how to texture wall, texture drywall, sand texture. Easy! Home Mender

how to texture wall, texture drywall, sand texture. Easy! Home Mender

Hello! This is Dustin with Home Mender
and today and we are going to do a little texturing on the wall. I don’t
know if it’s going to come out looking nice. If it does I’ll go ahead and make
the video or if it doesn’t I’m just going to delete the footage. lol With that
said, let’s get to it. So I’m going to try to let you guys see this this
was a medicine cabinet that was taken out and the existing texture is so bumpy,
you can actually see that it is flat there. They went ahead and painted it but
it doesn’t look very good so we’re going to try to make it look nice. There’s some
patches but this doesn’t look very good so we’re going to do a kitty litter
attempt. Mixing up some 5-minute mud here and I’m mixing this up to where it’s
shaking in the pan. It’s nice and thin. It’s a “like this” consistency. I’m gonna
skim over everything really lightly. There we go a little past where my
texture is. This is going to have to be fairly smooth. Now we’re going to make it
really smooth. Just from the top down as best we can. Alright, I think I’m ready.
Take some kitty litter. I’m gonna throw it at the wall. Alright I think it’s looking pretty
good. I’m going to do these two little guys over here, too. While my mud is still
wet. Whole thing. Apply the litter. Now when the mud hardens a little bit
we’ll take out these tracks with our finger. Texturing is more of an art form.
You can see how just taking the wet mud and tapping my hand on the wall, it’s kind of starting to make it look pretty cool. You’re not really going to notice
that texture after it gets painted. I’m going to try this other one a little
different because this one, this mud is still really wet so we’re going to give
this one here about ten minutes to dry. I’m just going to take my finger and
smooth out these little tracks. I think I like that other method better but this
is going to work also. There we go. i definitely like that method better
around the edges do a little smoothing. Been about 20 minutes since it went on. Not
tacky. I’m going to go ahead and put some paint on it. Looking awesome. So that’s it.
Super easy. I’m okay with that. It’s about an A- job. So for Home Mender Inc,
this is Dustin. I hope you learned something today and if you did don’t
forget to click subscribe. Thanks for watching.

14 thoughts on “how to texture wall, texture drywall, sand texture. Easy! Home Mender

  1. lol never would of thought of kittyll litter.
    I have some old warped/bubbly plaster that I'm trying to figure out how to remedy. I'm thinking of going over it with some texture. What kind of material should I use? Regular joint compound? Spackling? thanks

  2. Hey there Dustin ,I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for the half second look at the finished job

  3. I use playground sand (Home Depot, cheap) that matches the 1920s surface perfectly. Apply it in the paint. I restore historic homes. Also, a good tip! The type of typical wall he is working on looks like its probably USG first generation gypsum board. They wanted it to be as strong as plaster so they added fiber. The  fiber was asbestos !!!  So wear a respirator and have a piece of the gypsum tested. Thats why it has the rough surface.

  4. I haven't seen anything to match that old 70's sand texture on the market. When you said Kitty litter I thought… holy crap…smart!!! I might try adding that to the actual paint… if it sucks I'll try it your way.

  5. How about a d-,finished work looked like crap,I had to lol when you threw kitty litter on it….should just mix it in paint until it mimics the existing texture

  6. I tried this and my cat crapped on the wall! I probably shouldn't have left the step-ladder by the wall. (I never knew my real ladder)

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