Right? Yes. If you have an
Xbox and you think, Oh, I can’t make content. You’re wrong. You can. Anybody can. Here’s the proof. Watching that is amazing to
me because on Noxcrew, we have a build team that is I think nine members now and we
build primarily on PC on the Java edition of the game and we do that because it gives us access to third-party tools and I
actually have a video here showing that off how we use some
of those tools to make things. So this was actually one of Noxcrew’s builders,
a guy by the name of emouse, and we went in monsters from the ice and we took
a mountain and just cut it off so that I could make him rebuild it for
purposes of this video. He was he was thrilled. So what you can see here
is he’s actually flying around in creative mode and
this is sped up obviously, I’m in spectator mode and I’m riding his character and he’s
basically just taking an arrow and right-clicking causing these huge blocks of earth to
be placed on the ground and then he’ll start in
with melt brush here to shape the terrain
just help mold it. It’s like working with clay? It’s a tool called VoxelSniper
and we also use a tool called WorldEdit which does a lot of good like copy and pasting
moving stuff around. Classic Java staple? Would you say that these
tools could move mountains? Yes. Absolutely. They could move fast. You’re going to see it
here as he’s flying around and while we
watched this video, I just think it’s an interesting
comparison to point out. This video was filmed over
the course of 30 minutes with one person doing the work and you showed us a video earlier that was
four people over the course of, what did you say, three or four
hours, something like that? Yes. I mean, it’s not a competition. The end result speaks for itself. That’s what I want
to say, it’s amazing. We have this really interesting
composition of team sizes here. We have Heather’s, the
example of a solo creator. It’s just her. We have you who
used to be a solo creator, but now you have what,
three people in the team? Yes. I use people
from resources all over. We have Imagiverse
who is a handful of people. Then we have Noxcrew who’s
pushing close to 30 members. We all make really awesome stuff and we just approach
it in different ways. You can see here we’re
painting the mountain to be the colors that we
need to and I’ll actually color here that he’s putting
in some trees but he didn’t have the right trees on the server at the time, so we didn’t like them. So he decided to burn them up. Sometimes we make mistakes and you got happy little accidents.
That’s what they say. Yes, but it was
just for the video. So thanks to EVOS for
recording that for us. But yes, it just goes to
show you that you can use all these different types of
tools to build these things, but at the end of the day, all that matters is
where the block go. It doesn’t matter how
you put them there. You can put them there
with a controller, you can put on there
with the touchscreen. I know for a fact that there were
other marketplace teams that built on their phones when they
were starting off building maps. Entire maps. Yes. Entire maps built
on phones and that’s just incredible to me just to show off the dynamic
range of the things that you can do and the ways that
you can accomplish your craft, but the end result can
be exactly the same. You don’t get any sort of a technical advantage
by being on the PC, you just sometimes do
things a little quicker. You guys do a similar
process too like what I do too, which is I’ll do some of the main board terraforming
stuff that is really hard to do, like select the bedrock
or the other versions. But then I’ll just convert it
to bedrock and do a lot of stuff by hand because
there is a difference. It’s hard to explain, but
when you’re building, there’s a difference of having a small craft thing that you
do by hand over time. It feels different and
it looks different too and you end up getting a
different feeling experience. So you can tell when you go
and hop into something that someone’s made by their hands. You can feel it almost, even though it’s all
game and digital. You can feel it and
you can experience it, it evokes a different emotion. It’s really nice. Yes. A different level of finesse. Yes. It’s like when
we feel like going, you see a T-shirt, you’re
like, “That’s a cool T-shirt”. Then someone’s like, “But this
T-shirt was crafted by hand”. I’m like, “Oh, that’s a good one”. You’re talking about the
artists and blend Minecraft? Yes. Artists and Minecraft. That’s the next genre
that we need to see more. More artists in Minecraft. Yes. Want to see it. Those tools are
available to anybody. They can go out and
get them if they’re interested in making whole
mountains in 30 minutes. That’s the awesome
thing about the community. It’s that there’s just so
many passionate people creating so many incredible tools to keep the passion going and it’s like a constant force driving
it over the years. That’s why we’re able to be here 10 years later and it’s still going strong if not
stronger than ever, and so, yes, it’s awesome. It’s an excellent community
of people that create content and we all like
to help each other out. Yes. I’m always so blown away by the creativity involved in
all levels of creation, whether it’s the textures,
or the mechanics, or using a squid on a Creeper
to create a giant war monster. To get the horse. Oh, the horse. There’s so many levels to it
and so many different ways to approach it that anyone could
come in and just give it a whack. Yes. For sure. I think
it’s important to point out, if you want to get involved
with this type of a community, if this is something
that you want to do, if you just comment with a positive
attitude and you start asking the other people that already do
it for help, we’ll help you out. I think this is a good time to bring up a question that
we got asked on Twitter, which was, What advice do we have for people who are looking to
start out on the Marketplace? Looking to make their first creation or trying to get over that hurdle to submit their first thing to be on the Marketplace?
What advice would you give? I think the number
one important thing is to remember that this is our job. This is definitely what
we’re doing as a career. It’s easy to say, “Oh, just sign up and make some money”, but it’s not like that at all. There’s a lot of work that
goes into it like any job. We all have years of portfolio built up and
experience that we’ve done. So building up a portfolio, perfecting your craft, and then approaching these teams to
find out how you can do better. Yes. I would say too, just pursuing that passion with
the hope of it being a profession, but don’t let that
stop you from taking those first steps of just
start making things and start putting it out there as well as networking with
a greater community of getting to know other creators and people that are also interested
in what you’re doing because you’ll grow together. You’ll learn from other creators
just like we all learn from each other as we’re trying to
make new stuff for the game. Yes. Anybody can do this regardless of your age
or your experience. You can make a map for you
and your friends to go in, and you have your friends play it, and it builds on top of it, they give you critiques. That’s what Jig does. I’ll send him a map
and he’ll be like, “Jig, what do you think
of this? It’s bad”. But I think that’s one of the most important piece
of advice we can give. It’s when you make your own thing, you tend to fall in love with it
and you tend to play it a lot, and you tend to start
blinding yourself to what your map actually is or
what your content actually is. So the biggest piece of
advice I can give to anybody who’s starting out is show
somebody else your work. Let somebody else play it, ask them for their opinion, ask them for a no filter opinion. Remember that you don’t have
to take all of their advice. They might give you some bad advice, but I guarantee every
new person who plays your content is going to see
it from a different angle than you would have seen it from and they’re going to
give you something that you can use to learn
and grow your craft. Don’t let that criticism
stop you from keep on going, from learning from it, and keep on pursuing it. Perfect. I think
another big takeaway too, we’ve talked about a lot of things. We went through two textures, we went through entities, we
went through its mechanics, we went through builds, and I think it just shows
the whole wide range of skills and things that
you can do in Minecraft. I hope that people kind of
take away from this that these things aren’t some
big mystery shrouded. There’s no secrets,
like these are secrets, but they’re pretty easy to do. Like they’re really approachable. That’s the great thing about Bedrock. It’s that, honestly, if I had my eight year old cousin come
out to me and he was like, “Hey, I want to learn how
to make a flying pig”. I’d be like, “Do you
have 15 minutes?” Because it’s that
approachable, it’s that easy, and that’s the fantastic
thing about Minecraft. It’s that low-entry ceiling, but high creativity ceiling, and that’s really
what’s great about it. It’s all of those elements. We talked about all
the different elements and using those elements, we can create amazing
pieces of content. But if you want to start out small, you just take one little element of that and you build on top of it. Like making one skin. Making one skin. Putting together one house. Adding in one custom textures. First thing I did
with a Behavior Pack, I took a pig and I made
it five times bigger. Nice. That’s how I started. For my first map, I made a map and then you helped
me “Scale” it down. So it would shrink after each demo. Well, we had a great time here guys. We went through a lot
of different stuff. If anyone has any more questions, feel free to use the hashtag
#mineconqa and ask us anything and feel free to reach out on Twitter and we’re happy happy to
answer any nagging questions. It’s going to be right there. Twitter’s going to be right here. Yes? Right here? Thanks for joining
us for this panel and see you at MINECON
next year. Thank you. Yes. Let’s clap for ourselves.

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  3. This update better keep the minecrafty feel alive. I like vanilla minecraft and if vanilla minecraft starts feeling like it has mods then idk what I'm gonna do.

  4. Minecraft since you just realsed founder capes for Steve and Alex could you add a custom cape maker in the app pls I want a cape on my skin but I can’t figure out how to make one pls




    Minecraft The Best Game Forever!

    At first. I play alone and without mods.

    Need to make the game more interesting for the game alone!

    Here is what I propose for this.

    For me is most important thing in Minecraft is the infinite worlds! This is not possible without the endless depths and heights!

    Please add the infinite height and depth! 60.000.000 * 60.000.000 * 60.000.000 blocks! This can be an experimental mode for #Minecraft java (Or at least 1000 blocks in height and 1000 blocks in depth)

    Must improve world generation! The sea level must set to 0 height. Lakes and rivers can be with a height difference. Chunk 32 * 32 * 32 or 64 * 64 *64

    When playing one, it's interesting to explore new territories, biomes, caves, deep caves, very deep caves, 1000 blocks down, 10,000 blocks down. Add fast elevators!

    Personally me more interesting to discovering new caves than build.

    It is necessary to make 1000 blocks up and 1000 blocks down for a comfortable creativity and game. Or at least 512 blocks up and down! Caves are also needed!

    Add the flying islands and create floating, moving houses! The fuel can be used coal, redstone, lapis lazuli, or add oil or add sails!

    Add natural disasters. Local changes in the structure of the world. Destruction, fires, floods, damage and destroy buildings, etc:

    1. Volcanoes. Emissions of lava and black smog. Trees and wooden buildings burn.

    2. Earthquakes. Cracks in the earth's crust. The buildings from the earth, cobblestones, wood, etc. collapsed.

    3. Tsunami. Near the oceans. A big wave causes a flood.

    4. Hurricanes. You can fly away and crash. It breaks trees, houses of wood and earth.

    5. Meteorites. Big boom. Crater, fires, burning trees.

    6. Herds of monsters (zombies, skeletons, spiders and creepers), which sometimes go right through the player chunk region. Break doors, walls, boards and the ground to get to the players and friendly mobs.

    (This can be disabled in the game settings).

    I want a new underground biomes!

    Huge crevices and abysses which can be down using mountaineering equipment (alpenstock, a lot of ropes and nails).

    More mobs, subterranean gnomes, trolls.

    Add translucent flying ghosts. Add devils that guard the diamonds at lower levels and spawn in tunnels and from lava, and which emit horrible sounds and pass through walls.

    Giant underground worms that break through the tunnels (like in a movie 'Tremors' and 'Dune').

    You can hunt them to get valuable resources If the worm is close. everything starts shaking.

    It is necessary to strengthen the home and chests with things from the loss.

    I want the high mountains!

    What is this mountains which you can climb for a few seconds. 128 blocks is not a mountain, it is pile of rubbish! ;(

    Mount Everest 8850 blocks. Olympus Mons 21200 blocks!

    Experience of climbing on them with the help of climbing equipment (no stairs).

    Of course the caves inside the mountains and valuable resources at high altitudes.

    With earthquakes and volcanoes and lava up in the middle of huge mountains.

    I also need to diving equipment.

    Deep water with sharks and dangerous octopuses and devil-fish.

    At great depth and at high altitude, you can find rare treasures and resources.

    In each biome you can find a rare artifact. You can collect the whole collection from different biomes!

    With such large distances need to craft teleports.

    Make if hit one animal, all who are close to flee.

    Add gardening. More fruit trees and more fruits from them. Fruit trading with residents.

    Add a telescope or binoculars.

    I like 'Paint the Town Red' game. I would like to see in Minecraft damage to players and monsters in this style.

    I play vanilla only. Add mods for vanilla!

    (Thanks for Realms!)

    I love playing Minecraft at night. Need more ambient. More mystery and mysticism in the game. For example, add the phases of the moon. More dangerous monsters in full moon, with glowing eyes.

    In full moon at this time of bloom rare magic flowers that produce shine. you need to find and collect. From them you can make potions, such as rare protection against monsters (you can walk at night, monsters do not see the player and around player sparkle sparks or flying fireflies).

    Or add a mystical biomes, which can be accessed only from certain places, at certain times. In these biomes, instead of the usual resources, you can find all sorts of new, mysterious and rare resources and objects.

    You can do a parallel world, and the ability to move in time, you can get into the future or the past and see yourself and intervene in the course of time. That would be interesting.

    Add the ability to do high resolution screenshots and panoramas with renderer.

    Each new version Minecraft can add new artifacts for lovers of adventure and search (1 per region, or the current biome).

    Add a generation Crazy worlds, where the blocks are generated randomly and alternately and at any altitude.

    Return Herobrin that can erase the current save game player in the world, if the player died.

    Add monster Eraser (or a few), monsters that erase or change, break a game world.

    Add a swarm of Mantrid's/Herobrine's flying drones, which disassemble the world in blocks, and build from blocks even more drones. As into LEXX. (the rate depends on the destructibility of the blocks)

    Add herds of monsters (zombies, skeletons, and creepers), which sometimes go right through the player chunk region.

    Add more artificial intelligence to monsters.

    Add a variety of frightening sounds in dark places and echoes.

    Add the opportunity to put a torch on the water lilies.

    Add skis.

    Add rhinoceroses.

    Add the background sounds of birds in the forest, subsiding in the evening, but the sounds of owls and crickets appear. And in the swamps the sound of frogs, for example. In each biome, you can add sounds in the settings.

    Add uranium ore and radiation for more dangerous in caves. Can be used for fuel and mega TNT.

    Add birds of prey, eagles (in the mountains) or vultures (in the deserts) so that the player can not feel safe in the open area.

    Add Hunting for Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch, as a yeti) which appears only in a dark night (at 0% brightness in the settings), and disappears when dawn. And which is almost impossible to catch. May appear very far at sunset, on top of the mountain. If you move in his direction begins to run away and hide. And he also makes a loud scream. He quickly runs away into dark caves, hiding, and can kill from one time. In the cave, he shoots down the torchs to make it dark. He hides in corners so as not to be killed from the bow. If you turn on dynamite, it runs away. At dawn disappears even in the cave. If you kill him, his head falls out and maybe something else rare.

    Add villagers – builders who build houses. When the player gives them resources. Add them an artificial intelligence for self-learning.

    Add craft Super-Bombs! Mega-bomb of 9 blocks TNT, which is 10 times more powerful than TNT. Giga-bomb of 9 blocks Mega-bombs, which is 10 times more powerful than Mega-bomb and 100 times more powerful than TNT. Tera-bomb of 9 blocks of Giga-bombs … etc >:)

    Add a map constructor, a mob designer. So that you can create your own mobs. Or shop extra mobs. But not a replacement for standard ones, but as an addition!

    You can greatly extend the game using the constructor. (for vanilla Meincraft). All new mobs, ores, artifacts, items, biomes, etc., will fall into the base of the Minecraft store and are available for everyone in vanilla Minecraft.

    Add portals to move between saved worlds and Realms and other.

    Add the ability to make portals to other worlds (with other seeds) and between worlds in Realms.

    Make passes into parallel chunks or blocks. Pockets. For example, you can go to such a chunk on one side, and from all other sides it will be another chunk / chunk, a separate parallel world. Or the mysterious door-portals, the house where you enter the door in one place, and you leave completely in another place (parallel additional world).

    Or, for example, a circular corridor along which you can go and get into another world. Or dig, and stumble upon an inconspicuous block into another world, disguised as an ordinary block of earth or stone. Block-2 parallel chunk.



    Here is my Minecraft 2D free print and play open world randomly-generated survival sandbox board game Enjoy! 🙂

    You can draw and print your blocks up to infinity!

  6. I have an actually have a great idea. Settler mode you get infinite lives, as you usauly do. BUT villagers get attracted to your house. (will need to be at least be 2 stories tall, and 6 blocks wide on both sides.) Me and my dad are really thinking it would be great. And horse drawn carriages. The horses can only jump as high as a player and run a bit slower. You can ride in them, at night you sleep and store 10 blocks 2 riders and a driver, carridge made with 2 minecarts 1 chest and a lead, non-stackable

  7. I have pocket edition because I can’t have a computer and I’m wondering if you’ll update that because we still haven’t got foxes (same in bedrock) and some of the other things that are in java, also I might get a computer for Christmas because I’be been begging my parents (but probably not because they never normally give in)

  8. Oooh i can't wait for update >w< im sooo happy but…..i know much work you guys need to do….for us you are amazing guys.

  9. Can i Get in call with one of you in Minecon? I have some questions and some very useful commands and some useful ideas for Minecraft

  10. Hi, Marketplace Partners, thank you for showing that Minecraft can look different. I am amazed at what can be done to change how Minecraft looks. Take care.

  11. Why can’t Addons be sold by themselves? It’s bogus that they are locked to world templates, you can’t add them to your main world or combine them… Microsoft you are missing out on a LOT of monetary value

  12. Once minecraft brings bedrock to ps4, they can start selling marketplace packs to sony players 😁 (ik its a difficult situation, but minecraft is still one of the best and most popular games out, please get sony to work with you guys to bring in ps players, its better together!) Awesome work as always at minecon guys, amazing sneakpeeks, cant wait to see the nether and mountain updates, as well as honey blocks!

  13. É para todo mundo ficar estressado assim para não ficar aí sei lá o quê com raiva aí eu posso fazer isso misturar todas para 1.15

  14. I know this is very off topic. But can you like…uhhh make Minecraft Dungeons also for mobile platforms? I know this is pretty much not gonna happen but why not try it 😂

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