51 thoughts on “How to Upload Fonts to Cricut & Create a Subway Art Sign

  1. I always love to watch your videos! It came out so pretty! ♡ I know you made your own font can you tell me how you did that? Is there a video i missed?

  2. Thank you for sharing this informative tutorial. I love your project. Did you treat the canvas before adding the vinyl? Can you paint the canvas, and then add the vinyl? Thank you.

  3. I love this project, and how you make things easy to understand. I want to thank you for sharing the info about Wordmark.it. I think this will be very useful to me. I love to watch your videos.

  4. Thanks so much for the awesome tips to upload fonts to a mobile device! I tried it with a free one from Creative Market and it worked perfectly! Love the subway art!!

  5. Hi Jennifer can you sent me the code for the font on line I am new to this just got a maker thx u for your font tutorial

  6. I'm so excited on so many different levels at how I've learned so many different things from you and I cannot wait to implement them. Too bad I have to go to work soon, or I'd be on this canvas with the quickness!!!!

  7. This is so pretty. I did some canvas with iron on. Now I want to make one with vinyl. Thanks for sharing. When you group the words can you do it on the iPad. I’m new and trying to learn so much

  8. Wow I love this project! What a wonderful idea. I would love to make some for teacher gifts as well.😀 Thank you so much for sharing

  9. Just wondering, when she says the word of the day, will she say something along the lines of
    "The word of the day is…"

  10. I gotta ask, where do you put all these lovely crafts you make? I'm running out of display space lol

  11. I love this! You could customise this for a new baby girl or boy or general babyish for a baby shower gift. A beautiful surprise for a wedding gift or at the engagement. Colourful and bright for a pre-school, the options are limitless. I did one of these years ago for each of my kids but on a photo software online and it was printed by someone else – this is more rewarding because you do the whole project from start to finish.

  12. Just discovered your wonderful tutorials. I've only had my Maker for 6 weeks but I'm getting into it! YOU are an excellent instructor. I find you don't miss any details when you explain a technique and that is soooo important. I also like your additional resources. Thanks for sharing….teachers gotta teach!

  13. Can i recommend a video for uploading and image for example hand written words from a letter. Then making the text or image bolder so it cuts out better and smoother. Also is there a way to do this on your phone since i use cricut on my phone

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