How to Watercolor Florals for a beginner: My Favorite FREE online Watercoloing Florals Class

How to Watercolor Florals for a beginner: My Favorite FREE online Watercoloing Florals Class

hey there everyone its Laurel and if
your follower of mine you know I’ve kind of dabbled into the world of water
coloring what are coloring florals and landscapes
and things like that and here’s my secret it’s this class on Skillshare
this is an instructor that I adore she has so many different classes on here
and I have booked mark every single class of hers to take she has a very
lovely voice she walks you through step by step she doesn’t rush you she shows
you how to create compositions how to create different flowers like she has
different lessons that focuses on different flowers she has lessons on
fillers and leaves and strokes and then towards the end is you have like your
final projects where you’re making all these compositions to pull together so
this is actually some footage from the class that I’m taking this girl sir
class here’s a peony lesson where she goes in and shows you how to paint a
peony she always shows you twice and then she goes in and shows you the
individual brushstrokes and I love that about her so she makes sure that she
covers everything for you two times and she takes it slow and take a look at my
peony on the left please ignore that blobby thing on the right this is
practice you know you know what I’m saying
here’s a lesson on hollyhocks and again she does it twice and she shows you the
brushstrokes towards the end and here’s what I was able to make from that lesson
cute little hollyhocks so again she just has a wealth of information this is the
hydrangeas and I got a loads of practice to do on this but I just I just love
this instructor I just can’t begin to tell you these look actually look like
chrysanthemums so I’m still I’m gonna move forward I’m going to continue to
practice that’s what the classes is about and after she get through the
individual flowers that she shows you she’ll actually go into kind of
compositions and pulling things together and she starts from easy compositions
like this to things that are more detailed which I haven’t finished yet so
here’s one composition I was really drawn to and here’s my take on it again
you know I’m learning I’m learning right along with you guys so I’m learning as I
go and here’s a couple of other compositions I pulled together for the
class and then she has a couple of like final projects which I haven’t done yet
and I we’ll be so impressed if I’m able to do
it but here’s the fight like the finale the grand finale is that right there
she’ll walk you through how you pull all the flowers all the strokes all the
leaves all the fillers that she teaches you in the class how you can pull all of
those together and create one beautiful composition she also has resources of
like color guides so if you only have a few colors she actually goes over how
you can create different mixes she always tells you exactly what color
she’s using so you can find the colors that you have in your stash and SH of
course she always gives you the supplies and then towards the end of the class if
you want to you can actually go and upload your projects to the student
gallery and I enjoy looking at what everyone’s making it’s just really fun
so I adore this class and I wanted to share this particular one with you
here’s actually my screenshot from my board and I you can see have four tees
seven classes or whatever booked mark for what I want to currently take right
now so listen I have a two-month coupon code to Skillshare if you want to take a
look it’s right down in the description below it’s a first line so you can’t
miss it if you want to check it out it’s free two months so I’m also gonna link
to this specific class because I just adore her now I follow a ton of
instructors this is the one that I always make sure I have seen every
single class that she has on Skillshare because I just love her style and I’m
thinking you might too so thanks for joining me today and I’ll see you guys
again real soon

10 thoughts on “How to Watercolor Florals for a beginner: My Favorite FREE online Watercoloing Florals Class

  1. Thank you for the information but I don’t have none of this stuff that you would need to do this. I’m on a real small budget I’m looking at dentist billing now that makeing me cry until your video came on for no reason and looked at your painting easily it up some but you did
    Not ask for all my drama sorry. But I will like to look at your work some time you are a good artist

  2. I’ve been a member of Skillshare for years and I really enjoy it . Please know that free months are for new subscribers only , it would be nice if everyone would be able to benefit from these promotions . I did follow this teacher and look forward to her classes Laurel , thank you for sharing her with us .

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