100 thoughts on “How to Tile a Small Bathroom Floor | DIY Bath Remodel

  1. Nice! Really love the way it looks. Just curious, what if the floor is not wood? Do you still put the sheet under the tile first? Or you just put the tile? Thanks.

  2. Great video first of all. Love the white and the use of computer software to figure out placing. Always nice to see people being more innovative and careful. And just a note if I may. If you live somewhere with a full spectrum of seasons, do be mindful of what you use underneath the tile. Plywood tends to expand and contract as the temperature changes causing grout and tile to crack and break. We always recommend putting cement board down instead. We use HardieBacker.

  3. This is an excellent tutorial video- thorough yet to-the-point, and the work is done carefully and without cutting corners. I'll be updating the flooring in my basement and the adjoining bathroom so this is super helpful! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Im doing a very similar size bathroom soon, on concrete floor though, just have to use a self leveler first, but this helped a lot, many thanks for guys like you that do vids like this, subscribed 👍

  5. Love the spacers! My house is old and the original wood floors slant, I want to install tile over them in the bathroom. Any recommendations on how to level before Install?

  6. Really appreciate this video. Just bought a house where the previous owner thought he was a handy man but more of a handy don't. My bathrooms have three layers, vinyl, tile, and another layer of tile. Going to try this out on the basement bathroom first before tackling the three layer bathrooms.

  7. Question. Not sure if someone has asked yet but that website that you use. Any chance can you attach the link? so we can use it as well. Thank you

  8. Hello thank you for your information could you please tell me if you use the free sketch up also could you do a video and how you use it for tile layer thank you

  9. Good video, but there's lot space left between tiles and wall, should covered with tiles to push next to wall. Other then good job. 👍

  10. sorry to say that but its a bad layout, if you do brick pattern what is half tile its ok, but when you do thirds you should line 1/3 and 2/3 and after that you repeat the 1st tile, but you do the best work on wood, lol

  11. should i use that same backing on the bathroom WALL…. and if so can i put it OVER wall paper? or do i have to remove the wall paper first, (it's one layer of wall paper over drywall)

  12. Your videos are AWESOME. I was really nervous about doing my first bathroom but after watching this video I think I can handle it!

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