How-to Sand & Paint an Exterior Surface

How-to Sand & Paint an Exterior Surface

Do you have an exterior painting project
that needs to be done? The following video will show you the basic steps on how to
prepare an exterior surface to be repainted. The tools you might need for this project
include paint scraper, random orbit sander, 40 grit sanding disc, detail sander, wood filler, putty knife, paintbrush, exterior primer, and exterior
paint. Start your project by using a scraper to
loosen and remove the old paint from the exterior surfaces. This will provide a more stable surface
for the new primer and paint to adhere to. Once you have removed as much
loose paint as possible, begin sanding with a random
orbit disc sander. Use an extra course grit to continue
to smooth any remaining old paint. It is not necessary to remove all of the
old paint. Your goal is to remove as much paint as
possible and to leave the surface as smooth as possible prior to painting. Sanding will reveal the beauty
of the surface below, but it will also reveal surface imperfections. Over time surfaces will develop holes,
cracks, and deep scratches that should be repaired
before repainting. Us a putty knife and a general purpose wood
filler to repair all surface defects. Allow to dry thoroughly before sanding. For tight corners where your random orbit
sander cannot reach, use a detail or multi-tool sander. Now that you are done sanding, be sure to
remove all sanding dust and particles with a brush or wet/dry vacuum. To avoid a poor finish, it is very important
to remove all dust and debris from your surface prior to applying your
primer or paint. Here’s where all the hard work pays off. Now
you’re ready to apply your primer and/or paint. Select an appropriate outdoor finish
based upon the material being covered and your environmental conditions. Using a good quality brush will make it
easier to apply your finish. Apply your finish using long even brush
strokes overlapping previous strokes to avoid lap marks. Continue until all surfaces are repainted. Congratulations you’re well on your way to giving your
exterior a new look that will last for years to come

20 thoughts on “How-to Sand & Paint an Exterior Surface

  1. How long do you wait for primer to dry and is it a good idea to sand the dried primer before putting on the first coat?

  2. Man I hate when the siding is like that. It makes it so much harder to scrape and feather out when sanding. Thay siding came out good. That paint just cane right off for ya. Did you check to see if it was lead ? I know it was most likely oil paint but you never know.

  3. Sir, I had a similar project and the best results you will get (Iguarantee) is an angle grinder with a flapdisc. Trust me that strips the dry paint like a beast.

  4. I do have some experience painting. I look this up to find or hear something I didn't know 💯Guys I'm looking for facts$$ only pros/ cons…

  5. I wouldn’t waste my time with that palm sander. Strip it all the way down with an angle grinder and wood sanding/flapper discs. You can even get an angle grinder that is variable speed if you’re worried about cutting into the wood.
    You can even use a hand block plane to knock most of the ridges down before using the grinder.

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