How To wet sand and buff your car

How To wet sand and buff your car

today were going to answer one of your questions
christian remirez asked if i could go into a little more detail
about how to wet sand and polish a vehicle so what i’ve done
is set everything up inside so i could show you
all the supplies your going to need and uh…
were going to start wet sanding ok so were sitting here
in my living room and i’ve kind of set this up on the coffee table
for you uh…
i’ve got nominal set of tools here for a small investment
uh… you know.. you can get everything you need to be able
to wet sanding and buffing for whatever your
project is small investment… it really is
but just going from left to right i’m going to show you
here I have different grades of sand paper this stuff can get a little pricey
here some 3000 grit you go to the pro’s and what their going to
do… and we got 2000, some 1500, Ihad some 800
as well this is 600 usually what your going to do is if your going
to sand an area
you would uh… probably use the 600 to begin with
you can do this by hand or you can get an orbital sander/polisher
this is an orbital buffer but you can use it with
they make different grades of sand paper that will
attach to the back of this you can see it’s got a little velcro pad on
it which works out really well
this is uh… multiple speeds so this is nice
you can start out slow and then speed it up I usually set it to about 3
your out 65$ for the orbital polisher these little pads are like 4 dollars
this guy is about 13 bucks the super duty rubbing compound
thats really cool stuff and thats for 1000 grit or more
and this right here is about 25 dollars and then the finnessit this is the most expensive
thing it runs about 50$
things your going to go through, your going to go through
sand paper, your going to go through those buffing pads
but if you spend 50-100 dollars vs spending 700 dollars but
now what were going to do is go outside and i’m going to show you how I would. I still
have the S-10 sitting out there.
I told my son to take my truck to school. and the hood on that
I painted previously that hood, i’ve gone over it a couple of times.
but i’m going to use that to show you how to finish
a surface or how I would finish a surface. it’s really not that hard. so here we go
so what i’ve got here a little bucket full of soapy water
i’m going to take a 2000 grit sand paper and get that in there
were going to let that soak for a little bit while i’m doing some other things
when I come back this will be ready alright so this has been sitting
about 15-20 minutes it’s good and soft
now you really can’t see this i’m going to show you guys
it’s kind of hard to see i’ve buffed this thing a few times and it
feels pretty good
uh… there’s still a little bit of orange peel in the center
and so this is where i’m going to focus my energy
and this is where i’m going to show you how to do this
take this guy here all i do is… this goes on the pad
and… don’t dig in just nice and easy
move it back and forth this is just my personal way of doing this
i’m not trying to dig a hole every now and then i get some more soap.
need plenty of lubricant on the hood, on the surface
and part of the problem I had here was that this hood was my first attempt at Bondo
I tried to patch it and uh… so even though I had
the Bondo area real smooth you could still see it
and you know… I don’t think i’m trying to be a perfectionist
so i’m keeping pressure all the way across the pad.
what happens is as you go back and forth like this
the pad contours to the shape of the hood so i’m evenly spreading the pressure around
do this, and this is 2000 so I mean you can feel it
once you start to feel it dig in get some more soap
so…. finished all that
and now move on to the 3000
you get the idea here work in little sections
don’t try and do it all at once this, because it is such a fine grain
i’m pushing a little harder and give it a little more pressure
i’m not worried so much about this 3000 grit digging in
just going to work this for a while and when your done wipe it all down
clean it off come back with the fenessit
and show you how to uh… use the orbital polisher
alright so now were going to wash it off so if you have a micro fiber towel
you want to use that and wipe it down you don’t want to scratch the surface
alright, so… I’ve got my finishing pad i’m still using this one
you should replace these every time you use one
this is off this truck you slap that on there and make sure it is
centered because if its not there is going to be a
lot of wable also make sure its on there good.
if you don’t get the right size finishing pad
and you get one that is a little bit two small for the polisher
what will happen is when you get over here on the side
and start doing this. when you apply a little bit of pressure
because this is not fully velcro’d on this thing
is going to go like this on the side of the truck
and its going to go flying and then whats going to happen is you wont
realize you did that and the disk is going to go flying and you
will hit the car so make sure you get the right size
pads for you particular model and right now i’m looking at this
and its really smooth I did a really good job of getting all of
the orange peel that was still there
getting it out and it’s very smooth
but it’s kind of dull so what we are going to do is use the Finessit
and i’m going to show you how to do that if the train would go away, if you can hear
me over the train oops I gotta open it
call my wife and get her to come open it for me.
I couldn’t open that pen on my last video oh thats good…
alright so i’m going to show you what i’m doing here.
gonna go around a little bit and then don’t just start spinning because
your going to through that stuff everywhere kind of wipe it on a little bit
get it going kinda dab it, see its still spinning
your going to move real gently your going to go up
don’t push down on it let the wheel do all the work
nice and easy back and forth just like that
you get over on the edges you don’t want the wheel spinning at the edge
so what you do is you come down the edge with the wheel spinning to where it is going
away from the edge that way you don’t wear down
this edge right here and tear up the paint on the corner
you’ll end up having to fix that so, you just go back and forth
nice and easy if you sit in one spot your going to burn
the paint if you burn through your going to
have to re finish it but, if you just keep moving
you don’t have to move fast just kind of back and forth like you see me
doing it’s going to clean up real good
you can definitely see the difference between here and here
sanded with uh… 2000 and this is polished
with the finessit probably cannot see over here
i mean this is not, not shiny over here but its nothing like this over here
now this side nice and smooth, this side is a little tacky and a little bit rough
you hear that you can barely hear that
so the right side is still pretty tacky the left side
is much smoother not to shabby
so there you go
well there you have it that’s how you wet sand and polish
um… I started that truck back in june and
I kind of let it go for a few months so it was the perfect candidate for this project.
on the supplies and on the uh… methods that I used to wet sand and polish
so… if you like what you saw here and you want me to do things for you just
go ahead and put comments on this, I always try and
respond to as many comments as I can.
I appreciate you guys giving me a thumbs up, I appreciate
when you share the video’s So subscribe, support us and we will keep
coming back. so until next time good luck with your projects
see you guys

87 thoughts on “How To wet sand and buff your car

  1. well done my friend we are half the world apart but you've given me the courage to try it for myself,Β 
    Thanks I appreciate the time & effort you put in to this to share your skills.
    I wish you all the best.
    Thank you.

  2. Good tips will definitely help me with my Van project… Did you wipe the hoop down then? and if so with what? Thanks!

  3. Hello, my landlord paint his van near my car and now I have specs of white paint on a blue finish. Do you have any tips to fix this?

  4. helli accidently used dry polish on scratches
    to the result is like a very slight slight sanding cause the polish was dry
    and now there is a small slight white spot and swirl in it
    i wanted to know if i can fix it with meguiars ultimate compound or whatever u sueggest plz help me

  5. Thanks for the great video. I used this to wet sand my 1998 BMW and it worked great. The piece I was missing always was continually washing away the coat

  6. When your first learning , find a friend who really could care less how there car looks, probably already funky looking, get it over to your house buy a case of beer and go at it, It takes alot of practice and alot of old beaters to practice on, but if you finally learn to kinda do it correct, then your on your way to buff out heaven. It really is a art, but like anything the more you practice the better you get, and another craft that you know. And hey you burn 1,000s of calories per panel, you can lose 20 Lbs per car, Don't be afraid to try !. And if you screw it up to bad, then you can learn how to sand and shoot color, alot more fun then buffing. You don't have to go for the Gold, hey if you end up with the copper your a winner, you will get the gold,just keep on spinning that buffer. Watch every video you can find, and there is alot of them, then go do it.

    Don't just go buying different pads you need
    1 Aggressive wool pad 6 inch / 1 Aggressive wool pad 3 inch
    1 Foam polisher pad 6 inch / 1 foam polisher pad 3 inch
    1 Foam wax pad 6 inch / 1 foam wax pad 3 inch

    A dewalt Buffer the large one (comes with 6 inch hook and loop pad) Buy the 3 inch adapter pad from Eastwood (cheap)
    that is the adapter pad, the buffer is not cheap approx 265.00 , I have used mine on 100s of cars, countless hours and its still like new, but I do take care of it, along with all of my tools, I don't mine putting out the money once, but that's it.

    Clean you pads and put them into plastic bags.

    Get used to a set of compounds, what ever you choose, stick with them, I use 3m, but there are alot of good sets out there, they are all about the same really.

    You could be trained to do this decently in 2 days . 12 hours each day. Will you be able to do show cars, Not at all, but with alot of practice under your belt, Yes you could. Its just seeing, feeling ,and memory.
    But you cant get there just by watching videos, you gotta get that buffer spinning.

  7. Great video, I was looking for this particular video since I want to wax and buff my 2004 Camry, the old owner has painted it but never buff it or wax it, still lots of specs around areas of paint they feel rough and not that shiny, what I exactly want is to remove the roughness and get it glossy, slick and shiny. Shall I start first with the 2000 paper and then 3000? and what was the name of the wax you used? was it fencid??

  8. Good video. Love watching your work. Now I can try it on my car. my paint its all dull will see how it turns out. πŸ˜‡GOD BLESS YOUπŸ˜‡ BROTHERπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ keep up your good work. Don't pay attention to all this bad comments. Its all good no one is perfect. Your still learning. And lots of people its learning from you. I'm one of them. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸšπŸšπŸšπŸš

  9. up on techniques…sand only ONE direction…keep your polishing pad FLAT to the surface..nice holograms!!!…joke!

  10. Paul , that was good . Is it best to start off with a 2000 grid wet and dry sand paper or it doesn't matter on any color?

  11. Very good effort in showing the basic steps on how to get the job done!! This video is very informative. Thanks Paul!!

  12. Hello paul 1999 Van I bought the other day and it was a business vehicle with the original paint . And it had some labeling on it. I stated with cutting compound in some of the area witch pretty good but is still visible, the labeling has harden quite a bit, Should i just wet sand the areas until the label is sanded all down then polish ?
    thank you in advanced

  13. you need to go with 5000 I believe, tried a small area rubbed lightly with 2000 and my black car now has a huge gray spot, totally removed the paint

  14. OK….Here is all I will say on the subject.Leave this up to experts. I did it exactly how u described and others on youtube. I rubbed gently with 2000 grit. Any area I did either removed the paint or left a dull gray area on my black paint. Unless your a pro or have a body shop just wax your car and dont mess with wet sanding. Im not blaming the guy who did this video but Im on way to body shop to get car painted

  15. Thanks for your response second hand prod. But if u read my post I state I did exactly what was shown…Soaked the paper and had a squirt bottle yes with soap

  16. Body work, be it wet sanding or metal work, is an unknown frontier for me. Love your videos, hope someday I get the nerve to try on my dually

  17. Hey PaulI own a "94 Ford F350 dually Crew Cab & the rear dually fenders are fiberglass. They're pretty beat up, scratches , pieces missing, etc.Do you have a video for something like that?

  18. Great video! I just painted my truck. I'm an amateur painter. The paint looks good but has orange peel and I did not want to damage it and have to respray. Hope I get good results like you.

  19. The nose of my hood looks like the clear coat came off due to frequent car washes. I have tried to compound it and re-wax it but nothing works. Is there a procedure for fixing it so the shine comes back?

  20. stop stop stop stop……..dude slap yourself……..the tool your holding is a high speed polisher…..Not orbital….slap yourself again……. your sanding thecnic is really really bad…slap yourself again 4 times…… damn son….

  21. What speed did you use for the machine? Also do you have any videos on how to repair plastic bumper light or deep scratches?

  22. good job manΒ  your a diy guy like meΒ Β  thanks for the tips on sanding and buffing I'm on those final stages with a bumper I'm doing

  23. anyone know if wetsanding a 2002 chevy express van will remove paint from it's surface? (not just road paint or over spray paint but looks like model paint or the kind on 18 wheelers with actual brush strokes) I have tried denatured alcohol, goof off and paint thinner with no results. I then tried a gel that melted my actual paint off down to bare metal. you know these bands the paint chips on them so I'm not looking for a perfect finish however, the only thing I could see left to do is to wet sand it then polish it back out with the least amount of damage to the paint job any information would help thanks guys.

  24. 1st of all why did u use a finishing pad for obvious compounding which should have used a foam cutting pad or im old school i still use #1 pad woolpad by shliegal. only bad boys stillget dwn this way. all in all. does not seem like u actually have expirience. sorry man. igot 27yrs doing this and still getn PAID!

  25. Thanks Paul. For all the critics, please place the link to your video, so we can watch them as well. Don't rag on videos when you don't have one of your own. Please spread your knowledge and experience instead of repeating information you stole from a different video you critiqued in the past.

  26. hi steve winchester4years ago i had a guy paint my 72 novalooks like hepainted in a dust storm has some preetty good size dirt aticking out of paint is there any way to fi x this dirt problem then buff and polish thanks for any help can give me thanks steve

  27. Sorry, but you're doing a ton of things the wrong way.πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
    18 yrs. of detailing experience along with multiple competition victory's.
    You sir are misleading people and instructing to use the wrong process & stages.πŸ‘Ž

  28. First off. Never hold a buffer on its edge, always keep it flat and that's not an orbital it's a high speed polisher. Holy hologram stripes batman. I wouldn't follow these instructions unless you want to ruin your paint.

  29. And most cars you should start in the 1000 to 1500 range for wet dry sandpaper. Never go less than that.

  30. Paleto haciendo un tutorial de todo lo que no se debe hacer al pulir y abrillantar un coche. Supongo que para el campo estΓ‘ de lujo. Ver al tipo cΓ³mo le daba con la rotativa, me ha puesto los pelos de punta

  31. Awesome job! I have just put my 1st coat of paint on today and tom i'll apply the 2nd coat. Should I let the paint totally cure before I start wet sanding? Then once you are done wet sanding & polishing then you clear coat?? Thanks for your help

  32. Thank you for the tutorial on wet sanding. I'm new the body work scene.
    Actually, restore old Wheel Horse brand of garden tractors.
    I have a few questions about that hobby if you are able to grant me a few minutes of your time.
    Thanks again for the very informative tutorial.
    Chaplain Manny

  33. God this is not at all how you do it my eyes hurt now i grew up in a detailing shop im 16 now and its the only thing ive ever done and been good at

  34. Keep trying dont give up. We all did bad and got better as time passed. For all of you'll talking shit should be ashamed of yourself. This man took the time to show us what he know. He never said he was the best or was a professional.
    Semper Fi

  35. I love watching YouTube to learn how to do something new all the time you have to read the comments you got to read a lot of them watch different videos and put them all together eventually you'll get good at it before you even try you should put a number hours of what I just said and eventually you'll figure it out and take the best information and then you go I have a 20 year old car and that's just what I'm doing I'm trying to learn on this one before I get rid of it and then I'll get better at it

  36. For little small defects like just below the surface can I use fine grit sand paper and then compound polish and wax ?

  37. You did a great job! Supplies was spared at no expense and you demonstrated a lot of patience with your demo. Do you own a body shop? Can you paint also? I need like a 5000.00 dollar candy paint job on my Escalade and I need you to do this for me. Hit me up asap, thanks 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  38. I really appreciate how you show technique for high points and edges. Most professionals have videos and they skip right over this part.

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