How to SPOOL KNIT I-CORDS on a Loom | Knitting Tools

How to SPOOL KNIT I-CORDS on a Loom | Knitting Tools

Knitting I-Cords on a Loom! Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit. Did you know we can make I-Cords without using
knitting needles? We are going to dive into spool knitting,
this is also called corking, French knitting, or tomboy knitting. This is a great option for kids or anyone
without knitting experience who want to quickly make some pretty cool knitting projects, like
making knitted jewelry, pencil cozies, toys, decorations, and even brains! If you’d like to learn how to knit an I-Cord
on regular knitting needles, make sure to check out my video and the link is in the
description below. So, for our materials, we will be using yarn
in any weight and mine is here is bulky, and a Spool Loom device, it includes a loom hook
and tapestry needle. And we’re using some scissors, too. I have a link in the description below on
where you can purchase this exact Jumbo Spool Knitter by Boye online. Now, after I show you how easy it is to knit
up I-Cords on this little plastic loom, I’m also going to show you one other device, as
well as a side-by-side comparison to see how this stacks up to traditional knitting in
regards to quality and speed. To begin, we simply place our yarn down the
center of the loom and we will hold onto this yarn tail securely throughout this entire
process. Oh, and if you’re excited to learn how to
knit on a loom, please hit LIKE and make sure to SUBSCRIBE! For the loom, we take the yarn that is between
these two pegs. Next, we wrap it around the front of the left
one, bring it around clockwise, and behind the next peg. So we made one little loop there. Now again, wrap it around the front going
clockwise, and then behind the next peg. Once we’ve wrapped all five pegs in this way,
we will do it exactly the same way until all five pegs have two yarn wraps each. Okay, now using our hook, we simply take the
bottom loop bring it over the top loop and then let it go. Again, the bottom loop here is picked up by
our hook, we bring it over the top, and off. Now let’s go all the way around all five pegs
until they each have just one loop remaining. Then it’s wrap time again. And we just wrap around all five pegs, use
the hook on all five pegs, and keep repeating this process until your I-Cord is the length
you desire. Once you’re ready to remove your I-Cord, we’re
going to be doing what in knitting is called binding off. And first we simply cut our yarn and we’re
going to thread it through our tapestry needle. Now, we’re taking the needle and the the yarn
is going to be thread through this first loop, bring it up, and off. And then we continue doing all around until
all five loops are removed from the loom. You may wish to weave in your ends a little
more securely, too, depending on your project. Oh, I also have this other little nifty device
that supposedly makes I-Cords simply by cranking a handle! I’ll have a video coming soon to see if this
thing really works, and to make sure you don’t miss it, make sure you are SUBSCRIBED to Studio
Knit on YouTube. Okay, here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting
for! After knitting on traditional double-pointed
knitting needles, or DPNs for exactly ten minutes, I also used the Spool Knitter fo
exactly ten minutes so that we could compare the I-Cords of each! Oh, okay, so the knitting needles versions
clearly is the winner when it comes to length. Let’s see, the spool knitter gave us a little
over 6 inches in length, and the traditional version here is about 9 inches. So, on length, our old fashioned way wins. And here you’ll see that the traditional I-Cord
is fairly flat in shape on the sides, whereas the Spool version is much rounder all the
way around and it also looks like it has a bit of a looser weave. Whether it’s doing knitting on knitting needles
or with crafty gadgets, I hope you are inspired to knit up some I-Cords. And next time we’ll find out if you really
can make an I-Cord simply by turning a crank. Please like up this video, make sure to SUBSCRIBE,
and check out all of my other knitting projects that we can make with I-Cords. Thanks so much for watching guys. Bye!

27 thoughts on “How to SPOOL KNIT I-CORDS on a Loom | Knitting Tools

  1. thank you so much for that video I have one the same exact one that you have try to figure it out for a very long time and once I saw they you had a video I had to watch it

  2. Really cool to see different tools being used for similar techniques! Everytime I see a new video get posted I always hope it's for a mermaid tail blanket tutorial but thankfully I'm preoccupied with making my 7 foot Harry Potter scarf 😊

  3. ohhhhh… that is so nice and convenient. I have a spool loom too but I was just not able to get the I cord right. thank you so much! p.s. do you know french?

  4. ohhhhh… that is so nice and convenient. I have a spool loom too but I was just not able to get the I cord right. thank you so much! p.s. do you know french?

  5. If you're looking for an easy project for kids to do you can make these with tape a paper towel roll (empty cardboard cylinder) and some popsicle sticks!

  6. With the crank one, I have a vintage one that was used for making toys. It takes some getting use to, but God does it save you time if you have projects you have to get done.

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    Having trouble figuring out how to make the tail the right shape with the curve in it. Do you have any suggestions?

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    Thanks for sharing the video that is vary helpful. I always knit form my family last time i buy knitting tools from #MEHOUSA. And today i learn new thing from your channel SPOOL KNIT I-CORDS on a Loom | Knitting Tools

    Thanks once again

  10. Thank you so much for this. My 6 year old son found my Hello Kitty spool loom. Showed him this and he is so interested.

  11. Thanks sweetheart, God bless you with lots n lots of success n happiness so beautifully explained love you. U sound so sweet. 👍😘😘🙏❤

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