How to Stamp an Easy Angled Sentiment Background – Gerda Steiner Designs!

How to Stamp an Easy Angled Sentiment Background – Gerda Steiner Designs!

hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and I’m
back for Gerda steiner designs and i’m going to be using this fall in love set
to create a fairly clean and simple love card. Today’s card is all about stamping
an angled sentiment background a really easy way to do that but before I get to
that I am going to color up my images ready to go for the front of the card I
have the owl couple here and I am using my Misti to stamp them out because I’m
really liking the way the images look once I’ve colored them and I come back
and restamp them so my first stamping I’m actually using the tuxedo black
memento ink because I want to do some Copic coloring and I’m just partially
inking up some of this tree because I only want to use one branch out of this
trees so there’s no point me stamping the whole thing out I’m using my owl go-to colors
I don’t know, they are not my owl go-to colors I don’t know what my go-to colors
are for owls but I am making them kind of a neutral color because I don’t know
I do a lot of bright cards and I thought today I’ll just do something a little
bit different so keeping my coloring really simple I did start with my middle
shade I don’t know why I added some shadows in blended them out with my
lighter color and then I’ve brought my darkest color in and just added a little
bit on the edges alright so I’m gonna leave with the coloring now the lids are
gonna be off to the side and I’ll be back when all of this is done and I did decide to flip my branch
around I didn’t think that it really mattered I just wanted it coming from
the right hand side of the card and the way these Leaves are drawn on this image
it’s not going to make much difference at all and I did fussy cut my images out
as well just leaving a small white border I’ve got a sentiment this one
comes from the buckets of love stamp set and there is the word love in this stamp
set and the Fall in love stamp set but this one is just slightly bigger and I
thought I’d go with that but if you only had the other stamp set that you could
easily replicate this background I have a panel of cardstock it’s cut to the
same size as my card front and what I’ve done is actually laid down the word on
the panel on the angle that I want when I lined up my Fiskars stamp press I use
the lines of the grid on the plastic to match the lines on the edge of my
cardstock panel and then I’ve simply just eyeballed it otherwise as long as
the lines of the grid are straight up and down or and across horizontal and
vertical on the cut of the panel I know that the angle of the word love is going
to be exactly the same all the way you probably noticed while I’m stamping this
out this isn’t perfect the lines aren’t perfectly set apart the words aren’t
perfectly set apart but in the end product or the end design you really
can’t tell because it’s it’s a background it’s not doesn’t have to be
perfect and no one is ever going to notice
but if you did want it perfect you could actually draw some pencil lines in and
that way you know it’s all going to be exactly the same I am using some onyx
black ink because I know that that gives a nice bold sort of look but I recognize
that look fantastic with a nice bright color as well
now I purposely chose the large Fiskars stamp press because I can move it around
without the orange footpads hitting my cardstock all the time and now I’m just
showing you again each time I’m stamping it I am lining up the cardstock with the
grid lines I’m not worrying about where the paper is on the or everything as
long as those two lines are straight it works perfectly I’m going to die cut a
heart now out of the panel and I want to pop up the outside edge of the panel so
to do that I’m holding it in place on the top of my top fold card and then
adding some adhesive to the die cut heart and then I’ll just hold my outside
panel in place while I basically make a jigsaw puzzle of the heart and pop it in
there I did it really back the front and last time I did that I had the fun foam
before I lined up the panel made it really hard this was much easier and I’m
just showing you here that I did pop up the front panel but I lost some footage
so you won’t see me actually put it on the front of the card but I simply just
removed the scor tape and then just set it over the top so that it centered over
that die-cut perfectly and then all that was left to do was add my little branch
and I used some dotted adhesive and I also popped up the branch where it was
going to be within the die cut and then I just had to pop up my owls I have a
little flower that I popped on the little girl owl’s hair? I don’t know
they’re on her feathers and that’s my finished card thanks so much for joining
me I’ll link everything below so I’ll see you next time I look forward
to seeing you again real soon till then happy papercrafting bye

18 thoughts on “How to Stamp an Easy Angled Sentiment Background – Gerda Steiner Designs!

  1. So cute, I volunteer for a wildlife rescue organization, this would be a perfect card to give to one of my volunteer friends on an anniversary!

  2. Always luv your videos. You always have such great ideas and you always seem so happy and lighthearted. I am going to set aside some time to binge watch. 😉

  3. Love how you showed getting more from that tree stamp by using part of it for the branch! Have a wonderful weekend. :o)

  4. Thank you, Therese, for making the girl owl more colorful than the male… NEVER happens in Nature – so unfair!  LOve your background stamping – a fabulous way to finish out the week!  xx=]

  5. looooove this card,, so cute,, will make it for my mother in law,, I always call call her mrs owl lol. but, please tell me where you got that liile yellow flowere from? it puts the card together so weel,, thanks 🙂 happy paper crafting heheheh 😉

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