guess he’s back with a new blog meg and chris are
back in town thought I’d vlog again today because we’re having a bit
of a fun day I think we’re gonna get the the tram to South Bank walk around the
South Bank markets then we’re going to get the ferry to Scienceworks Museum
which sounds right up my street they’re ready nowhere else anything else on the
agenda I feel like we’ll be in the Science Museum for quite a while so
that’s what we’re doing today near each other
Hey it’s just got coffee just the sake of it
so that I could use my new mug that’s when you know you’re an adult when you
get excited about new reason okay Brian I didn’t know everything
actually see me but we’re just waiting for our mo we’re gonna get the boat to
the Science Museum and then we’ll head to Williamstown which is walk away from
there and there’s interactive stuff because that’s what I love about the
museum its rivers and things you can actually do in there and videos when you
can lie down and water stuff I that’s a person hoping it’s gonna be things like
just a Melbourne Yarra River definitely not as nice as Sydney’s or Brisbane
River that color is just it’s gonna be honest with you a little bit moody today
did everybody know why my period and I guess
later sluggishly bit down the dumps I cannot put any work experience sorted
out yeah I mean I guess that’s the struggle of coming somewhere and you’ve
gotta wait a little bit of time till you get the right opportunity for you yeah
we’ll be fine there’s our ride that’s five minutes but it works hello I’m ready to get off I gotta go
yeah yes wearing my new job today maybe a lot about me see this so I’ll
link it above yes last you mentioned that you picked it in the video if I might
probably fashionable father and it’s really nice but really like and really
simple makeup today justice Cara there’s concealers are mostly great Oh Oh bunny rabbit someone’s had a coffee that’s what it is
what she said to me wasn’t that I’m struggling interviews need to you to
really help me as I understand a map vlog and crossroads my mood has
increased a lot now which is great I’m very happy about that
it’s probably what coffee did to me it’s made me incredibly fiber but it doesn’t
know fils or gives me work she’s off something you should know about Matt and
that is like he absolutely loves a child’s play part so I don’t think we’re actually even had
time to go to Williamstown because our boat backs at 10:00 to 4:00 and it’s
like a 40 minute round-trip to Williamstown so I think we’re gonna
drive there a different day and staying here instead planetarium I want to show
and I think that planetarium show is about space which anything about space
there but it is a really good science museum if you’re ever in the Melbourne
area there is a boat that takes you straight from South Bank here this nice
little ride does take a little bit of time but it’s a nice journey
so this is to be the most expensive a poke I’ve ever had in my life but trains
very good so I can’t complain how’s your how’s your drink
yeah it really tastes to take a sip now for us then what am I getting himself I wonder
together that’s it’s loading it’s laughing huh
obviously we’ve left it last minute so I can get it she starts in about 10
seconds the planetarium thing that we went to
run over were looking at myself boat so we had to be those people that got up
and left early which is very embarrassing
I felt really rude on the person well they’ve actually made it in time in the
boats not even here yet so somewhere it goes
howdy partner yes lad it’s all day to pick up a few
necessities they gave biscuits and crisps and boobs and strobes and miri
and clusters there are some healthy things yeah we’re talking back now it’s
not far maybe five minutes so if I could be a nice evening not sure what we’re
doing we’re not a lot games a really public bit now so down we’re not paying
you enough are we Matt just realized halo it’s got a halo above that just
obvious thing it’s an a b and b and it’s really nice it’s like a block of
apartments I’m a just staying in a B&B and it’s really lovely
thank you tar very much and we are home I suspect you have – music getting
mildly they’ve quite I’m everything nah it’s the time now where I
desperately wait for the toilets because I teeth food is live at the bottom of
all there was a small bear knows everyone knows that gonna bake some
brownies and then complain about web gained weight hey hey music yep gonna
bake some brownies and I think we’re just having an evening
in tonight and we’re gonna have pasta so we’re gonna go to the supermarket buy
some garlic bread because when it be past it without garlic bread no it
wouldn’t I’ll get editing this vlog so that I’m
on top of everything that’s about it really
much thanks um FIFA doors on his phone I see a ste you have to to be fair he
doesn’t have date on his phone so he only has messages and stuff when he gets
Wi-Fi via Mandarin just develop some crisps and then head to the supermarket
like garlic bread so I’m in my pajama shorts because I like to get into them
at the first opportunity there we just went to the supermarket bought some
garlic bread and then I got back got changed put on some moisturizer because
my tan is fading so much it’s stressing me out I have no fate time with me also
I don’t want to buy any fake tan and get into the habit of tanning again I just
want to be able to have a natural tan so I’m trying to deal with that and sort of
mourn the loss of my really dark tan pray for me in here we have dark you
know the storm yes we’ve got the garlic bread garlic bread
getting the garlic bread in the oven we’ve got the pastor on the go got
broccoli assortment of vegetables and I’m extremely excited not see much onion
unfortunately I got given the important duty and that
is chopping the garlic bread makes me but I thank you man what have we got in
the oven some kind of puddin rule just relaxing
Matt’s on his phone we’ve also got we’ve got some Pompeii thing on the background
it’s actually really interesting das for watching it also i padding just do one
thing no and i am editing today’s vlog he looks burnt perhaps stop licking it
and then reusing the utensils we’re gonna see looks cracking
so I did a poll on Instagram to see whether to post this video or another
video on this video on bias slight majority so I just posted that to spit
on Facebook for Instagram the brownie is about to have one of these and play
Monopoly we’re patiently waiting or not so patiently waiting Matt hi everyone I’m just literally about to
finish editing this video and I realized that I couldn’t end it because I tried
to end it last night and be really stealthy but that was fast asleep right
in front of me so it really wasn’t a very good ending so I wanted to end it
properly here so thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed let me know if you
did and see you in my next one bye bye


  1. you have a happy live and the chocolate cake looks yummy nice video to watch I'm in your list of friends now I also have a channel check it out sometime

  2. Such a great vlog! Currently Following You! And Also liked! & Very great video! You should definitely keep posting, I can’t wait to see more! Hope you can also return the love! 🙂

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