How to Print Large Designs using Regular Printer with Adobe Illustrator CC

How to Print Large Designs using Regular Printer with Adobe Illustrator CC

Hello World, In this video, You will learn
how to print Large Artwork with regular A4 Printer & with help of Illustrator! Here I have a landscape oriented artwork which
I want to print in large size. But my printer supports only A4 Papers! There is a way to get it done. The method is one type of Life-Hack; so you
don’t want to do that in your commercial projects. You should use this method to print Posters
and other designs for your personal use only. Before we start, temporary hide all the unwanted
items. Go to File>Print. Here we can see the thumbnail preview of the
final print layout. From here you can use previously saved setting
presets. Here you can choose the Printer. I don’t have my printer attached so I will
select PDF option. You should still select the PDF option even
if you have a printer connected. Inspect the output PDF and then go for Printing. here set how many copies you want. Select the artboard from here. in case of multiple artboards, Define the
Range or a particular number. Here you set the Paper Size. I will select ‘A4’. Turn of Auto-Rotate option. Select “Visible & Printable Layers”. From “Scaling” dropdown options; Select “Tile
Full Pages”. If your printer supports Full Bleed Printing
then you can select “Tile Imageable Areas”. But mine doesn’t support so I’ll choose “Tile
Full Pages”. You can see the artwork has divided into four
A4 size Pages. This placement alignment depends on the artwork
and your preference. Corner placement will save some scissor work. I will just keep it centered. Please “Do Not Drag the Mouse” inside thumbnail
area. that will change the placement settings. This Overlap feature is much useful for this
printing method. It gives us extra space at the Edges of the
adjacent pages. So we can easily stick them together without
losing the artwork. Let me show you what that is: Suppose these are four a4 size pages. If you set overlap to 0 then you will have
to join the printed pages Edge to Edge. but setting overlap value larger than 0 will
give us some extra space with “repeated printing”. I will show you an example at the end. So I will set it to 0.25 inch. Change the orientation as you want. But also notice that it will require more
or fewer pages depending on placement. Define the Tile Range if you want to print
only Page 2 & 3. or Page no 2 to 4. You can scale up or down the artwork. The unit is Percentage. When you click on “Done”, It won’t start Printing
or Export PDF. It only saves the setting in the document. so you can change it later. Before printing, check the other options related
to printing. To Print or export the PDF, Click on “Print”
button. It will ask to choose a folder location for
the PDF. Here I’ve opened the exported PDF into Adobe
Reader’s Side by Side view. Letter ‘e’ & ‘a’ from page one and two indicate
that overlapping has done well as we set. Now join them and hang it on your wall. That was it for the day. If you learned something new today
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I’ve already posted. Thank You for watching 🙂

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  1. Bro ungaloda videos lam very nice
    And intha videos lam daily en friend's ku share pannuvan
    Ellam onna okaanthu senthu paapom na. Apram antha video ah pathi discuss pannuvom na..
    You are the really great bro……..Excellent

  2. Thanks, when I group two object which are different layers, they will group into one layer so how can I separate these two object to their original layers?
    Or is there any way to prevent thease objects from group into one layer?

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