How to Use Glitter Vinyl and Strong Grip Transfer Tape

How to Use Glitter Vinyl and Strong Grip Transfer Tape

Glitter Vinyl is our newest addition to
the Cricut Vinyl family, and we think it might just be our new favorite. This
highly textured vinyl cuts and applies just like any other vinyl, but there are
a couple of simple but important differences. For starters, you’ll need to
use Custom for your cut settings. Don’t worry! We’ve done all the trial and error,
and we’ve already created a custom setting for you to use. You’ll find it in
the custom setting menu under Vinyl. Then choose Glitter. We’ll look at that a
little closer in a moment. If you don’t have an Explore machine, that’s not a
problem. We’ve included this handy little guide on the inside of the packaging
label that has all of the recommended cut settings. So go ahead and get cutting!
Because of the texture, Glitter Vinyl uses a new StrongGrip Transfer Tape
that’s already included with your roll. Set the Transfer Tape aside for later. Go
ahead and put the vinyl on the mat, paper side down, of course, and load the
mat into the machine. Next, select Vinyl. Glitter from the
custom materials menu. When everything is set, click Go, and
watch the magic happen! Next step: weeding. Weeding is the process of removing the
vinyl we don’t need or won’t be using, and gets it ready for the Transfer Tape. It’s a little tricky at first, but take your time and you’ll get the hang of it.
Now it’s time for the transfer tape. When it comes to applying vinyl, transfer tape
is your best friend, and having the right transfer tape makes the whole process
easier. Start by cutting the transfer tape to size. Make sure it’s slightly
larger than your design. You can check the size by laying it over your cuts.
Next, lift the tape off the backing paper and carefully place it over the design.
Use the Scraper tool to burnish it and make sure it’s stuck. Now we can easily
lift the vinyl from the backing paper and not worry about pieces shifting;
everything will stay right where it should. You can measure and mark
everything in preparation for applying your vinyl, or you can lift it and apply
it like we’ve done here. You choose the method that works best for you. The
Scraper tool comes in handy here to burnish the vinyl to the glass so that
the transfer tape can be removed without lifting any of the letters. Slowly peel
the transfer tape off of the surface. watch for lifting as you pull. It’s
easier to burnish it again than it is to fix it after it’s lifted
or stretched. And that’s all there is to it! Fast, simple, and gorgeous! If you found
this video helpful, please share it. And don’t forget to give us your thoughts
and questions in the comments below. And, as always, be sure to subscribe. Happy

62 thoughts on “How to Use Glitter Vinyl and Strong Grip Transfer Tape

  1. Someone gave me a piece to try and I was so frustrated because I couldn't get it off the backing paper. I did't know you have to use a special transfer tape. Looking at the supply section of Cricket I don't even see the glitter vinyl or strong transfer tape for sale? I am stuck with 2 cut pieces I can't get off the backing paper and no recourse on where to buy the stronger tape. I wish I would have seen the video a week ago!

  2. Beautiful! I can hardly wait for my Explore Air to get here! Just a few more days!! Looking forward to trying this!

  3. I love the glitter vinyl. I haven't used it yet, but I'm going to buy some, while its on sale at Hobby Lobby. yay!

  4. Does Cricut have an ambassador program?? I was approached by my local Michael's to lead a workshop on Cricut 101.

  5. How durable is the vinyl? Does it stay put for a long time? I create crafts and sell them, and I don't want to sell things that aren't durable, this is why I ask.

  6. I tried the glitter vinyl last weekend and had no issues using the Vinyl setting on my cricut. Then again, my cricut doesn't properly cut printable sticker paper the way it should either. I had to go into custom settings to increase the pressure.

  7. I am working with this glitter product currently and am beyond frustrated with it. I have the Cricut explore and use the setting described and the paper peels off WITH the glitter letters. ANy advice? I have tried adjusting to different vinyl custom settings but still not working. :/

  8. I absolutely, positively ADORE glitter anything so I was so excited to see this glitter vinyl! However…I do wish I had watched this video BEFORE I tried to remove my design from the backing! Then I would have known about the extra strong transfer tape! I'm very pleased you mention it here. Also I learned a new trick…leave your design on the mat when transferring! Brilliant! Thank you!

  9. The transfer tape included when you buy the multi pack of glitter vinyl isn't nearly enough! Please sell the strong transfer tape on its own!!

  10. Where can I find the stronger grip transfer tape? The cricut multi pack of glitter vinyl I purchased did not include this.

  11. We bought the variety pack of glitter vinyl and it only came with ONE strong grip transfer tape! So when we went to use the only other Cricut transfer tape I had on hand, the vinyl would NEVER stick to it! We called Cricut to ask if there was special strong grip transfer tape for the glitter vinyl as it wasn't working and they said No, and just sent us a roll of the regular that still didn't work. So A) Why would you not put AT LEAST the same amount of transfer tape per glitter vinyl in the variety pack, if not even 1 extra since you already know you use a larger amount of tape to the vinyl? And B) How can customer service NOT be aware of the products you are creating and selling that they told us the wrong information and sent us the wrong product that did not work????
    A little disappointing and stopped us from crafting with it further as there is NO strong grip transfer tape available for sale on the website or in stores! Poor planning????

  12. I have wasted so much of this vinyl and transfer tape. The transfer tape is not good for more than 1 use and forget cutting tiny intricate cuts and expect the transfer tape to work like shown on this video. I have tried 4 times on a simple monogram with circle around it. The vinyl is not sticky enough to hold onto a mug or any surface you plan to wash. I am very disappointed in this purchase.

  13. please tell me you have an answer for not enough transfer tape being in the package I have some glitter vinyl left with only 1 good outcome if you want to call it that. Have not tried to wash the cup yet. I can not get the vinyl to stick to the transfer tape for intricate cuts like delicate fonts and it does not stick well to any mug surface I have tried so far. Very poor product. I am very disappointed.

  14. It took me a while to use my glitter vinyl, due to moving for the Army for my husband, when I finally got to use it the place where the tape was faded (on the gold sheet) made me sad.  not that huge of a deal. Also thank you I did not know there was a sheet for transfer included. I vowed not to do a big project using my glitter vinyl because I had a heck of a time getting it off.

  15. When will you start selling the strong transfer tape by itself seeing that what's included in the roll is not enough at all??? I have so much glitter vinyl left with nothing to transfer it with. It's a tad bit frustrating to spend money for a product I can only use a little of and not completely.

  16. CRICUT has a BIG PROBLEM in that they don't include the same amount of transfer tape as vinyl!!! VERY disgusted with cricut!

  17. It is very frustrating to try to use Cricut and it's products only to find that you don't have the right materials to actually complete a project. The only way to figure out that you don't have what you need is to waste other items trying to make it work and ending with a search to see if anyone else has had the same problems. Every time I have tried to make a project, somewhere during the process, I end up saying that Cricut is very user unfriendly.

  18. I agree, please sell the stronger grip transfer tape on its own!! I just bought 9 rolls of glitter vinyl and now I know I won't be able to use it all. I will also call the company and give them my feedback. Thank you for the video.

  19. How do you change the problem of it not cutting all the way through the glitter vinyl with the setting on custom and glitter vinyl as well as trying it on iron on +???? Same results on both. Only spots are cut through and only indention on the vinyl the rest of time. My blade is new and not broken.

  20. I agree with all of the other comments about not including enough stronger transfer tape with the glitter vinyl. We have used a bunch of the glitter vinyl for different things since we got our Cricut machine.

  21. I tried my first glitter vinyl and had no luck. Then I saw this video and realized I needed to find the special transfer paper in the roll. I was so excited to try it again. Unfortunately I had no better luck with the strong grip transfer paper either. The project weeded great, but no matter how hard I press, the vinyl stays on the backing and will not lift. I even tried burnishing on the other side – nothing. Any suggestions? I'm so disappointed and frustrated!

  22. OMG I damage my job I was trying to do letter for a name and the transfer paper is not enough and the paper never stick to the letter to pull them out and transfer it really frustrated I damage all the letter is useless .

  23. I'm guessing you can't use this for wall decals because not only did it not transfer the vinyl, it took the paint off my walls.

  24. The strong transfer tape is leaving tape residue on the surface I am transferring to. Any suggestions? It is wasting product as I have to start over.

  25. Hello! is the first time I'm using the glitter vinyl and I'm going to use it in my daughter's laptop , will work ? or just works on glass?

    Thanks 🙂

  26. I got this and man this is not as easy as it looks. I just got a brand new Explore Air and this was the first thing I purchased to decorate her new Cricut before I give it to her. Never have I used this and wasted almost a full sheet. I have similar complaints as others here. One big one is that only one 12X12 Strong transfer tape came with 6 12×12 glitter sheets of vinyl. Clearly not enough. Also I'm having an issue. The Cricut is new. but the backing keeps coming off with the vinyl. Its not cutting all the way through the backing but I'm not sure if its just cutting too deep. I am setting to custom on the dial then selecting glitter vinyl. What could I be doing wrong?

  27. I am still experimenting, but I removed the glitter paper from its backing and placed it over regular adhesive vinyl for added support. I used my serger tweezers to help lift up the both the glitter and vinyl on to the transfer tape. Design was intricate but it worked. I don't know why the video makes it look so easy.

  28. Can not get the strong transfer tape to stick to the vinyl. Have tried numerous times. So frustrating! Love the look of the vinyl but can not get it to work with the strong transfer tape.

  29. This transfer paper is not nearly strong enough. I have ruined sheets of vinyl trying to transfer. I have also had to cancel orders because of this debacle. Will not be using Cricut glitter amongst others…anymore!!!!

  30. I love the vinyl but I don't care for the strong grip. the vinyl sticks to the strong grip but won't adhere to ant project. I wasted so much money trying it over,over again.

  31. I won’t buy this particular vinyl again. I burnished the heck out of it but it wouldn’t budge! I’ll try Oracal brand instead.

  32. I am usung strong transfer tape on vinyl and I can’t get it to come off is strong the wrong one to use with regular vinyl

  33. Cricut Glitter Vinyl is the worst! It doesn't stick to any of the usual transfer tapes and the super grip one they give you in the roll isn't near enough. I have wasted so much time and money on this inferior product.

  34. Thanks for this video. So very helpful. I bought some pink glitter paper and used dollar tree transfer tape which did not work at all!!! After seeing the video I went to my roll of glitter paper and low and behold there was some strong transfer tape included. I will try the project again because it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted the first go around.

  35. I bought strong grip by accident ~ is it only for glitter? I haven't had a project turn out yet using it… 🙁

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