How to reposition your PopSockets grip

How to reposition your PopSockets grip

you can reposition your PopSocket
script as many times as you like to move it let’s take a fingernail with credit
card under the platform of your PopSockets grip and pry it up slowly if
your pop sockets grip doesn’t seem so sticky anymore reactivate the sticky gel
by rinsing it under room temp water and letting it air dry for 10 minutes when
it’s dry stick your PopSocket grip back onto your phone and it’ll work like
new PopSockets little life changers

34 thoughts on “How to reposition your PopSockets grip

  1. Half of my sticky jell stayed on the phone case so now I have buy a new popsocket which Ive only had a short while and never repositioned it before this. 😭

  2. Ok, how strong is that adhesive gel and how many times can you relocate your Popsocket before the adhesive gel no longer holds?

  3. I saw a lot of people saying that it didn't work for them, so my tip is to let it dry for more than 10 minutes. I try to leave mine for about 30 to 40 minutes just to make sure it is dry and sticky enough for me to replace it and it ALWAYS works. And I love that it doesn't leave any residue on the phone/phone case.

  4. Took off my broken pop socket to replace with new one. A bunch of old adhesive
    left on case , could not get old
    adhesive off! Could not get new one to stick !

  5. I only had my popsocket for one day and it’s not sticky also I tried this for 1 or 2 hours and it doesn’t work 😭😭😭

  6. i literally just got my popsocket and accidentally placed it on wrong, when i took it off it wasnt sticky anymore so i followed these instructions and it still wont stick. ive had it for LITERALLY LESS THAN AN HOUR.

  7. Lies. It just falls right off. I have to super glue mine to the back in the event I want to reposition it or it falls off for lack of sticky. I’m so sick of having to spend money buying these over and over.

  8. Looking through the comments, Idk why you hv these problems?? I just repositioned mine and its completely fine. My first ever popsocket stayed there for 1 and a half years or so. Idk why tho??

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