How to simply turn your art stone creation into a memo stand or photo / note holder!  #2 Gift series

How to simply turn your art stone creation into a memo stand or photo / note holder! #2 Gift series

hi everyone its Anjela from Happy Dotting
Company. Today I’m excited to bring you the second in my series of gift ideas
and I’m going to be showing you how to make a memo stand. Well actually you can have anything on it it’s just using one of these clips here which are now
available in my Etsy shop and it can have a photo on it, it can have any kind
of note like a shopping note or you know you can have this on your desk and
put little reminders on it and that sort of thing so if you were wondering what
to get the impossible person to buy for this Christmas this might be an idea
that you could use. It’s really easy and like I said I’m just going to be using
one of these and I’m going to show you how to do it now. So I hope you’ll enjoy
this. Okay so I’m going to go through firstly what you might want or need in
order to get this job done – to put the stands into the art stones. Now you could
actually you know do it prior to painting this stone – the only thing I say
would be I’d be a little concerned about maybe clogging the hole with paint but I
suppose if you’re careful not to do that then that would be fine too.
And you know that way you don’t have to sort of make sure you’ve cleaned up
properly afterwards probably the hardest part of this is actually making sure
that when you do start to drill you don’t sort of go skidding off in any
direction and that’s why I actually like to start with my little dremel here. It’s
got a little attachment which is like a little burr and it’s really easy to keep
control of it in just one spot. If you don’t have a dremel then I suppose I
would just be really careful you know if you’re using a drill that you know you
do sort of go carefully at the start so that like I said you don’t sort of go
skidding off then sort of ruin your paint work so I’ll show you how it goes now. So this is from art stone 1 or from one of these molds available in my Etsy shop I’m just going to sorry just get these
out of the way Make a little hole carefully in the centre here. As you can see, that’s quite neat And that gives my drill a sort of entry point so hopefully this will go well. Just being careful to go directly down Here we go. You don’t have to go too far. You just sort of have to make sure it’s in enough to you know make it secure. Now I’ve
actually cut my little stems which is quite easy to do with wire cutters
although mine are getting a little bit rusty now so we should probably invest
in a new pair but I’m just going to check that this does in fact fit in
there and it does. So that’s good and then all you want to do is take some
dust off and then get my little where are they get my little just a toothpick here and my
liquid nails clear that I’m going to use to bond it. This is hard to get off. You can actually dip this in there – you don’t sort of need a lot on it I’ll wipe some of that off I think. And I’m just basically going to be screwing that in there, like so. And get one of my toothpicks and wipe the excess off. And as the name suggests it dries clear
so I’m going to now just let that dry Only takes some probably less than 24
hours to dry and then you can attach anything to that and you know I’ve got
some ideas about some fun things to put on these with these as well hopefully
you’ll see them on my Facebook page in the near future. Now you could probably
do this with you know any stone. So this is the 3 that I’ve actually just
done a hole in before and I’m going to put that in there and this is a heart
and there’s no reason we can’t do it on any of them. So like I said these packs are
available in my Etsy shop I might do this one now as well whilst I’ve got the glue out. It sort of dries quite quickly this stuff so There you go. And just let that set. So they end up sort of quite secure that’s no problem. Right so I hope you enjoyed that
it’s um you know it turns a sort of it you know what’s otherwise a good little
you know useful item into a gift or you know just something that you might enjoy
doing so thank you for watching and I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Please
subscribe to see more. bye!

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