How to Write a College Paper : How to Structure an Outline for a College Paper

I’m Kari Wethington for
Today we are going over how to write a college paper. An outline is a really helpful way
to organize your thoughts throughout the whole writing process from the beginning when you
are just brain storming to the very end when you are editing. Let’s take a look at an example
of an outline. Here is a sample outline. It’s not completely filled up but it’s just basically
the idea of how you might organize your thoughts for your paper. First start with an introduction,
the sample is about the growing market for wines in Ohio so you would have a brief comment
leading into the subject matter. Then about the thesis of Ohio wines whatever that thesis
is whether it’s Ohio is the best place for wines or a growing community. Then we would
go to the body and you would organize this part based on the main points you want to
make. So these headers of the roman numerals would each be one of your main points. For
instance, you might want to start off with the history of Ohio wines. Then you would
have your supporting points wineries have been here for many years, recent history in
growth and then under that supporting point. It’s great to include as many details as you
can with all these separate lines so that when you go to writing you would know where
to go. Then continue through all your main points and then at the bottom you would have
your conclusion where you kind of wrap it all up. Restate your point, restate your thesis
and have a concluding statement to tie it up all together.

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