How to Prep Materials for Pop-Up Bird | Pop-Up Cards

How to Prep Materials for Pop-Up Bird | Pop-Up Cards

Now I’m going to teach you how to make a Papa
bird. First, take a piece of card stock; I’ve cut
mine in half to create a base page. We’re also going to fold it in half. Match your edges and your corners; crease
it down the edge; unfold it and set it aside. For the bird, we’re going to create a V-fold
with another V-fold on it and that’s going to end up becoming a rotor. What we’re going to do is cut out a large
rectangle. Match the sides. Fold it down the middle and unfold it. We’re going to make a little round archway
and we’re going to cut that out. These are going to become the tabs for the
bird. And now we’re going to fold that tab up like
so, to create a V-fold. And we’re going to match the back side as
well. So they should be the same angle. Now we’ve created a V-fold. Here, you can draw the head of the bird; kind
of bring that down into the tab, and you’ve got the tail back there. So I’m going to cut out the shape and make
sure that you still keep a couple of tabs. Now you’re going to fold it back together. You’re going to fold the top of the middle
forward at a 45 degree angle. Unfold it and, with your thumb, hold back
that V-fold as we close the piece. Now you’ve created a big V-fold with a smaller
V-fold. Now you’re going to cut a circle, roughly
an inch and a half wide. We’re also going to cut right down the middle,
just one incision. We’re going to fold it back at about four
o’clock. If this is the face of the clock, you’re going
to have noon, one, two, three, four, and five; you’re going to fold it in between four and
five. Set that aside as well. Next you’re going to cut out a wing. So those are your three pieces. Now that we have our pieces, next we are going
to put it together.

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  1. This was a really bad tutorial. You have to realize that we the viewers are watching the video to know how to do it. you obviously know how to do it but we don't so ur gonna have to slow down and show us how tf to make it. Linking a template for example would've been amazing

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