How to Polish Resin Sphere By Hands Easy Tutorial / ASRM / Resin DIY

Wellcome my channel! This is Wood.InArt. This is my new project. A Gift for Christmas “Day and Night Sphere” Do you think I did sand and polish it manually by hands? This process I made this sphere. Please watch on my channel. Let’s drink a cup of water first Here are water grit sandpapers I use. I dont have time to buy 2000/3000 so let’s try I’hv to rough-up by 100 coarse sandpaper after my sander got trouble first. This was quite easy step. You can do it well Next we remove scratches by 400 grit Put some water on sandpaper and sphere as well Try to sand it roundly and equally Wipe dry by tissue to check any scratch Now move to 800 grit Roll sandpaper around your thumb. That’ll help you sanding the sphere easier Try to sand each step around 15 mins fully the sphere Then recheck any scratch again. But dont check while it wet It’s vey shinny when wet But after wiped we can see clearly where should sand more Finer grit will be 1000 You can sand it in circle line 50 styles of sanding It’s it little shinny after 1000 grit, isnt it? I dont have 2000 grit so try 5000 instead Look at this, it just only has some very tiny scratch that’s you may not see through video Indeed, 5000 maybe enough but I keep trying with 7000 grit Now I’m quite satisfied about my process We hv finished sanding and move to polish this guy After dried wipe, we can see it’s quite shinny but still matte I use cotton felt cloth to polish and Metal polish paste (Autosol) Applied full surface of this sphere Do it roundly and gently dont need too fast but enough to clear all sratch. Last step I use Sonax car wax 3 All this paste and wax I just bought because its quite cheap and available at store This is first time I hv polished something so it is my experiment Wow glossy and shinny ya? You can re-do this process untill satisfied yourself Like this…… It’s so glossy and shiny Not much different with my quartz crystal polished by machine I bought

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