How to Tie Wedding Chair Sashes

How to Tie Wedding Chair Sashes

Hey there, I am Jessica with Paper Mart ( Today I am going to show you how to make a chair sash for your wedding. This is a great way to spice up a chair To get started you will need our satin chair sash. They come in a variety of colors and come in Organza too. Start to wrap your chair sash by bringing the chair sash to one side of the chair on the bottom. And start wrapping it around. You can center when we are finished. Make sure it is tight. Secure the ends of the chair sash by hiding them on the inside with pins. Make sure to hide your pins. See it is loose but not falling down. Move it around to show the seam part in the very back, middle. To hide the seam, we are going to take our jewel ribbon which is already cut. And gather the chair sash together. Wrap your jewel ribbon in the middle and attach with the glue gun. Use a pin at first to make it easier. Once the glue dries, we have a wonderful bow that we just created. Here is another way to wrap our chair sashes. Here is the second way to use our Paper Mart sashes. I am going to take this pretty blue sash and in its center wrap around the right chair frame and bring across the chair. Clean it up by moving the fabric around. Finish it up by tying a nice bow. Our chair sashes actually have a shiny side and a matte side. Make sure the shiny side is facing outward. And now we have a pretty bow on the back of our chair. Hope you enjoyed making these chair sashes. Be sure to check our other videos on YouTube.

7 thoughts on “How to Tie Wedding Chair Sashes

  1. Since the chairs for my wedding will be rentals, is there an issue with hot gluing them? Is there an easier way to keep the sash & jewels in place?

  2. Hello, thanks for the video. Love the colors and organization of your shop. For the second bow, what are the recommended sash lengths to achieve this look? Thanks.

  3. Hi. Awesome work, Jessica! I just subscribed to your channel. Just finished viewing the site and I'm in love with the products and especially the prices! I have a question… Do you have to own a business in order to purchase from Paper Mart? I need to purchase products ASAP!

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