57 thoughts on “How To Present Logo Designs and Identity Projects to Clients

  1. If you feel like there's no room for your talent… this pund it's really big and it's getting bigger… start creating now! With or without clients

  2. Thank you so much! you just made my day
    You can not imagine how much I needed somebody to explain all these steps for me!

  3. After so long I have found one of the best guy who tought me how to represent my creative project.

    Loved watching your video…bro.

  4. this video was awesome. i'm a marketer moving into graphic design and it is awesome to learn from a designer who understands the importance of storytelling. thanks!

  5. How long should the client have for feedback? You mention setting a feedback date whether that's an email or meeting. Whats the average time they should be given, before we start to enter to long? Great video, tons of value, thank you.

  6. Hey, excellent work, eye opening and helpful!
    I ended up buying the The perfect proposal + The Complete Case Study bundle 🙂
    I can't seem to find Emily's templates anywhere on the video!

  7. Great stuff .. i dropped out of my college to start my own venture and for a very long period there was this thick cloud what i later came to realize was imposter syndrome untill I started watching your videos and realized every designer goes through this and the only thing that matters is the grit to preserve and eventually it all starts coming together.

    This channel is great help. Can't say this enough.

    Keep up the good work. 👍

  8. Wow this is very valuable Information, and can be applied generally anywhere in a presentation/Client F2F setting. Thanks alot The Futur!

  9. Hi Ben, Does this principles applies the same ways as to presenting University design project or not? Love to hear you're feedback in the comments.

  10. Why did Emily open a different window when the came over. I think she was doing something that she ed not supported to do. 🤣

  11. Thank you very much for this!
    However, I have a question:

    What is your take on the best tool for designing (logos): PS or AI?
    Minus the while process, that is, Mock ups etc. Just designing a logo.

    Please reply!

  12. I really disagree with clients wanting a new brand identity that will “sell more.” How crazy a proposition is that. The tech giants and innovative companies of the world don’t have anything revolutionary in terms of design. Any half decent designer can make the Apple logo in 2 minutes. It’s the value they create for the brand that sells and the visibility they create for the identity that makes it memorable.

  13. This video is straight fire! but I cant get over the fact that I'm tired of only seeing white dudes and white girls and the occasional asian. Like wtf. Why is it only white dudes are allowed in front of the camera?

  14. Awesome content, a sidenote, I think Canva is much better than either Keynote or PowerPoint and it's really underused 🙂

  15. First of all How about proper English title…? Just saying, that prevented me from wanting to watch the vid

  16. Ben, you da man. I'm designing a brand right now for a client, and this gave me some good inspiration to upgrade my presentation game.

  17. Video is really helpful, but I have a question. What If client can't meet us as a person cuz it's too far ? The only option I know is just send files on e-mail. Idk how to show logo while talking over a video call. Is there any software that allows us to do this ? Most of my all clients are on whatsapp and they just ask for and e-mail. And for videocall they only prefer WhatsApp video call. Idk how I'm gonna show design over a WhatsApp call. Help ? Please !!?

  18. I am doing a degree in Visual Communication Design and i can guarantee that i have learned more from The Futur then even my teachers taught me in the lectures and seniors dont even know the things i know from ur channel 😍 respect u alot

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