How to sew a Pinwheel Block

Hi and welcome to my channel in this
video I’m going to show you how to make the pinwheel block I create videos every
single Wednesday helping you with your basic sewing tips and tricks in order to
create our pinwheel block we have to create half square triangles for a full
tutorial on half square triangles I will put a link in the description down below
or you should see something rolling across your screen right now another
important tip about the pinwheel block is it’s going to work best for you if
you use two contrasting colors so like a white and a print or a black and a
white you want that pinwheel to stand out so it has to be two very contrasting
colors so I’m just going to create my half square triangle right here so I’m just going to sew along these
lines right here and then just cut right along the center
like so and they’re just gonna press it open and you have one half square
triangle so this process creates two half square triangles so I’m going to do
one more in order to get four for a block you now have four half-square
triangles that look like this how do you get the pinwheel design. The pinwheel
design is all about positioning so you can get one of your blocks facing like
this another like this another like this and then like this and you see how it’s
going like a pinwheel now we’re going to sew our pinwheel in two different steps
so we’re going to get these two and we’re going to go like this right sides
together and then with this one here right sides together I’m going to sew
all the way along here as with most quilting it’s always a quarter of an inch
seam allowance unless stated and you’re just going to sew all the way down a
quarter of an inch then just press them seams down and
turn around so I’ve just lined my second one up now you have something that looks
like this we’re going to grab these two sections here and flip this right sides
together and sew right along here another tip here is see how these two
seams are both folding onto the same section creating a lot of bulk in the
middle here you want to press one of them onto one side and another onto the
other side so it lies much flatter now I’m just going to go ahead and sew this
quarter of an inch seam and there you have it one pinwheel block.
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