How to Turn Old Magazines into a Coiled Paper Basket

How to Turn Old Magazines into a Coiled Paper Basket

How to Turn Old Magazines into a Coiled Paper
Basket. Use old magazines to make a cool basket that
suits your more eco-friendly side. You will need Old magazines Scissors Glue
A paintbrush A small piece of cardboard A bowl Wax or parchment paper or aluminum foil
Decoupage glue A foam brush and rice glue (optional). Step 1. Cut magazine pages into 1-inch wide strips. Step 2. Spread glue over a strip with the paintbrush. To make the strip thicker, glue another on
top of it, add more glue, and fold it into thirds lengthwise. You can also use rice glue, available in some
craft shops. Step 3. Coil the strip around a rectangular or oval
piece of cardboard that is about a half-inch long to form the core of your basket. Step 4. Fold more strips of paper and glue them in
concentric circles around your core, making a flat, round plate for to bottom of your
basket. Step 5. Turn the bowl upside down and line the outside
with wax or parchment paper or aluminum foil, and fit your base on the bottom. Then continue folding and gluing paper strips
in circles, slightly overlapping, gradually moving up the sides of the bowl. Join long strips at their ends to make them
longer, spread them with glue, and coil to save you time. Step 6. Continue building upward, using the mixing
bowl as a mold. When the desired height is reached, allow
the glue to dry overnight. Step 7. Paint a thin layer of decoupage glue on your
basket with the foam brush. Step 8. Allow your basket to dry for at least 48 hours
before using it. Did you know Coiling techniques were popular
in the basketry of Native Americans in Southern California.

31 thoughts on “How to Turn Old Magazines into a Coiled Paper Basket

  1. what people don't know about recycling is that its not as efficient as you think it is. Since trashing something is financially easier on waste companies many of the material sent to be recycled end up getting trashed anyway. :/ and recycling is not an infinite process it only prolongs getting something trashed. true story.

  2. @jeishun oh so don't recycle cuz it doesn't do as much as we think? its something that helps thats all that matters!

  3. true. but im just saying its probably better to use some glue and whatever and avoid scrapping the paper. and you also avoid buying a bowl. im guessing some ppl that make this r actually gonna use it…

  4. thats rly lame just inflate a balloon cover in vasaline then put newspaper alover it then coat in glue next day baloon will pop and u have a noce basket

  5. @ItsJustJasmine No just that recycling is not the all mighty answer to everything. Of course still recycle just know its not the answer. Very little people know about this its important that people know we still need a solution to waste probs.

  6. @jeishun duh its not the onlyyyyyyyyyyy thing to do, i didn't say that. i'm not a fucking economist so i'll leave it to the scientists to come up with that answer… geez

  7. @ItsJustJasmine Well you're not completely useless…. what you can do is spread the word. Don't be passive, scientist aren't gonna do anything unless public demands it. how are they gonna demand something they dont know the truth about?

  8. @sakinehbs Last time I checked, there hasn't exactly been an abundance of handcrafts at 99 cent stores lately…

  9. learn to make an origami basket, and apply glue to that, it's faster and enough to be a waste basket for as long as it's needed.

  10. How'd you remove the aluminum foil? This looks cool!! But I'm dutch, and I have no idea waht decoupage glue is! Help meeee 🙂 Would wallpaper-glue do?

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