How to wrap presents without tape or ribbon – origami-style

How to wrap presents without tape or ribbon – origami-style

In this video I’m going to show you how you can wrap your presents origami-style without tape or ribbon. All you need is a present to wrap and a sheet of wrapping paper. The size of the wrapping paper should be big enough so that you can easily wrap around the present, and from top to bottom there should also be a little overlap. Now first we’re going to center the present on that wrapping paper, and now mark the outlines of the present by going along its edges. And you want to wrap the present quite tightly so that in the end you get a nice and crisp finish. So those are the two front edges, and also, you want to add those ridges on the back. Then just ensure it’s still lying in place, and now we’re also going to mark the other edges: one here, one there, and on the back. Now we can put aside the present for a little bit and return to it later. You can see you have these slight creases, and we’re going to make strong creases out of them. Note that I’m using a rectangle here, but really all of the raw edges of the wrapping paper will not show, so you don’t have to be too concerned about cutting a perfect rectangle at all. And the same on the other side. Make very strong creases here, because then the wrapped present will look that much nicer. And the final four creases. Next, we need to add some diagonal creases. We’re going to start a crease in this intersection of this long outer crease and this inner crease right here, and for that, we’re going to align that crease line right here with this one right here. So we’re aligning the crease line with the crease line, and, starting in the intersection, crease down. Same on the other side: take this crease line and align it with that crease line. And crease. Same on the other side. Once we have that, we’re going to flip the wrapping paper over, and now we’re going to add creases that start in this intersection of the two inner creases, and we’re going to crease only in this section right here. So now we’re aligning this inner crease line of the two with that inner crease line. And you can also align this crease line right here– the top one– with that crease line right here. So here you can see that’s the outer crease line, seen from that side, and the inner crease line here. And same on the other side. Same on the other side. Once we have all these creases in place, we’re going to flip the paper over again, and now we’re going to push this inside along the inner crease line and go along those diagonal folds on both sides. And this shapes a box, and we’re going to put our present inside that box and it should fit in nicely because of the measurements we took. So you can see, this is what it looks like now. Now we can flatten this out, and then we’re going to bend this paper up, both of the raw edges, and we can align them. The raw edges of the wrapping paper will not show, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. And then you really want to make it very tight and start forming a crease by just going along with your fingers and fingernails. And then fold it over to one side, make a stronger crease, and fold it over to the other side. Now you’re going to take both layers and fold them over to the crease line– not quite touching it– and make a strong crease. And then to hide that raw edge of paper, we’re going to fold it over again. And now we’re going to flip the present over. And we’re going to take this flap right here and insert it into that pocket you can see here. So I’m just bending the paper and then putting it inside like that. And then go along that edge a little to tighten it. And same thing on the other side. Bend the paper and put it inside that pocket. Can you see that? Just sliding it inside. And then you have your present wrapped origami-style using no tape or ribbon. Now if you like this video, how about you try using acrylic paint to transform printer paper into gorgeous wrapping paper or give more origami a go. For example, I have a playlist of tutorials for simple origami models or Christmas and winter related origami models. Subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss my next videos, and finally, do check out my website: for more origami content. I hope to see you around, and happy folding!

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  1. So I have tried to wrap this present more than once and at 4:53, where the folding down part to create the box, the two diagonal lines (inner ones) intersect? Is that normal? Plz help if u can 😊

  2. Nice! However, I don't think most people would appreciate the effort . Plus I could of wrapped 13 presents in the same amount of time.

  3. You are an absolute life saver – I had to deliver a last minute present before any shops were open but i had run out of tape and had no ribbon! This worked beautifully, and it was even easier because my present had about the same dimensions as yours in the vid.

  4. Get 3 and half minutes into this video, decide "screw it, I'll run to the store to buy tape". Very good video but too much effort for my needs.

  5. TOO much effort I would just go into the store for 3 min and get tape and then go out in an amount of 5 min and besides you can get about 20 gifts wrapped by the time u finish this vid ! Ggg!

  6. This was so prefect, you have no idea how happy you made me. Oh my gosh, Let's go find something to give away! I love this :)))

  7. I'm really a fan of this origami. i use my Church fliers to wrap my tithes in. i also wrap presents like this too, but i wrap my tithes every week.

  8. guys.. hold on! origami is an art. if someone is teaching , try to learn. Anyone can fix a gift with a tape but it wud be more creditable if you take efforts and fold it this way. Well, I appreciate her ! thank you.

  9. Started off right wrapping a book, but by the time it gets to the box shape everything goes to hell. The instructions are quick AF and difficult to follow. This got me so frustrated, angry and annoyed that i basically wasted two hours and two sheets of expensive paper trying to do this. Honestly, to this point im wondering why did i think it was a good idea to follow this tutorial in the first place. Is impossible to follow and pausing doesn't help. Always the same story with origami. Im sure is too easy if you were born in Japan and learned from childhood, but this was supposed to be a tutorial or just a video to show off?! Not cool, AT ALL. Thanks for tricking me into wasting my time, my money and my nerve…

  10. I love this! Didn't have tape at home and just wrapped a PS4 disk box with this method, and then decided to try it again with a dress without a box. I had to estimate the "length" and "breadth" of the folded dress to make the creases, and I struggled a little, but still turned out nice and neat! Thanks!

  11. those people who couldn't accomplish it, I guess you have clumsy hands.
    Nice idea!! my girlfriend loved it. Much better than a simple and usual tape wrapping.

  12. it's look like you have to practicing at least 5 times and use at least 15 minutes for each practicing before you use this for the real presents easier go get some tape

  13. I do wrap a lot of gifts every Christmas! and we have cut a lot! We don't give to a lot of people anymore‼️but In the old times I probably wrapped around 100 gifts, at least! It was crazy!!! It was exhausting to say the least‼️and still is, but I only do half of what I used to wrap‼️😱🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

  14. Well actually… this wouldn't take very long to wrap. In the video, it takes 7 minutes, yes, but that's because he's explaining each step and pointing out what to fold/crease/etc. I was able to wrap this in five minutes after wrapping two or three presents, which is only like a minute longer than what it usually takes to wrap presents. Assuming you're not wrapping more than 20 or 30 presents, using this method isn't going to "waste your time." In the end, it looks very pretty, shows that you put a lot of care into it, AND saves tape/ribbon. Nice video ^^

  15. I'm glad I learned this, but for me it's just not feasible. I'd have to start my Xmas wrapping in April! I'd prefer my ugly wrapping if it saves me time.

  16. This is amazing! It'll take alot of practice though! I'm doing this to stop using sellotape and less materials = more environmentally friendly! 🙂

  17. Thanks! I think I got the general idea of it. Two of my first attempts weren't so successful (fixed them with a bit of tape) but the 3rd one stayed together without any tape or ribbon.

  18. I was able to wrap all of the gifts with tape. It was a lot faster & tighter. & saved a lot more paper. Plus doing all that creasing will rip the paper if you do it too much.
    & if you have cheap paper (which is all I need, nothing fancy), this video will not help. It was way too long anyway.

  19. Best to practise on unwanted items, I should think. I wonder how much paper is consumed in practising enough to make it look this easy. I am not sure that it works on square items. It would also help to use paper that has been treated so as not to roll up.

  20. At 3:15, you should stop & do a graphic of the exact diagonal crease line being made.
    Also, using a thicker book would greatly enhance the clarity of the creases.
    A mnemonic for knowing youve got the right crease is: when you fold it over to make the diagonal,
    you can always see the "square." Thank you for this great video. (No more scotch tape, ever again!)

  21. It's more about sharing the art of origami to the receiver, while reducing the use of tape and ribbon at the same time.
    Beside it's not hard when you know how it work, u can skip the "make a triangle line" step, it still work

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