How to seal your coasters after dot painting, Gift ideas #1, dot painting  mandalas

How to seal your coasters after dot painting, Gift ideas #1, dot painting mandalas

Hi Everyone! It’s Anjela from Happy
Dotting Company. Today I’m going to start a little series on gift
ideas coming into Christmas time and today I’m going to talk about making
some coasters, so I’m going to turn the camera around and show you what I’m
talking about as I do it. Ok so I’ve got my coasters here in front of me
and I just wanted to go through how I’ve made them here so you know I’ve been
thinking about coasters as an obvious thing that people might want to dot on
as soon as they sort of get into the art and the reason why I
haven’t done this before is because I really haven’t until now found a good
solution for how to actually finish them and coat them that’s actually also you
know a protection and fit for purpose. So in other words you know not talking
about any sort of a coat but talking about a coat that’s going to be suitable
to actually put hot drinks on and that’s going to last well and that
sort of thing. So this is one that I made a while ago and I’ve actually been using
this myself now for quite a while and putting super hot drinks on it and
leaving them there and I think it still looks really good. So this is why I’ve
gone ahead to show you how I did it. Now as you can see the coat itself looks really good. You can see some dents around here that you know my cup has made from
actually putting it down all the time but I think that that’s acceptable and
the reason why I say that is that paint is flexible I mean that’s the reason it
doesn’t crack is that you know between summer and winter paint does need to be
flexible and if I dig my fingernails into this you can actually see that it
will sort of dent but the main thing is that you know the coating itself
actually remains intact and it protects the paint. You know. it hasn’t chipped, it hasn’t faded and you know hasn’t sort of
discoloured so you know it still looks really good. So essentially what I’ve done is I’ve started with a wooden coaster and I mean you can get these from anywhere. This one’s actually from a hardware shop
‘Bunnings’ in Australia and but you know you can get these at most craft shops. So
it’s just this little wooden disc. I use any black acrylic paint or any acrylic
paint. I don’t use any other sort of coats or anything like that – I just use a
black acrylic paint to start. Let that dry, put my markings my symmetry markings
on it with a chalk pencil and then I sort of you know dot a design. Now I let
that after I’ve completely finished dotting I let it completely dry for a
good couple of days and this is the magic ingredient that I wanted to show
you. So I actually came across this product and I will tell you I have spent
a lot of money and a lot of time testing different products and mostly they’ve
been very disappointing but this one has impressed me. Now I have to say that I
actually found this product on a review for some acrylic pouring. They were doing
acrylic pouring on tiles and so then they let the paint dry and then they
used several different products including this one to see which ones
made the best coasters. So in other words the cup doesn’t stick to them and you
know the colour was good and the gloss was good that sort of thing. So
this one went really well in their review and as I said I’ve tested it
myself and I think it’s really great. So it’s called ‘dupli-color acrylic enamel
clear coat multipurpose coating protective gloss finish’. Now it is a
gloss but I wouldn’t say it’s a super super gloss but it is definitely a
gloss and to me that’s fine. I did end up using quite a few coats – so about
three coats. This actually came from a auto shop so not an art shop not
a regular you know multi-purpose shop it came specifically from a car shop. You
know we buy all sorts of things for vehicles auto shops and I think it’s
widely available because obviously that’s Britain the colors written the
American Way so I’d assume there’s some available in America or probably Canada and a lot of
places. You do need to use it in a very well ventilated area. So I used it
outside. As I said, I did three coats it dries quite quickly but you also need to
then let it cure for about a week before you actually start to use it. So you know
obviously let it cure properly and then that you’ll get the best lasting
finish and then what I did is I just sort of put the felt on the back and
this is just a felt that comes with a sort of a self adhesive that you
just cut into a circle and that just as an adhesive like that and I just sort of
tidied up the edges there with some black paint So like I said to you this one I
have been using for quite a few days um not days I should say weeks and I’m
quite impressed with how it’s gone and I made these other two just to see if it’s
sort of you know how the gloss was on these. I haven’t actually used these – I’m
going to give these to my parents to test so they can sit their drinks on
them but I hope this product works for you as well and I hope I’ve given you
some good tips and you know like I said that you know coasters are a really fun
thing to make and they can make some great gifts as well. So thank you for
watching I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I’ll be back with more gift ideas and
new products to show you so please subscribe. bye!

9 thoughts on “How to seal your coasters after dot painting, Gift ideas #1, dot painting mandalas

  1. May l ask the auto shop you refer to is that Supercheap or Repco or Auto barn please??
    So nice to know that an Aussie does this painting. So much easier to source supplies!!
    Go Aussies!!

  2. Thank you Anjela, it is available in the U.S. through Amazon & just over $7. – I ordered a can to try, as I'm getting low on the varnish spray I'm currently using. Have a blessed day! πŸ’• πŸ™ πŸ˜ƒ

  3. Oh wow! 😱Thank you…. I just got the perfect Xmas pressie for my daughter! Great work πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜β€οΈοΈπŸ˜˜πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

  4. Thank you Angela for this great tip. I have been facing this problem since a long time.. when I apply gloss varnish on coasters, the glass sticks.
    I live in Bangkok. From where can I find this sealant?

  5. Thanks so much!! I was wanting something to coat my real lights with and the coasters, now I believe you just gave it to me!! Thank you!!

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