today I’ll be showing you tips for setting up adobe illustrator for designing specifically logo designing stationed welcome back to another graphic design tips video its Tom here I upload every Tuesday says the and sunday speed of videos and tutorials so subscribe to stay updated today i will first show you my very own logo design process in Illustrator from sketch pad to digital designs and then the final design solution from there will be looking at how to create a new document illustrator perfect for logo designing and also what type of artboards to use after that there will be a quick pit on how to edit the outboard and then look at what settings and preferences we can adjust administrator to help though you’re designing hopefully by the end of the graph advantage video you in a few more tricks to help you with logo designing illustrate that before we got however I quickly want to remind you guys to show me some love and if you find this video helpful here download button and let me know in the comment section below if you really find helpful then maybe share with someone who may benefit from it too let’s kick this video off with a logo design process I’ve made videos in the past and how important and crucial the design process is when designing a logo i think is crucial to first get down ideas on paper and this is what i do is you see here i’ll make these sketches based on the brief offered by the client and additional questions I ask them it brings do not need to be pretty of course they just a quick way to get your thoughts from your mind to something physical from there I started to compile my pre design ideas in Adobe Illustrator like to make a vertical outboard and refined and developed the designs are going down to convert this is just my method of course i will show you another common method later i often use my wacom tablet at this stage in this example here use it to create the shape of the body of the angel i will then present several pre-design ideas to my client and we will discuss them together using the feedback i will refine over and over in Illustrator reaching for the logo design development eventually we will have met the final logo design solution is located it’s only process is in my opinion very fundamental to getting irrelevant and original logo design and it should never be able owed now we will look at the type of document you able to create administrator for later designing head up the file on you the site is not really matter at this point because the document will be used just for developing ideas the final design should have its own separate Congress illustrates the unit vectors it doesn’t matter too much about the size at this point in the events section i keep it sets DMI k and also make sure you have 300 ppi selected as useful just a moment ago this is a type of art board but I used for later developing if you haven’t got any really showing and hit command hard to bring them up when i’ll show you get another very common way to develop logo designs it is just personal preference I prefer the first way that I showed you anyway I’ve seen designers openserver elbows at once so again going up to file and new become for example create a square canvas and then here we obviously have five of them you can adjust how position our words here i will choose in a row so you can see how you would start with one design on the left here and then how do you develop the local idea you have a new design on each campus as i mentioned it’s just a personal preference and it’s up to you how you work for local designs i’m going to quickly show you how to refight the canvas after you have generated it maybe you have too much you’re not even enough negative space at the bottom added to the document set up at the top here and hit our words you are bored would then be selected like this and you can go in and change the dimensions of the uneven the positioning finally we’re going to look at a few nifty into adjustment that we can make to have our life a lot easier than local designing interest rate that firstly have you ever notice when you use the pen tool that it will not select where you wanted to maybe almost magically snaps to a different place when you report your anchor is because of your settings if I make a line you can see these magenta guides bringing up everywhere if you look closely it’s preventing me from being able to put a point anywhere I want you my settings are so that literally snaps to be in line with other points have already made you can change this though go to preferences and then smart guys here have mine snapping tolerance way too high for what i want to do so let’s bring it down to one and see what that does it’s just not into points but I’ve had a lot more room of choice now if you want to take away to stop in action potential you can do that to get back to the smart guys menu and change it to 0 now you see there are no gentleman school and the packages snapping anything the very last things that you may want to change or later designing that i will show you how to change the unit values you can select Preferences here but if you cannot find the tab headed to illustrate in the corner and then go to preferences and units here you can change the units for the related to for example has changed mine from Texas millimeters alternatively you can right-click the root of themselves and change here so they have been several tips and points you might want to consider when designing a leg and illustrate that I hope this has been helpful if it has and leave a like and a comment on your way out and share it to your friends so until next time the near future today

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  1. Your design steps are absolutely incredible. I am a web designer and am changing my design process to this. Great work, clear instructions. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for replying me bro…I just start freelancer logo contest so I need your help…Please teach me Illustrator…Thanks…
    And what is your name bro…

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