77 thoughts on “How to Use Your Ice Cube Tray in Creative Ways

  1. You can't freeze liquor. Alcoholic beverages are different though such as beer and wine since they have a lower concentration.

  2. u will need 12,001 things but the marker & masking tape is OPTIONAL i am just so excited that FINALLY i know how i can store my worthless crap 2gether & not get them mixed up holy cow my prayers have finally been answered & u can stack them if u have even more crap that u don't know what else 2 do w/–like u can keep ur gravel separate from ur dirt-GENIUS!!!! but i am confused am i suppose 2 follow these step by step or can i mix them up or skip some of them THIS IS THE STUPIDEST VIDEO EVER

  3. @vonte4eva If you can't figure out you need an ice cube tray to USE AN ICE CUBE TRAY IN CREATIVE WAYS then I suggest you don't try to dress yourself.

  4. i'm pretty sure if they're in good enough condition to be used as all of those different things, they're in good enough condition to be used as fucking ice cube trays.

  5. Step 1) Mix all the things you need in the ice cube tray and pour in water.
    Step 2) Freeze
    Step 3) Congratulation, you just made gruesome ice pops that will most likely kill you if you eat them!

  6. @ 1:40 thats what i did except i used juice to make popsicles 😀 lol but u need toothpicks. and aluminum foil helps… lol

  7. Hey guys come check out my ice cube video! It's actuall pretty beast and I need viewers badly 🙁 just started so give me a chance!!!

  8. I use mine to make huge circles and play hockey, or to use as a palette, put water to clean brushes, or MAKE ICE CUBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yes, wine can be frozen, but after spending time in the freezer, it will be better suited to cooking than drinking.

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