How to Start Art Journaling

How to Start Art Journaling

hi welcome to draw tip Tuesday today I
want to give you a quick tip for your mixed media journal because we just
started a course all about mixed-media journaling at sketchbook school so if
you haven’t signed up yet go to sketchbook school come and sign up for
this awesome course if you want to make art but you feel like you can’t really
draw then this is the perfect course for you because you can just dive in and
start making art and if you do like drawing this is also really a great
course to take because you will be taking out of your comfort zone with a
lot of painting color textures and lots and lots more things that will also come
in useful for your sketchbook habit and you can draw if you want to that’s the
beauty of mixed-media journaling you can do whatever you want as long as you
express yourself and have fun so today I want to show you just a few quick tips
on how to fill a page or at least a layer because mixed-media journaling is
mainly all about layering collage paint line ink
anything that you can think about so I have just a few things here that I got
from my stash of art supplies and you might have similar stuff in your drawers
or on the shelf so let’s start with some crayons why not that’s the tool most of
us started out with as kids right makes me yeah journaling is all about
experimenting and playing and it’s so much fun so what I am learning by doing
here is that the white crane gives a really great texture on the background
that are already made beforehand it’s kind of transparent so it blends nicely
into the blue background let’s try a bolder black and see what that brings to
the page these crayons dry water-resistant so I can paint over it
and glue stuff on top without worrying that the colors will bleed and even if
that would happen that might actually turn out to be a good thing just go with
the flow you can make simple marks without really thinking about where
going because that’s a fun thing about mixed-media journaling you don’t really
need to think about what you want to make you are just making when India ink
dries up its water-resistant so as part of the background that will be partly
covered with collage stamps or paint let’s make some fingerprint marks with
that simply use your finger and make dots look at that each dot looks
different some dots are juicy some are a bit drier it’s very organic by leaving
your fingerprint you are adding something very unique and personal which
makes this page even more you and that’s really what your mixed-media journal is
all about it’s your personal journey on the page
these are poster paint sticks you can use temper our gouache or acrylic paint
but these sticks are pretty fun because it kind of looks like a big lip stick
and you can make really nice roundish marks with them when you’re making marks
collaging and painting in your journal you will see that repeating patterns or
just repetitions of colors or shapes brings balance to your page now I’ll let
this dry and who knows what happens next maybe I will experiment with a bit of
collage and add more paint do some stamping I have so many ways to express
myself I just go with the flow and enjoy the whole process I am not at all an
experienced mixed-media journaler as you may know yesterday I just started taking
the course mixed-media journaling at sketchbooks cool calm along with lot of
other enthusiastic students and I’m already learning so much so that is
actually what I’m sharing with you but of course there is so much more that I
cannot teach you but the amazing teachers at sketchbook school they will
we have very experienced mixed-media artists who are teaching in this course
and they make incredible art they will inspire you to make your own art and
they will show you how and how you can do it because yes
you can so sign up for mixed-media journaling at sketchbooks cool calm and
I will see you in class bye

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  1. I love this! 😍 I have been art journaling and experimentingin my sketchbooks for years… Perfect for when you are in an artist's block and creating brain dumps!

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