How to sand and polish epoxy resin coaster | Resin Diy

How to sand and polish epoxy resin coaster | Resin Diy

We first roughening with coarse sandpaper Continue to grind rough We start polishing from the rough state now. P150 Grit Sandpaper Each sand is polished for 2 minutes P180 Grit Sandpaper P240 Grit Sandpaper P320 Grit Sandpaper P400 Grit Sandpaper P600 Grit Sandpaper P800 Grit Sandpaper P1000 Grit Sandpaper P2000 Grit Sandpaper P3000 Grit Sandpaper P5000 Grit Sandpaper P7000 Grit Sandpaper P10000 Grit Sandpaper Finally, polish it with a polishing paste. Polished, it‘s great 👍 Thanks for watching

54 thoughts on “How to sand and polish epoxy resin coaster | Resin Diy

  1. Slightly confused as to why you need to sand or polish if your resin was poured evenly and bubbles were torched off before cured. As for the small lip on the bottom of coaster, if you just use a felt or cork on the bottom, no need to sand to perfection. As for the top, if bubbles were torched before curing and a good resin was used, there shouldn’t be a need to sand. I have been making these for years and only occasionally have I had the need to sand anything as always clear smooth and even.

  2. This must be the only video i have ever seen where someone explains how to do this properly unlike other people who have never showed me properly how to get a good shine like this and I use epoxy resin all the time and have tried so many times to get it right over and over again and still i can't get it to come back again like this super shine and just stays dull and scratched looking and cannot see through it

  3. I have only ever been told to use just four grades of sand paper but never ever seen this many sheets of paper used

  4. Thank you for the video. That was very interesting , but so many different sandpaper grits! If I had to polish each coaster I make they would def not be cost effective to sell. I always wear wear gloves and a respirator when sanding. The particles of dry resin are very dangerous to breathe.

  5. فيديو جداااا جميل ومريح للأعصاب والبصرمن شدة جماااله ياللإبداااااع 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  6. Can you not just pour a dome and it will shine right up. That’s what I do, I rarely sand unless I over pour. Great info but seems like too much work. 😎

  7. This is what time and effort spent looks like in the end..a truly wonderful piece that shines and doesnt dull. Well done

  8. Hi me again, what about small part scratch or damage, have to use sandpaper for whole part or can only do damage part, tkx

  9. Thank you for taking the time to explain in detail how to do this process. You are helping so many people. GREATLY APPRECIATED 👍❤

  10. Hi, are you American? I'm just trying to figure out the grit number, and I know it is important to know if it is a metric grit or an imperial grit 😉

  11. Hello:) I’m just getting into resin I actually haven’t even made my first thing yet.. so I was just wondering what sanding it down does & why I would need to do so. Also is that water u keep pouring on?

  12. Omg! This was way toooooo much sanding for one item. I have many pendants to sand…there must be a quicker way! 😜

  13. I wonder what happens if you skip some grits, like do every other grit, so instead of having to sandpaper 10 times you can do it 5 times and it still ends up polished 🧐 😬

  14. Does sanding multiple times make the piece thinner? I want to do this on my resin keycaps but I'm scared it might make it smaller. 😂

  15. Very good tutorial, thank you. I cast some letters in resin into a wood surface, I wanted to ask if it's still ok to use something like car wax to seal at the end (or the oil wax you used) on the wood surface as well after sanding.

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