How to sew a Fast Hooded cape

How to sew a Fast Hooded cape

Hi I’m Angel with and today
I’m going to show you how to make this fast hooded cape. This fast hooded cape can be made under an
hour. It’s simple but elegant design makes it a versatile costume piece. For this project you will need the following: Materials you will need;
A printed out version of the free PDF pattern available on
5/8 yard fleece for hood – plus what you want the length to be ( based on fabric that
is 58- 60 inches wide) this will be determined by the length you decide to make it.
thread Rotary, cutter, ruler mat
Ribbon or leather cording ( for the ties) Alright once you have all those items, it’s
time to get started. You will need to assemble and cut out the
pattern (Instructions can be found on channel). Cut out two pieces of the hood, set
aside. Next you’re going to need to do some measuring to determine the length of your
cape. The length of the cape is up to you. To determine the length of your cape, measure
from your collarbone to where you want the cape to fall. Note:This cape is designed to
have a little rise in the front. This is to help to prevent tripping on it. So, the length
you measure will be at the longest point of the cape in the back. If you desire cut off
the selvage from the cloth. (I confess in the pattern example I didn’t do this) Take
the negative cut out and place it on the edge of folded fabric (make sure the part that
is supposed to be on the fold is) and cut out the bottom of the cape. If you leave the
selvage on like I did the pattern will be a little short, just continue the curve and
cut right to the edge of the fabric. Measure from the bottom of the cape the length you
desire and cut off the top using a straight line, using your rotatory cutter,ruler, and
mat. Alright once you have all of the pieces cut
out, it’s time to start sewing. Take the two hooded pieces and using a using
a .5 inch seam allowance sew them together. Then turn under rim of hood .5 and using a
zig sag stitch, sew that down. Alright now that you have made the hood it’s
time to attach it to the cape. Take the cape and sew a basting stitch along
the top ( the straight edge). Gather the cape to the
length of the hood. Pin right side together. Sew hood onto the cape using a .5 inch seam
allowance. You may need to go slow as you are sewing through thick layers. Perfect. Now let’s add the ties. Taking the ribbon or leather ties, making
them the length you want and sew on to the top edges of where the hood meets the cape.
Trim your threads and your finished. Alright and you’re finished. You have a great
cape that is the perfect length for you, that works great for many different outfits. And
I’ll tell you a secret, the hood to this cape will also fit on the red ridding hood cape
and vise versa. The hood on the red ridding cape will fit on this cape as well. If you
like this pattern and tutorial, I have several others on my website Fleece Fun I know
you’ll love. All the patterns and tutorials are free. Also, be sure to check out Fleece
Fun on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Have a great day and remember, velvet is pretentious,
fleece is fun.

57 thoughts on “How to sew a Fast Hooded cape

  1. Velvet is pretentious?! Really? I think those who state their opinion as fact are pretentious. Why make a judgement your slogan? I know that your intention was not to make me feel judged, simply because I am considering a velvet cloak, but I did feel judged. Velvet can be expensive, velvet can be difficult to work with, velvet may not be economical or ecological. Those are statements that can be backed by fact. Velvet does not think nor feel, so therefore cannot be pretentious. But you sure can be passive aggressive and call those who use velvet pretentious. Thanks for turning me off your videos.

  2. Thanks for making this, Im not a sewing kinda of guy but I needed to make the grey cape from LOTR and this is helping me big time!

  3. Is there an alternative to fleece I can use which may be a bit more flowy? Would it be bad to double up thinner fabrics to sew this cape, or use just a thin flowy fabric? Or combine a fleece hood with a more flowy fabric?

  4. i am adding the hood from this pattern to the red riding hood cape but i'm not sure how to line it. the pattern says it can be lined but you don't show this on your video.

  5. what other fabric would be good with this besides fleece? i'm making a cloak for a cosplay, and wanted it to be shiny. But I don't know what material would work best.

  6. Thank you angel you explained an showed all steps extremely well thank u again, please can you show me how to cut an sew a full length an arms with a hood Cape please thank you

  7. Thank you so much for putting this online for free! I just made my very first sewing project from a pattern! Your pattern was easy to follow and simple to make. Thank you for making it such an approachable project. I'm usually too intimidated to try the things I find on the internet. I'm self taught, so half the time the technical language can be a big barrier. I especially appreciated that you included a link to another video explaining the basting stitch! Now I have a gorgeous hooded cape that's perfect for my Halloween costume!

  8. Hi could I use a fabric other than fleece? I'm going to a fair in the summer and it's going to be really hot. much appreciated 😊

  9. I'm trying to make a short cape for a cosplay. How would I change this? Especially if I don't have a sewing machine or those dotted line materials/cut out things?

  10. Hi! I can't find where to download the free pattern? If i go to ur website, it only shows a download button for some kind of 'pdf converter' program..

  11. should have used left over fleece for the ties and made them long, so they could be tied in a nice bow. the leather looks ugly and the cape is probably unbalanced and could too easily come undone at the slightest little tug on the cape.

  12. It would be nice if we could see a full body image of the finished product…..also if we could see the individual pieces after the cutting then all together at the end. This would help me as a visual learner.

  13. Hey @fleecefun i want to ask you..all the fabric that you used in this video is it all fleece??😊😅 please give a reply

  14. I'm trying to sew a cover for one of my planes… and, well… Pretty sure I'm gonna sew my fingers together! I kinda suck at this!

  15. This was so much fun to sew! I made this for my staff gift exchange this year but I don't think I'm ever going to take it off. Thank you for this pattern and easy to follow tutorial! P.S. Don't be mad but I went with pretentious and used crushed velvet. It's not as "full" as it probably should be but it's pretty amazing.

  16. Forget using this as just a costume piece- I'm wearing this as soon as I make it cause I can! Thank you so much for the tutorial I've wanted a cloak for a while

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