47 thoughts on “How to Tie Dye Shirt Designs : Horizontal Double Roll Pattern for Tie Dye Shirts

  1. For all the idiot emo comments, he's doing it in black and white so the pattern is more obvious, and so retards will understand.


  2. i like the way it looks on the left hand side of the tshirt, but dont like how its just plain on the right side…. if it was like how it is on the left side all over then it would be mad!

  3. @MrTreePubes ….So we can buy hot dogs >.> I don't live in the USA… Schools are a little different here…

  4. i wish this guy would learn to use another color besides BLACK. the point of tie dyes is to be vibrant and colorful not dull and boring. every shirt hes made is black. try a red or a blue for christ sake

  5. sush a shame that you wasted your time to comment on something you dont like, other people might like it so just dont make this pattern.

  6. It looks cool to me.. I like it
    Seriously, if you don't have anything nice to say or you're gonna be harsh and mean just save your time and look at a different video

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