How to Sculpt an Eagle – How to Model an Eagle in Clay – Sculpture Tutorial by ArtistLeonardo

How to Sculpt an Eagle – How to Model an Eagle in Clay – Sculpture Tutorial by ArtistLeonardo

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
I am very happy because today, we are going to do something
special, we are going to model an eagle. We are going to use
some oil based clay. We begin by making the rock
which will be the base. We can wrap an old cap
or an object, to use less material. With a modeling tool,
we start shaping the rock. This type of tool, on one
side looks like a knife to model, and on the other
has a wire to carve. And now, the eagle!
first we do the general shape of the body. I cut some small pieces
to easily give shape where it needs it. More or less like this…
the beak, will be here. When put it on the base,
I see it not very stable, therefore I will get in a wire. We wrap it around it
a little bit, like this. Good! Now we´ll give it
a better form. This is so enjoyable! In this case I will model
the wings independently and then… I will stick them on. Very good! With the tool or the fingers
we continue shaping and refining. In this way, little by little
we keep giving the form, adding clay where it
needs it, and taking off the excess. The spatula helps us doing
flat plains. Of course having good tools
helps, however they are not indispensable. If you don´t have them…
I can tell you that I have modelled before
with a little stick and a paper clip,
you can also make your own tools
carving them in wood or you may buy them
in art supplies stores and modify them yourself,
if you want. We do feather by feather
and stick them on the wings. One overlapping the next,
more or less like this. Very good! Now the other one. Of course, it is very important
that before attaching the feathers the wing has the correct shape. It is better to work your
way up, because the feathers that are on the higher part
of the wing, should go on top of the other ones. Now we refine the tip of
the wings and the tail. Good! The feathers that
are on the lower part of the wing, are much longer… Here. With the finer tool, we
give it texture. The list of materials is
is in the information below the video. The eagle is a majestic bird,
symbol of dignity, freedom and power. It´s the triumph of the spirit
over matter. The eagle is force
that descends from the sky with the speed of lightning. Its high vision, is not
only a gift of making distance close. It is keen vision of eagle
thought, its place is the hights. Good! As you saw I made its
beak a little bit bigger. To achieve the look of
the feathers on the body, we add some clay to
give volume and then… we do the texture. We don´t want to just
draw the texture without the volume. I add a little bit to
the side of the beak. Good! I like it how it is
coming out. I love sculpting! It is so exciting! I don´t want all the
feathers to look perfect therefore, I do some imperfections. And it´s ready! In the comments, please let me know
if you would like some more sculpting videos, or not. If you enjoyed it,
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

100 thoughts on “How to Sculpt an Eagle – How to Model an Eagle in Clay – Sculpture Tutorial by ArtistLeonardo

  1. People and videos like these actually help to learn about sculpting and ART in general more than art academy ever did
    for me personally. Because he makes sculpting not just work, but also fun, what it should be, where so called instructors
    and professors just mumble philosophically for four years and do not teach you shit !!! So thank you Leonardo Pereznieto
    for this truly helpful video.

  2. This is the first time I've seen any of your videos and I already love your enthusiasm. Please make more sculpting videos.

  3. Wow you made me excited to use clay and i have no idea how lol but you are an amazing artist good job i love it

  4. Would you please do more sculpting videos. You’re real great, I love your Work.. Keep going! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  5. PROTIP: Monster Clay Medium/Hard is perfect for this, as is Castilene Medium/Hard
    Chavant NSP Medium/Hard is good too but i don't like it's Texture or smell, but that's just me.

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  8. Fantástico seu trabalho , parabéns você faz outras aves ? Parabéns pelo vídeo coloque outros trabalhos

  9. Amazing talent, amazing craftsmanship. Love the passion and enthusiasm. Thanks very much. Christie in Columbia SC

  10. Wow wow wow do more sculpting, your awesome not only are you an amazing artist but a magnifico sculpture artist.

  11. Mr. Leonardo .. i am a beginner in sculpting please make more videos about the sculpting for beginners and we will be gratefull..
    Thanks ♡

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