49 thoughts on “How to Read a Ruler

  1. FAIL! Whos the idiot that needs a tut for useig a ruler!?
    btw i only viewed the video to make this comment!

  2. Must be another video for more ads from google. Adverts = Money for Howcast everytime we watch a video from them

  3. Thank god for this tutorial!! They never taught me how to do this in grade school, and I almost thought that i'd have to spend the rest of my life worrying about not being able to read rulers!!! 😐

  4. my fucken god! stupid fucken shit here. all i need is a quick and easy way to read the measurements of something only, no fucken 2hr lesson.

  5. What does .36in equal in inches is it thicker than 1/4 inch basically I'm looking to buy some steel from a website and it sales in .36in and .212in sorry for not being good with this but what would a quarter inch thick read in these measurments. Im thinking .36in thicker than .25in but seeing the .212in really confused me any accurate answer asap would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance

  6. 30 seconds into this vid lets me understand why there's more dislikes than likes. Not everyone was built to be teachers, and this vid proves it. I'll just be TD #165

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